Stenciled Leopard Skin Accent Wall {Welcome to the Jungle.}

I hope you just started singing Guns ‘N Roses Welcome to the Jungle after reading that title.

You’re welcome.

As I told you when I revealed the guest bedroom and office makeover on Monday, this space is a 100% selfish act.

When I started plotting this makeover, yes, I wanted guests to enjoy the room, but it was going to contain my workspace as well. And I would be the one spending the most time in here. So, come Hades or high water, this space would be whatever my little heart desired.

And it is.

When I showed you the guest bedding a few weeks back, I hinted that the back wall would be getting a serious treatment, so the bedding didn’t need to be too patterned.

That back wall did get a serious treatment – a serious leopard skin accent wall treatment.

Leopard Skin Accent Wall via #leopard #animalprint #accentwall #stencil #cuttingedgestencilStenciled Leopard Skin Accent Wall

Seriously y’all, this accent wall is what pulled this whole space together. Halfway through this makeover, I was doubting my white walls and black moldings move. As soon as that stencil was up though, I knew it was all going to turn out alright fabulous.

I went through a ridiculous amount of accent wall ideas (just like I did with my navy accent wall) in my head before I settled on this Leopard Skin Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

Leopard Skin Accent Wall via #leopard #animalprint #accentwall #stencil #cuttingedgestencilYes, this did take a little bit of time – probably a total of 3 hours (I’m a multi-tasker, so I took lots of breaks. Ok, I’m really just ADD). The thing that takes the most time are the edges and corners. Luckily, this stencil came with a skinny version to help out with those spots so that you aren’t having to bend the stencil all the time.

Start by attaching your stencil to the wall with tape.

Leopard Skin Accent Wall via #leopard #animalprint #accentwall #stencil #cuttingedgestencilThe black thing at the top is this cool level from Cutting Edge as well. It clips onto the stencil to help you level the stencil as you move it.

You can use a brush or foam roller to apply the paint over the stencil. I used acrylic craft paint in black with a foam roller. A major key to stenciling is to have very little paint on the roller. I rolled it in the tray, then rolled off excess paint on a paper towel.

Leopard Skin Accent Wall via #leopard #animalprint #accentwall #stencil #cuttingedgestencilThen, I finally rolled it over the stencil.

Leopard Skin Accent Wall via #leopard #animalprint #accentwall #stencil #cuttingedgestencilDon’t worry about the paint that gets on the stencil – it easily washes off when you are done. After you do one spot, you just move the stencil down or over, match up the corner spots, tape and paint again.

Leopard Skin Accent Wall via #leopard #animalprint #accentwall #stencil #cuttingedgestencilHonestly, I was even a little shocked that the black leopard spots went so well with the navy furniture.

Leopard Skin Accent Wall via #leopard #animalprint #accentwall #stencil #cuttingedgestencilI know you already saw the Lily Pulitzer wreath against the wall in the spring decorating ideas post, but I just couldn’t resist showing it here again. I am just dying over the contrast of the bright colors and the leopard print.

Leopard Skin Accent Wall via #leopard #animalprint #accentwall #stencil #cuttingedgestencilConfession: Sometimes, I sit on the couch in the living room and just gaze down the hall into this room. Just admiring its fabulousness.

I’m in love.

Any animal print accent walls in your future?

This stencil may or may not have already made its way onto a tabletop here. :)

See the guest bedroom and office reveal here.

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You know you don’t wanna miss any of this crazy.

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 Disclosure: Cutting Edge Stencils provided me with the materials for this project. However, all opinions and love for animal prints are solely my own.


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  1. Olivia says

    Saw this on pinterest–I love leopard! This is great! Can I ask, are your walls textured or smooth? Mine are textured, and I’ve heard it is quite an undertaking to stencil on a textured wall. Of course leopard print might be forgiving enough because of the organic shapes!


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