Freak Show Friday: I’m tired.

National Drink Beer Day

I'm tired. Like don't even think I could go for a second beer tired. Now that means I'm tired. If anyone ever tells you that writing and launching an eBook isn't hard, they are flat out lying to you. Also, send me their name so I can smack 'em in the mouth or determine what drugs they're on. Speaking of beer, because its such a rare topic around here, did you know that Monday was National Drink Beer Day? Obviously, I partook. I mean, it was a national holiday, y'all. I didn't want people to think I was a traitor. It was promptly … [Read more...]

Standing Out: Building Your Blog, Growing Your Brand and Profiting From Your Passion

Standing Out: Building Your Blog, Growing Your Brand and Profiting From Your Passion

It. Is. Here. After working on this eBook for six months, I am excited to say that Standing Out is finally available for purchase... If you're a blogger and ready to profit from your passion, then this book is for you. If you aren't ready to work hard for it, then this book isn't for you. Sorry, there's no such thing as overnight success in the blogging world. If you're ready to work hard, build your blog, grow your brand and stand out from all the rest, then Standing Out is for you. You can get all the details on the book, a peek at … [Read more...]

Business in the Front, Party on Top: 70’s Credenza Makeover

Easy and pretty way to cover a surface that isn't in the best shape! 70's Credenza Makeover with Malachite Wrapping Paper / Velvet Finishes / Furniture Makeover / Furniture Painting

I got my first and only Achy Breaky Heart t-shirt at the flea market in the middle of town. I was seven. It was heather gray, with a big multi-colored neon heart and multi-colored neon lettering on it. I was so damn proud of that t-shirt. Billy Ray Cyrus and his mullet essentially had overnight success with a song that had a terrible title. It was the age of the achy breaky heart craze. It wasn't until I was in at least middle school, if not high school, that I realized the name for Billy Ray Cyrus' infamous hairstyle was a mullet. And … [Read more...]

Modern Day Designing Women + Giveaway

How to Get a Custom Room Design without the Custom Price through Dezignable / Interior Design / Interior Decorating / Home Decor

You know what show I really miss? Designing Women.  God rest Dixie Carter's soul.   I can't get enough of Julia, Suzanne, Mary Jo and Charlene. I mean really, you know a show is destined for greatness when the character's names are that good and southern. If you didn't watch Designing Women, then you simply must. For now, I'll tell you its about four women working at an interior design firm in Atlanta. They are all quick witted, outspoken, independent women doing it for themselves. Well, they do have Anthony to help them out, but you get … [Read more...]

That time I wrote a book about blogging…

Standing Out: Building Your Blog, Growing Your Brand and Profiting From Your Passion

Telling people you're a blogger can get you a great variety of responses. Many will take it as "Oh, its just a little hobby of yours. That's precious." No. Some think it means that basically you don't do anything except sit in front of a computer all day. Lord, somedays I wish that were true.  Some think its just a cover-up for sitting in front of the TV with booze and chocolate all day. Now, I really wish that were the case.  Some don't even know what the hell you mean when you say you're a blogger. Explain what a blogger is to them … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday: The Career Paths Not Taken

Freak Show Friday: The Career Paths Not Taken

Since you guys got lots of sh*ts & giggles in last week's Freak Show Friday from me coming clean, I figured let's keep the trend going. Here are some career paths I was considering in my youth. And all the reasons I would have been an utter failure at them. Career Path #1: Model In elementary school, I was destined to be a model. Or at least I thought I was. I put on my best outfits, tried my hand at makeup and would randomly stop to strike model poses. Yes, I actually would stop and strike a pose. It was as if Madonna's Vogue was … [Read more...]

On Achieving Green Thumb Status

How I Water My Indoor Plants Only ONCE Every Few Months - And yes, they are thriving! / Nimbus Pot

 One summer, my great uncle and I got into gardening. Ok well, it was more me and he just listened to me rant on about it. We visited every Lowe's, Home Depot, plant nursery and any store basically within an hour of us that was selling plants. He bought each of us a rose bush. I bought each of us a tropical plant of some sort. As if I know the name, I just thought it was pretty. The rose bushes lived. The tropical plants died. As did anything else I purchased.  I read his mother's book on gardening that was thicker than the Bible. I'm … [Read more...]

To Our Knight In Shining Basketball Shorts

Our Brawny Man

I know I'm not the easiest person to live with. Heck, there's not a doubt in my mind that some people can't tolerate me for more than an hour. I am sometimes bossy, always snarky, and often a you-know-what. I own it. I embrace it. And thank God, Grunt Labor does too. Some Most days when he gets home, I'm a hot mess, ticking time-bomb. Every Disney princess babydoll the kid owns (Cinderella, Aurora and Ariel) along with multiple stuffed elephants, dogs and half-empty applesauce pouches litter the entire living room. The couch's cushions … [Read more...]

My Fall Home Tour: Take Two

Fall Home Tour with simple fall decorating ideas / Dollar Tree Painted Pumpkin / White Bust / Gold Unicorn

If you saw my fall home tour a couple weeks ago, you may have noticed there wasn't a pumpkin in sight. I like to ease into fall. Or maybe I hadn't figured out where I stored the fall stuff last year... Either way, Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co. is hosting the Fall Edition of the Blogger Stylin' Home Tours this week and asked me to join in, so I thought sure! You're actually forcing me to find those pumpkins, aren't you?  If you are popping over from Caitlin at Desert Domicile, welcome! No kidding, I drool over everything that … [Read more...]

The Movies That Shaped My Childhood

Dance Your Ass Off - Footloose

I wish I could morph the image that I still see in my head onto the computer screen for you to see. Its a VHS tape with all the movies on it that shaped my childhood. It has a white label and all the titles of the movies are written in a black pen, except for one title that's written in a red marker. The movies contained no cartoon characters, no cleverly disguised themes of caring or sharing or anything else that a seven year old should learn. Instead the movies contained stellar dance moves, a groundhog, a man that gets the raw end of a … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday: Random Things You Didn’t Know About Me


I'm pretty much an open book, but as I was driving back from Atlanta last Saturday and whipped through the Long John Silver's drive-thru to down some of their beloved chicken on my way home, something occurred to me. I have a lot of weird characteristics. And I thought you should know about them. I mean, you are taking a risk with your reputation by even reading my blog. You should be informed. 1. Long John Silvers chicken is probably my favorite fast food food. Unfortunately, I don't get it all that often because well, I don't want to clog … [Read more...]

Saving Pap’s Lamp

How to Refinish Wood Furniture and Cover Stains without Sanding - must read if you want to keep something stained, but don't want to strip and sand it!

There once lived a man. He was a farmer who wore Liberty overalls. And he was a wood worker too. He made lamps and a baby cradle when his first granddaughter was born. The granddaughter slept in the cradle and her daughter slept in the cradle. And the granddaughter doesn't remember a time when a lamp her pap made wasn't in her grandparent's den. They were floor lamps with a small table halfway up - nothing anyone would probably consider in style. Except her. A few months ago when the granddaughter went back home, she found her … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Challenge: Easy Lamp Makeover

HomeRight Thrift Store Challenge: Easy Lamp Makeover with the HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer

I spent two days scouring thrift stores for the perfect piece of furniture to makeover for this thrift store challenge from HomeRight. At my very last thrift shop stop, I was just about to walk out the door when I spied a lamp. I almost walked away because I thought it would be too simple. But then I thought to myself, so what if its too simple - those are the best makeovers! And so I scooped that $10 lamp up, stopped at Target for a new lamp shade, scooted on home, and had that lamp completely revamped by the end of the day. I'm calling … [Read more...]

How to Raise Cabinets

How to Raise Cabinets - Learn how we raised our base cabinets to accommodate for a refrigerator that was taller than the base cabinets.

So sometimes during a big project or after I finish a project, I start looking at all the little projects that made up that big project and I decide that some of those little projects probably wouldn't be that interesting to you. So I don't bother too much with pictures and I don't post about it. But then months later, someone will ask me something specific about that small project that helped to make the bigger project possible and I will realize that I probably should have posted about that. Does any of this make sense? Its late and I've … [Read more...]

Fall Home Tour: Cowboys and Elvis

Fall Home Tour / The Entryway / Kelly Green, Black and White accents / Cowboy Accents

This fall tour is not at all about pumpkins. Sorry if you were ready for pumpkins. Instead its about some of my favorite fall-ish things...cowboy hats and plaid blankets...and Elvis. Ok, Elvis isn't really fall-ish, but its my house and I'll do what I want to. If you want pumpkins and leaves and all that jazz, check back in a few weeks when I've actually had time to remember where I stored all that decor from last year. #storyofmylife A huge thanks to Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for organizing this Fall Tour of Homes. She is … [Read more...]

Power Tools 101: The Ultimate Guide to Using a Paint Sprayer + Giveaway

The Ultimate Guide for How to Use a Paint Sprayer - from set-up to thinning the paint to an easy clean-up, its all here!

I had a revelation the other day. A hold-the-phone-shut-the-front-door-smack-myself-on-the-head revelation. I realized that for two years I've been showing you all these awesome (if I do say so myself) furniture makeovers that I've completed with my paint sprayer, but never once have I actually told you how to use the paint sprayer from start to finish. See why I smacked myself on the head?  So here it is. The ultimate guide for how to use a paint sprayer from set-up to cleaning. Sorry for the two year delay. How to Use a Paint … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday

Babyland General - The Cabbage Patch Kid Hospital

In case you were wondering... Babyland General a.k.a The Cabbage Patch Kid Hospital is a real place. And its so amazing.  Yes, I am 30 years old and I mean that. It. Is. Awesome.  My dad and I took the circus there this week (it's in Cleveland, Georgia - about a three hour drive from us) and she loved it. We took her about two years ago and she loved it then, but this time she loved it even more since she's a little older. And once, before Grunt and I were even married, I drug him there too - yes, its that amazing.  You can see … [Read more...]

Why do my t-shirts smell like I just played in the SEC football championship game?


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Maytag. All opinions are 100% mine. If you've been around here for a while, you know that we have a few "part-time" children. When your husband is a football and basketball coach, you tend to pick up a few extra mouths to feed along the way. One of those part-time children is Will. Oh, I mean Bill. He has requested to be called Bill on the blog. I don't know why. 17 year olds make no sense to me. Bill has been a fixture in our family since he was in the 6th grade and gave me this sweet … [Read more...]

$50 Bathroom Makeover

$50 Bathroom Makeover - A little paint and a new shower curtain can go a long way!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Sometimes the best room makeovers are the ones that are unplanned.  Totally random, flying by the seat of your pants, out of the blue unplanned. It happened in my living room. It started with a black and white gallery wall, which led to a new rug, which led to new curtains. And suddenly, I finally had a living room I loved. And now its happened with the bathroom. But the best part is that this random, little out of the blue makeover cost me just $50. All that was needed was a little paint, a … [Read more...]

My Favorite Southern Books

The Best Southern Books - A list of books about or set in the south that every lover of the south should read! Really great book recommendations!

There are few things better in life than a good book. One thing better is a good southern book. Cause we all know I'm slightly partial to the south. These, in my humble, 100% un-expert, but truly southern opinion are the best southern books - the keepers. Some are fiction, some are non-fiction. Some will pull at your heartstrings and some will have you rolling in the floor. Some are about scraping by to make ends meet and some are about witches and ghosts and all things weird. Would you expect any less from me? The Best Southern … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday

Not Adulting Today T-Shirt

This week's Freak Show Friday is brought to you by the word kinda. As used by my three year old. When she was brought water as she requested and after taking one sip: I kinda need cold water from the refrigerator and not this. I drank from a water hose growing up, you can drink water from the tap. When she was told we had to leave to run errands: I kinda need to watch Peppa Pig. I kinda just want to watch t.v. Anything that isn't animated. I'd even settle for a terrible reality show at this point. At Target: I kinda need a slushy. Oh … [Read more...]

Using Velvet Finishes Paint in a Paint Sprayer

Using Velvet Finishes Paint in a Paint Sprayer

It's no secret around here that I have a love for both Velvet Finishes paint and my HomeRight Paint Sprayer. In fact, last year, when Kellie from Velvet Finishes asked me about trying her paint, one of my first questions was "Can I use it in my paint sprayer?" Luckily, the answer was yes. Now if she would have said no, it wouldn't have been a deal breaker. There are lots of times when the weather isn't cooperating with me and I can't use my sprayer or other times when the project is small and it just doesn't make sense to use the … [Read more...]

I write in books.

I write in books.

If people ask to borrow my Rick Bragg books, I say no. Instead, I go buy them their own copies. Because mine are special. They are filled with hundreds of notes in the margins. Some as simple as an underlined sentence that says "Amazing sentence." to the side of it. Some more personal like, "He just described my grandfather's hands." I write in books. Librarians may have just screamed in horror at that sentence. I believe that books, and life in general I guess, are best taken in with writing. And I don't mean typing. While, … [Read more...]

My Favorite Green Color Combinations for Decorating

The Best Green Color Combinations for Decorating • Green and Red • Green and Navy • Green and White • Green and Black and White

It was love at first spray when I made the Kate Spade Inspired Lamp Makeover. I had met my decorating color soulmate and there was no turning back. Green and I went together as well as me and cheap beer. Well, almost. Let's face it - cheap beer will always have my heart. Oh, and Grunt Labor too. I think one of the main reasons I love green so much is because it looks great with my second in line favorite colors. The Best Green Color Combinations for Decorating Green + Navy My Kitchen Painting the lower cabinets navy was by far one … [Read more...]