Coral and Mint Nightstand Makeover

You guys, spring is finally starting to show up around these parts! I can hardly contain my excitement! I hope its warming up wherever you are as well. I thought I would share this nightstand makeover with you because its cheerful colors just beg spring to come on now!

Mint and Coral Nightstand Makeover via #makeover #nightstand #DIYI actually did this makeover last fall. I just never got around to posting about it. And then when I started to post about it, it was winter, and I thought it would just be a better spring post with its colors.

This piece was seriously heavy for a nightstand. It was solid wood, but had a laminate-ish top and sides. Strange, but it had potential.

Mint and Coral Nightstand Makeover via #makeover #nightstand #DIYAnytime I makeover a small piece of furniture like this, I try to use paint I already have. I hate going out and buying a can of paint for one small piece. In other words, I’m cheap. Luckily, I had enough of the salmon pink from the kid’s dresser in her nursery, and mint green from another project to do the job.

Mint and Coral Nightstand Makeover via #makeover #nightstand #DIYSince there was some laminate, I gave the entire piece a coat of Zinnser primer* first, and then the mint. I used my HomeRight FinishMax* to paint the entire piece except the drawers.

Mint and Coral Nightstand Makeover via #makeover #nightstand #DIYI just brushed the coral paint on them while the mint was drying. I kept the original hardware and updated it with white spray paint.

And did you notice I distressed this piece?

And I hardly ever distress any furniture, unless I have to.

You see, I accidentally bumped into it while the paint was drying and smudged it. So, rather than having to paint it again, I just waited until it was dry, sanded the smudge a bit and then the rest of it. I sprayed the whole thing with a coat of Polycrylic afterwards.

Lazy, I was. But, I actually love how the distressing turned out on this piece. What do you think?

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You know you don’t wanna miss any of this crazy.

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  1. Lisa says

    We had a blizzard here in NY yesterday. *sigh* I love the cheery watermelon-like colors on this piece. Plus the distressing? FUN!

  2. Cathy in NB says

    We are getting Lisa’s storm here now since last night. Had to go out this morning for 9:30am appt, it wasn’t pretty. Still storming and not supposed to stop til tonight. Hopefully we don’t lose power, but buckets are filled, jugs are filled, gas jugs filled, beer stash is A-OK. If I don’t leave this house again til May, it’ll be too soon. Except for beer. I’ll go out for beer. :)

    Love the colors on this piece! Amazing how something that starts out so butt-ugly can be so pretty with some paint. I did notice you distressed it and wondered why lol… It looks lovely all the same.

    PLEASE send some of those warm temps up my way!!

  3. says

    These colors are TO DIE FOR! And I think the distressing looks so perfect on this piece. (So the smudging was a happy accident indeed.) Also, seeing your whole collection of furniture makeovers is SO inspiring. You could seriously open up a shop! (With all your free time, wink wink.)

    P.S. Also, I totally clicked over from Pinterest because I loved it and when I saw it was YOURS I said, “Of course!”

    • says

      Oh, Lauren, you and your ego boosting! You are too much, friend! Thank you! Funny enough, when I quit teaching over a year ago, my main mission was to paint furniture and sell it, then the blog took over more! Its probably better that way, as I have no time to paint that much furniture now, but I do love it when I get too!

  4. says

    It’s beautiful Jenna and yes it’s very “spring”! I also try to use paint I already have for small pieces like this. Then I get all excited because the makeover costs even less! I love the coral and mint together – and the distressing is the icing on the cake! Gorgeous, friend!

  5. says

    I love how it turned out and mint is one of 2014’s trending colors so you were ahead of the game last fall when you did this piece! :o)


  6. says

    Your choice of colors is inspired. It is simply a beautiful combo. You really managed to transcend that initial heaviness — and you are right: it’s perfect for Spring. I saw your link at the Tickled Pink Times 2 party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey


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