Six Room Decorating Ideas for Spring {Ringing in Spring Tour}

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Sorry, friends. No Fifteen on Friday today. I was asked by Vidya of What’s Ur Home Story to participate in this fun Ringing in Spring tour and I just couldn’t say no.

I mean, who am I to starve people of my fabulousness?

I kid. I kid.

Today, I’m going to share with you some easy room decorating ideas for freshening up your home for spring.

With that being said, it was snowing here two days ago.

And I’m in the south.

Please, please, please spring, hurry up!

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Hip and Modern Stencil Art


I don’t mean the word, word. I mean word as in when people use it to say “well said” or “what’s up” (definition according to the Urban Dictionary).

Know what I mean?


I may not be the most hip person in town, but I’m working on it.

I’m hoping this new stencil art project I made with Stencil1 will elevate my hipness.

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Master Bedroom Ideas for a Mini-Makeover {What’s Your Style} + $100 Online Fabric Store Giveaway

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So, remember a few weeks back when I created this whole master bedroom inspiration board?

Remember how we were looking at building on a new master suite?

Exactly one day after that post published, we met with a contractor. We walked him around the house, showed him what we wanted to do, and then he gave us a heartfelt smile and said, “It won’t work. I’ve never seen a house more stuck than yours.”


Yes. I kid you not.

Now, we really don’t need a new master suite. We really don’t need anymore space at all, though it would be nice. And honestly, we could live in less than we have and we are are truly blessed to have what we do have.

And that was a lot of “haves” in the last sentence.

But, I figured if I’m not going to get a new master suite, I’m at least going to give the current one a mini-makeover. And what better time to show you that master bedroom makeover and share with you my master bedroom ideas than on the last round of What’s Your Style.

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17 PicMonkey Tutorials, Tips, and Projects

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If you have been around here for long enough, you may have heard me chat about PicMonkey* – the way I edit pictures online for free.

But that’s not all Picmonkey does. Nope, you can also create images from scratch on there, make collages, and so much more. All the images you see around here with writing on them, all the collages, all that kind of stuff – I made with PicMonkey.

Now, like I said you can edit photos and do most of that other stuff I mentioned above for free. You can also pay $4.99 a month and get upgraded features. I do have the upgrade and it is well worth it in my opinion. I think they even give a discount if you pay a year in advance.

Anywho, that’s your quick description of PicMonkey if you’ve never heard about it before.

So the question is, what all can it really do?

Well, here ya go….

17 PicMonkey Tutorials, Tips, and Projects via #picmonkey #tips #tutorials #projects

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No-Sew Upholstered Box Spring for when bed rails get in the way

When I showed you the guest bedroom’s new bedding a couple weeks back, some of you guys asked about the upholstered box spring. I hadn’t really planned on posting about it because I’ve seen a few other tutorials out there on how to do it.

But, since you asked, here is how I made my upholstered box spring. And of course, it’s no-sew. If I don’t have to sew – I don’t!

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