House Tour: Vintage Modern Rustic DIY Renovated Rancher

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Update: See the updated home tour here

Welcome to my Renovated Rancher House Tour

Wow! They did a lot of renovations to this 70's Rancher! Rustic Modern Cottage Home Tour

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

A renovated brick rancher!

Two years ago, Grunt Labor and I purchased a 1960s brick rancher. Was it our dream home? Negative. Was it in our dream neighborhood? Abso-freakin-lutley. And as they say, location is everything. We had lived in a brand-spankin-new home, but we just weren’t the strict neighborhood association type and it just didn’t feel like home. Plus, it was on the other side of town, away from both our jobs. So, when we found this house at our price-point (did I mention it was a foreclosure?) in a neighborhood we loved, we jumped on it. Of course, there was another offer on it as soon as we put ours in, but we got it!

When my mother-in-law saw it, she cried. And not tears of joy, people. Bless her, she was so worried we were leaving our brand new house for a piece of crap. And she had a completely valid point. When we bought the house, the electricity and water was cut off, we really had no clue what all would have to be done. Not to mention all the updates we wanted to do. However, the water and electricity worked (besides some outlet updates), and there weren’t too many other surprises. So, enough of an intro, here’s the good stuff!


Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometourThe entry table recently got a coat of white paint and gold detailing with Rub ‘N Buff. Its always fun to see people’s reaction to the Stag head. Most always ask if I killed it.

See the updated entryway here! 


Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

The kitchen got a makeover including new tile, counter-tops and a custom built island thanks to Grunt Labor. We kept the original cabinets, but gave them a coat of paint and new hardware.

Be sure to check out my “Its all in the Details Kitchen Tour” for more kitchen goodness.

And read about how we built the kitchen island here.

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour

Our kitchen, living room, and dining room is one big open space. It used to be three separate rooms, but was just too confining, so a few walls had to go.

Dining Room:

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

The table and chairs were my great aunt’s, which I revived with paint and love. The corner corner liquor cabinet was once my great grandmother’s china cabinet. I know, she is giving me an earful in Heaven right now.

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

See some of the updated dining room here! 

Living Room:

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

If you have followed me for a while, you may have noticed that I have hardly every shown you any photos of my living room, with the exception of my gallery wall and grain sack striped bookcase. That’s because this room, ok, every room actually, but really this room, is a work in progress. I’m not a fan of my couch at all, but I do love my two new modern wingback chairs from IKEA.

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

The buffet turned media center came with the dining room table from my great aunt. It too got a coat of paint.

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour

Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour

The white chairs were Craigslist finds that got a makeover, as well as the coffee table.

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

home tour 14

See the updated living room here! 

And don’t miss the 20+ living room ideas here for more inspiration!

Master Bedroom:

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

After being in our home for nearly two years, the master bedroom was finally completed in March.Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

Monograms and I have an unending love. If you ask this southern girl, monograms are a classic.

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour Summer 2013 Showcase of Homes {} #hometour

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

The two pieces of furniture you will never find me painting is my dresser and chest of drawers in our master bedroom. They were my great uncle’s and have a beautiful finish that has held up beautifully for the last 50 years. Hopefully, they have 50 more. I did touch up the hardware with some Rub ‘N Buff though.

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

I carved out a reading nook in the corner of our bedroom with a chair from Costco and DIY corbel shelving.

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

I made the wall art in the bedroom with PicMonkey and frugal graphics from Etsy.

My Bathroom:

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

Grunt Labor and I have separate bathrooms. Its the key to a happy marriage. I promise.

My bathroom got new marble tile, a new vanity and this built-in bathroom shelving:

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

The Nursery:

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

Baby girl’s nursery has a vintage feel. I combined thrift store finds and items from my childhood as well as Grunt Labor’s to use in her room.

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

Screened-In Porch:

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

The screened-in porch got an overhaul this spring and it is my new happy place.

Renovated Rancher House Tour {} #hometour

Thank you so much for stopping by! What do ya think of my house tour?

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Screened-In Porch Makeover {}

Screened-In Porch Makeover

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A Vintage Nursery

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DIY Bathroom Renovation

Master Bedroom Makeover {} #masterbedroom #makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover

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  1. says

    Jenna, you have done an amazing job in just 2 years. Wow! And with a baby thrown in the mix? You rocked it! I love that you call your husband Grunt Labor. I may have to save that for mine! Thanks for joining us in the home tour!

  2. says

    Your home is lovely and how wonderful that you and your hubby broke out of the mold to buy an older home and make it your own! I love how you’ve used the olden furniture and given it new life. Your kitchen is my favorite. Thank you for sharing your home.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. says

    I love your home, Jenna. You and your hubby have been hard at work, that’s for sure! You did a great job of opening the main rooms up to one another. Your kitchen makeover is wonderful! And I love the chairs from Ikea too – I’ll have to make a trip to Charlotte to check them out.

  4. says

    You have done an amazing job transforming your house into a family home. It is amazing what paint can do on kitchen cupboards and adding an island was the perfect touch. Your master bedroom is done in just the colors I love for a master, so serene and calming! You were very wise to choose a nice neighborhood, you will enjoy living here for years to come with all your wonderful family vintage pieces,

  5. Beth says

    Your home is chic and classy! You are such an incredibly creative person with an awesome personality. I love following your blog! You are an inspiration (much to my husband’s dismay).

  6. Tammy Holmes says

    Great job. Love what all you have done with your home. You are so very talented! I so enjoy looking at the stuff you do!!!

  7. says

    I think your home is lovely. I would have done the same thing–sold the new house and bought a 60’s ranch fixer. I love everything you’ve done to it, especially opening up the walls and creating an open living space. Love, love, love your kitchen. While it’s a work in progress, your home speaks a labor of love. I really enjoyed your home tour!

  8. says

    I love your house tour! Your living room is fantastic! Thanks for not hanging the deer head directly in front of the door. I had a friend who had it as the first thing you saw when you opened the door and it scared me EVERY time I went there! It looks great in your house though!

  9. says

    Your house is so fresh and young. I love how you have painted your great aunt’s furniture and made it your own. You are very creative.

  10. Jeanne says

    Delightful! I love your brick rambler and all the special touches you’ve added! You can feel the warmth, love and Southern hospitality! I call my hubs Nature Boy, as he is most at home outside tending to things (and has turned our yard from a barren, muddy nothing), into a verdant, flowering place!

  11. says

    Jenna, I love your home! You’ve given it such character with your awesome collections and fabulously styled vignettes! Your family painted pieces are gorgeous, too!

  12. says

    Jenna! I love your house!! OMG it’s so cool to so it all at once. Okay, everyone’s house is a work in progress so don’t apologize for anything in it! It just means we have to keep following you to see what other updates you’re doing, not that I think you need it. LOVE those 4 chairs in your living room. LOVE them. That rug and coffee table are to die for. The stag head, LOVE. Kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedrooms, all of it. You have amazing talent girl 😉
    Jamie @

  13. says

    Enjoyed your home tour. Thanks for having us. Love the way you’ve opened up the space and have used family pieces. You are my kind of nester. ‘-)

  14. says

    I love your blog {I am looking for you button to add to my sidebar next } so I was excited to see your home tour! I am in love with your kitchen! The open shelves are awesome!
    Have a great day
    The Adored Home

  15. says

    Jenna, this is my first stop on the home tour…I doubt I’ll have time to see them all so I had to pick a blog name that got me! lol! Your home is fabulous! It has SO much personality and you work magic in redoing so many of your pieces and working with what you have. It all works well together…I have a thing for kitchens, so I love that, and the nursery rivals Pottery Barn Kids!

    Just love your blog, too. I am signing up as a follower! Hope you get lots of visits on the tour!! :)


  16. says

    Jenna, I love, love, love your home! You and Mr. Labor have done an outstanding job on your home….brave ones. I’d love to be that handy. I totally agree with the feel being right and feeling like home. This is the first home we have ever owned that was not brand new…it was 5 years old and had been owned by 3 others. Love all your creations and paint jobs on your furniture. Lucky baby girl and so young to have created her own thank you notes! :) Love the monogrammed cases, too…supposedly that makes you more southern! LOL…according to the Southern Living quiz going on the net. Thanks for showing your wonderful home.

  17. says

    I LOVE the tour of your home. And my hubby would be so jealous that you have a deer head mounted INSIDE the house. His is in the garage, where it will stay safe and secure for all time. :) But I love yours! And I love that you say abso-freakin-lutley … I either say it out loud or in my head multiple times a day. See you in a few days!!

  18. says

    An absolutely beautiful country living/home. I love you cozy frenchy chair in your reading nook. I just got my new chair frency chairs. I will post them soon, as I am revamping my Box (what I call me home).
    Hope to see you in Stockholm, Sweden.
    /CC girl

  19. says

    You’ve done a great job updating your home! It’s so fresh and pretty and filled with personality.
    Aren’t we all really in a state of progress? I have rooms in my home I don’t love and want to make changes in and I think it will always be that way. Just when I finish one, another will be in for a change. lol
    Great job!

  20. says

    I enjoyed your tour very much! My favorite things in your home are that red changing table and the lavender media cabinet. Grunt Labor? That cracks me up. Right now I have mine out in the garage pulling five million staples our of the door I once upon a time repurposed as a skirted work table, but now it is going to be part of a screen. I like to keep him out of trouble!

  21. says

    I adore your home Jenna! I came over yesterday for a quick peek but I had to take my time and soak up every detail today! Love it all… The fact that you didn’t paint the dresser and chest in your bedroom is so special. We have a buffet in our house that I refuse to paint as well. Some pieces are just way too perfect to touch with a brush! Beautiful home tour, Jenna!!

  22. says

    Wow…your house is beautiful and I really enjoyed the tour ! Also, I like how you kept your dresser and chest in your bedroom as is (still beautiful after 50 years ) what a great way to remember someone special in our life !

  23. says

    You have a wonderful home!

    You two have done so much to it to make it a happy place to be.

    I love your use of family elder’s precious furniture – really makes them heirlooms for sure – that is so neat. I laughed out loud about your GGma’s china corner cabinet. Too funny.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome home with all of us!

  24. Kathy T says

    Beautiful Home Tour ! I found your blog through Debbie Doos.
    I love your home. The chair from Cosco –to die for ! I read that several times , yep sure does say Cosco -was this a recent purchase?
    I’m going to search your DIY’s now :-)

  25. says

    I love your beautiful house Jenna, I recognized your gorgeous green stools, the updated kitchen and the nursery with the gorgeous painted dresser :-)
    every room is beautiful and your kitchen amazes me how great it turned out! :-)
    thanks for letting us see it! :-)

  26. says

    Beautiful house – good for you to take a house and put some love into it and make it a wonderful home! I especially love the nursery :) Thanks so much for opening your doors to everyone.

  27. Sarah Rodriguez says

    I don’t want to sound rude but the stag head really is sad for me to see as I don’t like trophy animals hung on a wall . Every thing else was very nice , loved your kitchen !

  28. says

    Love your home – by opening up the house you created a wonderful family living space – all those kitchen cabinets – what a joy! I have enjoyed my tour of your home,

  29. says

    I love it Jenna!! So many fabulous touches everywhere to take in… what a treat. I love the grainsack back of your bookcase in the living room, and it was a treat to see pictures of that room! I think it is a gorgeous space as well even if you still see it as a work in progress – I love the drapes in there… and the chairs and coffee table – but once you have a vision for what you want something to be it can be hard to see how great it still does look right now even though it hasn’t reached the ‘vision’ (if you know what I mean:). I love your bedroom and the nursery is adorable!! That pink dresser! And don’t even get me started on your fabulous kitchen!! Our kitchen is on my list… okay I have gone on long enough. Fabulous home!!

  30. says

    It looks great, Jenna. I can totally relate to the story about your MIL crying. Just yesterday we showed my mom some fixer-uppers we were considering (due to location, just like in your case) and she was in her words “shell-shocked.” No tears, but probably close.

  31. says

    You have a beautiful home! I love the eclectic style, it makes your home relaxed, personal and welcoming. The pink dresser in the nursery is my favorite piece.

  32. says

    Your home is beautiful and inspiring! I loved reading the story behind how you purchased the home and even your mother-in-law’s reaction. Mine would have done the same! Thanks so much for linking this up to Frugal Crafty Home! I hope to see you back on Sunday night!

  33. says

    You’ve done a beautiful job on your home Jenna. I’ll be your mother-in-law isn’t crying anymore…unless they are tears of joy! Thanks for sharing this at What We Accomplished Wednesdays! Have a super week!


  34. says

    Jenna, your home is so beautiful! Love how you’ve put it together. Thank you for sharing. You will be one of the features tomorrow at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House! Pop on in and grab a feature button for your blog. Hope to see your prettiness again tomorrow at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  35. Linda says

    You made a wise investment choice. Ramblers are few and far between, depending on your State. We bought a starter home rambler , it is almost 50 yrs. old. Ours is smaller than yours. 1100 sq. ft. , one bath rm., 3 bedrms., rec rm. , formal lv. rm., dn. rm. and kitchen /laundry rm. combined.

    2 yrs. ago we remodeled the bathrm., and this month marks one yr. since we remodeled the kitchen. Our garage is too small for a car and prior owners built a loft attic in it. So it is storage, we lack quite a bit in the house and my throw rm. while I am sorting and redecorating little by little. We are now empty nesters so our home is just right for us. our front and back yard is very large and a lot of work. But we enjoy the birds, squirrels , and humming birds, would not trade my home for anything larger.

  36. says

    Yay! Home tour! Beautiful! We too, chose neighborhood over house. Our houses are similiar except we have stairs where your hall is. I’m dying to knock out some walls! Just wondering how its workin for ya. Do you Love having your house that open? Can you see much into the kitchen from the front door? Do you like having that little wall between the front entry and the living? We don’t have that. I think I would add that if we were to tear down the wall between the living and kitchen. So nervous about it though. Cuz, We will have to hire our Grunt Labor! Thanks!!!

    • says

      Thanks, Jessica! We LOVE having our living space so open! I do like the little wall between the front entry the living area – it houses a closet, so we need the storage and it kind of separates the entry from the living which I love. You can’t really see that much into the kitchen from the front door, because the front door is not right in front of the kitchen. We did hire someone to remove the supporting wall between the kitchen and living room because it was load bearing and we had to put in a new beam. Hope all this helps!

  37. Debbie Lorson says

    I loved your kitchen tour. I am in need of an entire kitchen remodel in a 20 plus year old home.
    I currently have oakish toned cabinets but love the look of white. It is refreshing to see someone
    use navy and green as a combo. I also love your blog, been thinking about starting one of my

  38. says

    Wow you have a gorgeous house!! I hope one day I will be able to show off a pretty house. :) We just moved into ours in August and the only room that’s had any work done to it so far is the one for little man since I didn’t want to try and work on that after he arrives.

  39. Julie says

    Ok, since it’s all out there on the internet I don’t feel bad about admitting that I do try to look through the window as I drive by! (I found your blog thru a search for mailbox re-dos). It looks wonderful!

  40. Jen says

    Having knocked down the walls, does it bother you having the living room open to the kitchen? We are thinking about doing the same thing, but I am worried about having a messy kitchen. Would you do it again or try to find another solution? Thanks

  41. Sunny says

    Hi Jenna! I’m a new reader and adore your blog. I’m on the hunt for dining room chairs like the ones your Great Aunt gave you. Any lookalikes that you know of and can share with me? Or ideas of where I should look? Thanks in advance!

    • says

      Oh man, Sunny, I don’t know if I’ll be much help or not. I have been in hundreds of thrift stores, antique stores, etc. and never once have I seen chairs like those. They were made by Drexel and she probably got them in the 60s or 70s. Maybe search for Drexel Chairs on Craigslist or Chairish?? I hope that helps a little! I’m sorry I don’t know more!

  42. Denise says

    Hello there Jenna,
    I just stumbled upon your blog accidentally via Pinterest. I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains, near Sydney, in Australia & I too am madly passionate about decorating my humble family home (& feeding my family) while on a budget. I am also very passionate (& pretty successful too I might add) with the ability to “finding” money to enable me to do both of those things. I find it quite empowering & immensely satisfying actually! Congratulations to you on your hard work & successfully making your home beautiful & yours. P.S the backs of your bar stools at your kitchen island don’t match, one is upside down (see pic & you’ll see what I mean) X


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