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Let me be straight with you – I am terrible at “About Me-s.” Ask me to share a funny story, I’ve got plenty. Ask me to give a description of myself, its like my mind leaves my body. So, to help me with this shortfall, I will use pictures and captions. Here goes….this could be tragic….

I was born in a small, country town in Tennessee. On a farm. We had cows. At one time, I even had chickens, but that ended badly when the roof flew off the coop and they got eaten by a cat, dog, and coyotes. Colorful childhood? You have no idea.
I love country music, obviously from an early age. I really love all types of music, (showtunes, 80s hair bands, Sinatra, I’m extremely varied) but my Grannie instilled in me her love of country music and it has never subsided. Just be warned that if you pick up my iPod, any given playlist could contain but is not limited to Conway Twitty, Nelly, Reba McEntire, Poison, Frank Sinatra, and Bon Jovi.


My pap is my hero. He taught me the value of hard work and strength. And how to mow a yard, because he wouldn’t let me on the tractor.
For my 14th birthday, I asked for Christopher Lowell’s 7 Layers of Design book and re-arranged my bedroom under the cover of night even though I had been warned to not do it. I was hooked.
I went to college, got my degree in education, got a job, met and married this hottie. Our song is “Your Love” by the Outfield and we love each other madly. Even if I do call him Grunt Labor.


In 2012, we were blessed by a little girl who tests my patience everyday, while God laughs and screams “Payback!” But, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.  I am also a “mom” to numerous other precious babies that Grunt Labor coached in basketball. Every once in a while, they will go get a pedicure and lunch (as long as we discuss football and basketball) with me and make me one happy mama.
Since 2004, I have lived in 4 different houses, each a different style, ranging from a 1920s farm house with rotting floors to brand-spankin-new construction and currently, a 1960s rancher. I’ve put on a tin roof in the snow, put up a fence in 100 degree heat and everything in between. I just finally decided to document it with this blog.
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  1. says

    I too am a TN girl! Born and raised in Memphis, moved to Knoxville when I first got married, and now have been in Murfreesboro for 13 years. I LOVE TN! I have seen your blog around and always love what you do! Just thought I’d say HI! Life to the full! Melissa

  2. says

    Hi Jenna,

    I have recently discovered your blog by checking my Etsy shop stats – just wondering where on your blog is linking to my store??? I’ve trawled through all your pages (which i’m LOVING by the way) but can’t see mention of me. I’m super curious, I’ve just started collaborating with The Creativity Exchange which I hope will go further in 2014 and i’m now wondering about advertising on your blog somewhere????

    Anyway, let me know if you have the time :-)


  3. grammygoodwill says

    I just read your post on A Stroll Through Life. I saw the crate in your living room and it’s from Boones Mill, VA. That’s only about 30 miles from where I live. I wondered how/where you came across it. Thanks.

    • says

      Hi! That is so cool that you know where the crate came from! I found it at a yard sale a couple years back for just $3! I snatched it up before she could change her mind! I love finding out where things like this are from – its so cool!

  4. says

    I used to rearrange my room, when I was a kid, ALL the time. I learned at a very young age how to move dressers/heavy furniture by “army walking” it. haha cute blog!


  5. Deb Odland says

    Hi Jenna. Just want to thank you so much for suggesting the Auto Detailer (the life changing tool) for waxing furniture. I did get one and you are absolutely correct….it is a “life changing….life saving tool”. I have done many pieces of furniture and the waxing is the toughest, getting it on smooth and lightly. One thing really great about this tool is you don’t waste your wax…..smooth it on the sponge lightly and viola!!! Thank you …thank you….thank you….cut my time in half.

  6. Carrie says

    How have I only found you? I swear we must be sisters! I love your blog, the way you speak in song lyrics and your sense of humor and style. I can’t wait to get caught up on your posts and read more as you write!

  7. Rebecca T says

    Couldn’t help but notice your Chatt-Cegas sign on the back porch as I am a Chattanoogan too! Transplant here from VA and I have grown to love this area. I should have guessed from your house that it was this area as we all have split levels or basements! Adorable house and cute blog!

      • Rebecca T says

        The funniest part of my finding your blog is that a friend of mine from Va Beach told me about it not knowing that you were in Chatt-Town where I currently am. We are working slowly on our 1960s rancher. Refinishing the mint green tub this weekend. Nothing like your re-do. Just taking it slowly into this century.

        • says

          That is so funny, Rebecca! It can be such a small world sometimes! Luckily, we didn’t have a mint green tub, but my husbands bathroom did have green tile, well it still does……its on the to-do list! I bet yours will look gorgeous!

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