Sequined Coat Hangers

Last week when I showed you the faux wall moldings, many of you mentioned the sequined coat hangers.

Who knew a coat hanger could be so fabulous?

When I was trying to figure out how I could make frugal wall decor for the guest bedroom, I knew I wanted to have lots of inspiring and fun life quotes. I also wanted them to be fabulously displayed. And what better to display them with than sequined coat hangers.

Sequined Coat Hangers via #lifequotes #sequins #coathangerSequined Coat Hangers

I bought an 8 pack of the Bumerang Curved Coat Hangers from IKEA for $5.

Sequined Coat Hangers + Free Printable Life Quotes via #lifequotes #sequins #coathangerI bought four small rolls of stretch sequin ribbon in gold from Michael’s. It took two rolls per coat hanger. I think each roll was about $4 regular. Use your coupons or wait till its on sale to get it cheaper! That’s what I did!

Sequined Coat Hangers + Free Printable Life Quotes via #lifequotes #sequins #coathangerAfter the sequin ribbon fabulous-ness was attained, I just wrapped it around the coat hanger, putting a dot of hot glue on the coat hanger every now and then to keep the ribbon in place.

Sequined Coat Hangers + Free Printable Life Quotes via #lifequotes #sequins #coathangerI used Rub ‘N Buff* to make the bottom bar gold.

I taped gold and white twine to the back from the Target Dollar Spot, then tied them on the coat hangers.

Sequined Coat Hangers via #lifequotes #sequins #coathanger

And aren’t those prints so fun?

Sequined Coat Hangers via #lifequotes #sequins #coathanger

I like to think of them as life quotes. Words to live by.

Words to live by in my crazy life anyway.

Get those life quotes as well as some other ones for free here! 

Read about the faux wall moldings here.

You know you don’t wanna miss any of this crazy.

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    Fabulous indeed! I love these. I am thinking I will save this idea for when my daughter is a teen and we revamp her room. Or maybe I will just add them to my craft area for myself!


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