20+ Living Room Ideas (The one room I always struggle with)

Y’all, I never thought in a million years I would ever show you my living room.


I don’t know why, but for me, decorating the living room has always been a struggle. I’m not even quite sure what it is. But I have a few theories: I can’t mix patterns well, the ugly television has to go somewhere, and there is usually a piece of furniture in there that I despise and can’t really be changed at the moment.

My kitchen. No problem. Maybe it’s because there are so many “fixed” items in there that could easily be changed like painting the cabinets. And updating the barstools was easy. And I knew I wanted stainless steel appliances, since we had to buy appliances considering there were no appliances at all in the foreclosure.

The same was true for my bathroom. I knew I wanted white marble floors – it was a classic that went with everything and I easily found a new vanity for cheap.

Anyway, the living room always stumps me. I have finally shown it to you here and most recently here. I’m still not 100% in love with it. However, its growing on me and decorating is a process for those of us that don’t have hundreds of dollars to drop in one shopping trip.

So, to continue inspiring me in my living room endeavors and to hopefully inspire you, I’ve gathered 20+ living room ideas that will hopefully help us all out. Unless you are a living room decorating genius. In that case, I bow down in your genius presence.

20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroom

Living Room Ideas

20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroom

Charming Zebra’s living room space is just calling my name. I LOVE those chairs. The dark color she has on the wall is balanced perfectly with all the white accents.

20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroom

I have always been a huge fan of built-in bookcases on either side of a fireplace like Making Lemonade has in her home. They are a classic.

20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroom

Emily A. Clark’s gallery wall above her television is just gorgeous. I so wish mine looked like that. I also love how she added sconces on either side of the t.v. It dresses the whole space up.

20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroom

Bliss at Home is so freakin’ talented. She can pull a space together so beautifully. I love her wall of bookcases in her living room. They are gorgeous and functional. The lights above them make them more of a showpiece than just bookcases.

20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroom

Check out AKA Design’s coffee table. Its large, so it can accommodate lots of goodies, but its also a chest. Hello storage!

20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroom

Don’t want to go for one single dark wall color? How about navy mixed with white as seen here. Its balanced and that navy and white combo is one that will never go out of style.

20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroom

You guys know I love me some navy. Heather at Southern State of Mind melts my heart with those navy pillows and window treatments. I also love her campaign chest she has in the back corner. Stylish and great for storage.

20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroom

I love Cuckoo 4 Design’s living room. Not because we both have the same rug and IKEA chair, but because it is very trendy and glamorous, but still feels relaxed. 20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroomIf there is anyone that can show us how beautiful a neutral living room is, its Jamie. Don’t miss these neutral, yet beautiful living room ideas.

20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroom

This living room from Flourish Design + Style is another mostly neutral living room, but it has some great pops of color.

20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroom

House by Hoff shares some great tips for mixing patterns with pillows – something I always struggle with.

20+ Living Room Ideas via RainonaTinRoof.com #livingroom

The Wood Grain Cottage installed board and batten in her living room. It creates such a cozy feeling.

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You know you don’t wanna miss any of this crazy.

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  1. Jodi Renfro says

    Love your blog but like yourself, most of us have children and wouldn’t dream of having white, off white furniture. How about some living rooms with furniture for children? Thanks

    • Heather says

      I have white furniture and kids but the key is slipcovers. Yes, they get dirty but then I can wash them! I cannot imagine all that yuck hidden by darker colors. About the time I’m ready to wash the slipcovers they are making me sneezy anyway.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, thanks for mentioning my living room! That photo is almost 4 years old and can you believe I’ve never updated the blog with a new one? It looks so different now, but still the same built-ins (just styled a bit better). :) My living room doesn’t feel as show-worthy as the rest of my home but it does look a lot better than four year ago… I need to update my blog haha!

  3. Barb says

    LOVE your home and blog.thanks for posting.can you tell me where I can get light over your kitchen sink? Thanks so much.barb

  4. says

    Nice collection! Very tasty. Someday I’d love to steal some of these ideas. Now if I only had enough money to get rid of the ancient, nasty green wallpaper that covers my living room wall, I might not be so embarrassed when people walk into my house.

  5. says

    I, too, bow down to living room decorating genius’. I mean, really, how do they do it? Bedroom- easy. kitchen- easy, bathroom- easy. I’m enjoying the spaces you’ve collected. It’s even inspired a few ideas I hope to implement sometime soon!

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