Black and Gold French Desk Makeover

Remember that fabulous french country chair that got a simple makeover last month?

This desk was its mate.

Black and Gold French Desk Makeover {} #makeover #homeright #french

Yep, I’m fully aware they do not match one another.

From the time I got both pieces, I knew they wouldn’t stay together. No matter how badly I wanted to keep both. I kept the chair and planned on selling the desk.

If you remember, both pieces had came from a yard sale. A dear friend found them for me. Here’s how this French desk makeover started out:

Black and Gold French Desk Makeover {} #makeover #homeright #french

Black and Gold French Desk Makeover {} #makeover #homeright #frenchThe desk was solid. It was just covered in some sort of sticky substance and a gross amount of cat hair.


The inlay on top was pretty gross. There was no way that design would be staying.

First, I gave the entire piece a coat of primer with my HomeRight FinishMax*.

Black and Gold French Desk Makeover {} #makeover #homeright #frenchYes, I just referenced Carrie Bradshaw in that photo. If you know who/what she said it to, you are fabulous.

Next, I pulled out the gold spray paint to define the top edge of the desk and add some interest. I just went right over the top edges with the spray paint. Once it was dry, I took plastic wrap and painters tape and wrapped up the top.Black and Gold French Desk Makeover {} #makeover #homeright #frenchWhen the top was good and covered with plastic wrap, I loaded my FinishMax back up with black paint and went over the desk base and all the drawers. Then, I pulled off the plastic wrap and hand brushed and rolled the inlay black for some added contrast against the gold. Finally, the whole thing got a coat of polycrylic.

A few readers have asked about how difficult it is to clean up the FinishMax sprayer. Trust me, I understand your concerns. If you remember from my toy chest makeover, I told you I had tried out two other sprayers that I detested before I found my FinishMax. Part of the detested-ness was the clean-up. Fortunately, this sprayer takes less than 10 minutes to clean up and is super easy. So easy, I made you a little graphic to show you how.

Black and Gold French Desk Makeover {} #makeover #homeright #frenchGo here to get the simple instructions and photos for cleaning the Finish Max*.

And now for the final reveal of the desk:

Black and Gold French Desk Makeover {} #makeover #homeright #french

Black and Gold French Desk Makeover {} #makeover #homeright #french

Black and Gold French Desk Makeover {} #makeover #homeright #french

Black and Gold French Desk Makeover {} #makeover #homeright #frenchThe classic contrast of the black and gold turned out better than I ever could have expected. The finish was professional and perfect, thanks to the FinishMax*. Once more, HomeRight, you have made my life easier and my makeovers fabulous.

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  1. says

    I love this look! I normally distress because it is my style, but also because it camouflages imperfections in both the piece and the paint. But what you did to this desk, and that buffet piece, makes me want to try it out!
    Are you able to use the sprayer in your garage or does it have to be outside? You do amazing work.

  2. Cathy says

    That looks gorgeous!! Can’t blame you for loving that sprayer either…. What kind of paint (brand, finish) did you use, for the black portion?

  3. says

    Wonderful post Jenna, the table came out great! Thanks for the tutorial on using a paint sprayer, great tips! Haven’t tried one yet still stuck with my ol paint brush, maybe after Christmas I will have a chance to learn how to use one, I’m hoping! Lol

  4. says

    It looks so good! I have my Finish Max sprayer still sitting in the box (right next to me, actually)–I’m glad to hear about how easy it is to clean–and now I can’t wait to use it!!!

  5. says

    Gorgeous!!! I’d like to buy it please, so just ship it on over to Canada…mmmmkay? Pinning and sharing on my FB page today 😉


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