DIY Metal Basket Shelving (With Old Locker Baskets)

As most of you know, I have an un-ending love for galvanized metal. Read all about that never-ending love here. This is particularly true of galvanized metal baskets. I especially love those old gym locker baskets. By love, I mean, if I see one for sale, my soul cries out, “You can’t leave it behind. (As long as its a reasonable price.)” I had a few that were sitting on the bottom of my entry table, basically un-used except for decoration. So I took them, turned them on their sides, bolted them to the wall, and they became cookbook holders.
DIY Metal Basket Shelving {} #metal #basket #organize #shelf #DIY
I heart them. And they were soooo easy to do. All we (ok, Grunt Labor) did was buy really big washers and put them on each side of the basket. (See below.) Make sure the washers are as big or bigger than the holes in the basket. One washer goes on the back of the basket and one on the corresponding front side. A smaller washer goes on top of the larger one in the front and a screw goes through it all. Easy peasy. We also used drywall anchors to make sure the baskets could hold plenty of weight.
DIY Metal Basket Shelving {} #DIY #metal #basket #shelving #shelf #storage
DIY Metal Basket Shelving {} #DIY #metal #basket #shelving #shelf #storage
DIY Metal Basket Shelving {} #metal #basket #organize #shelf #DIY
DIY Metal Basket Shelving {} #metal #basket #organize #shelf #DIY
DIY Metal Basket Shelving {} #metal #basket #organize #shelf #DIY
DIY Metal Basket Shelving {} #metal #basket #organize #shelf #DIY
Simple, galvanized storage. Ahhh……
What do you think about my basket shelving?
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  1. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    I love the baskets and so perfect hanging on the wall. How creative. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. Sue says

    Jenna, I have a bunch of these old locker baskets and have been trying to figure out the best way to hang these as shelving forever!! I’m going to be hanging them now very soon. Thank you!!! And your kitchen is beautiful. You guys did a great job. :)

    • says

      Thanks, Sue! I’m so glad I helped you finally figure out a way to hang the baskets. Ours have been up for, well, since just before this post was written and they haven’t budged once. Well, once, when I moved them to re-paint, but they are really in there!

  3. Betty says

    It appears that the side of the basket is sloped, did you bump out the bottom of the basket from the wall so the side would sit level to hold the books?

    • says

      The reason the basket looks sloped is because when sitting upright, the top angles out some from the bottom. However, it doesn’t affect how the books stay in the basket. I’ve and these up for a couple years and nothing has ever fallen out of them!

  4. Stephane Izidoro says

    Hi! I LOVE the basket/shelf idea!! Im newlywed and my apt is in need of something creative and this is perfect! Where can I find these baskets!?!

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