Freak Show Friday #10

Chuck E. Cheese's

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that last night we went here for the circus' actual birthday. The place where a kid can be a kid and parents come out ready to board the van to the insane asylum. I was certain I could do this. I had heard rumors of beer being served at Chuck E. Cheese's. We went to the one location that didn't serve beer.  WTF. Shockingly, we made it out unscathed sans any meltdowns and picked up a six pack on the way home. Kareem graduated on Sunday. And then he left for Arizona the very next day. We turned … [Read more...]

On the day you were born

On the day you were born.

This is not a sappy birth story. I'm not "that" kind of mama. However, its a quite entertaining one.  I ate a chicken salad sandwich at McAllister's before we went to the hospital that evening. It was really good. Their chicken salad sandwiches are always my favorite. As we were checking in at the hospital, your father pointed out a girl he had once dated among the framed photographs of all the doctors in the Labor & Delivery unit. Nice, Grunt Labor. Real nice.  I explained to the guy who was checking us in that your father doesn't … [Read more...]

When it doubt, use all the colors.

Vintage Paper Sorter Makeover - Those colors!

About a month ago, I drug the kid and Bill out of bed early one Saturday morning to go yard saleing. They hate love it when I do that. ;) I decided to be nice for once and give Grunt Labor the Saturday morning off. He usually gives me Saturday mornings off, so it was long overdue.  Before leaving the neighborhood, we had lucked up on a bamboo patio table for a whopping $2 and a 5x7 leopard print rug for only $5. Luck was on my side that day.  It quickly ended when there was a meltdown with the kid when I refused to buy a creepy $7 … [Read more...]

Semi-DIY Party Decorations

Such a great idea! Save yourself time by getting store bought party decorations, but then customizing them with items that fit your party theme! Birthday Party Decorations

Did you ever watch that television show, Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee? I'm not even sure that its still on anymore, and I only watched it a few times but what I loved most about it was that she always made a great cocktail during the show, oh and that some of the actual food was already made. But mostly that she always had a cocktail. I worked on discovering my inner Sandra Lee with these semi-DIY party decorations for the circus' upcoming third birthday party. The circus even helped me with them. Which explains why cocktails were … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday #9

Circus and Nixon

Our big event this week was the circus' year end program at pre-school. We were really hoping our red-shirting her was going to pay off this year (we kept her in the 2 year old class for 2 years). For every other program, she has stood there and done nothing. Except for the one time she saw me as soon as she walked out and came and sat down with me instead of doing anything. Seriously? This whole week her teachers kept telling me how the kid was the star of the show. She was movin' and groovin' during every rehearsal, even with the big … [Read more...]

9 Must Read Cleaning Tips + A Giveaway

Had NO CLUE on most of these! Must Read Cleaning Tips

***Don't miss the giveaway at the end!*** If we're being honest, and since I'm always honest with you, my house is not clean right now. Its not clean at all.  May is a whirlwind of events for us and cleaning is not one of those events that tends to take place during the month. Until there is a mad dash next Friday to clean right before the kid's birthday party so that our guests don't turn and run screaming out the door... I can hear the circus talking to her therapist in ten years, "Everyone showed up for my birthday party that year, but … [Read more...]

3 Easy Ways to Update Your Furniture Hardware

3 Really Simple and Cheap Ways to Update Furniture Hardware without paying a fortune for new pulls and knobs!

I'm the farthest thing from a tree hugger you'll ever meet. You already knew that didn't you?  But I do like to re-use and recycle things. I'm just cheap, really.  My favorite thing to re-use is furniture hardware. This is for two reasons. 1. I don't want to spend money on new, expensive hardware. See, cheap? 2. I don't want to have to potentially drill holes for new hardware. Ok, I'm lazy too.  These are my three favorite ways to update furniture hardware while doing as little as possible and spending as little as possible. 'Cause … [Read more...]

DIY Flamingo Sprinkler

This is so fun and quirky! Super affordable too! DIY Flamingo Sprinkler

I have a thing. For pink plastic flamingos.  Some consider them tacky. I consider them fun. And the perfect symbol of summer. Since I have a deep love for this plastic being, Grunt Labor decided we should make a pink flamingo sprinkler. We did.  But the really cool thing about it is that its not only a sprinkler, but also feeds your plants at the same time. World rocked.  Isn't that just the most fun sprinkler you ever did see? I thought you would agree.  To make your own sprinkler & plant feeder, you will need: Plastic … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday #8


In honor of Mama's day on Sunday, I felt the need to honor all the moms out there. Well, all the moms like me trying to actually be a decent mom, even though you have no clue what the hell you are doing.  Anyone else? source source source source source Also, you'll want to read this article from In the Powder Room. Happy Mama's Day, Y'all.  You know you don't wanna miss any of this crazy. Sign up to get my posts delivered to your inbox here. Stalk Me Here: Bloglovin / Pinterest / Facebook / Twitter / Google+ / Instagram … [Read more...]

The Perfect Navy Paint

Look no more! Not only is this the perfect shade of navy, its also the perfect paint - no priming or topcoat required! The Perfect Navy Paint

The part-time child, Bill, and I have formed a sort of business partnership. I find furniture for him to paint. He paints it. I write about it. We sell it. I get my initial investment back and he keeps the profit for his labor. When I first presented this idea to him, he was ecstatic and couldn't wait to jump on the two end tables that I had already picked up. I even let him pick out the color, which in my opinion is the perfect navy paint... But then something happened. I brought one of the finished tables upstairs to photograph. And … [Read more...]

How to Clean Concrete Blocks

Wow! Gotta check this cleaning method out! How to Clean Concrete Blocks

Typically, I leave the outdoor arena to Grunt Labor. He is amazing at growing flowers. He loves to keep the grass looking good. He puts his heart and soul into our garden. He's currently working on building a new patio. However, cleaning outdoors isn't necessarily his thing.  That's usually left to me - and that's ok - especially when its as easy as it was to clean these concrete blocks. Just before you go into our garage, we have a retaining wall full of these concrete blocks.. And up until just a few days ago, they all looked like … [Read more...]

Shocking I know, but…

Cooking with Blue Apron

**Don't miss the giveaway at the end!** I cook. I know.  I know what you are thinking - never once have I posted a recipe on this blog. You're right.  You know I know how to drink. But yes, I can also cook. And I'm not too shabby at it.  Here's the thing though. For the last, oh, say, three months, I've had no desire to cook. At all.  My answer to "What's for dinner?" in the last three months has been, "Ummmm....frozen chicken sandwiches?" Said with a tired smile on my face in hopes they'll let me get away with it.  They … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday #7


After an "aha!" moment brought on by a rusty old plant stand this week, I felt the need to share just words this Freak Show Friday.... Well, words paired with images that make me smile. And laugh. Out loud. I hope they make you smile and laugh too. And maybe pee your pants just a little... source Oh Steel Magnolias. You suck me in every time you are on television and it always ends in tears and then immediate laughter when Clairee offers Weezer up as a punching bag. God bless the Steel Magnolias. And Shirley Maclaine for that … [Read more...]

Lessons learned from a rusted plant stand

Lessons Learned from a Rusted Plant Stand

There's a rusted plant stand that's been in my garage for almost a year now. It was left behind in a storage shed. Its red. And rusted. I had great plans for this rusted plant stand. It was going to become a faux marble topped table. Or a faux snakeskin topped table. Or a tray table. I mulled over the options for the past month. I finally decided on a snakeskin table. So day before yesterday, I went in search of a table base to put my faux snakeskin on and then attach to the stand. I found none.  I moved on to Plan B. I went in … [Read more...]

Decorate My Space: Hope’s Kitchen

Decorate My Space: Hope's Kitchen

A couple weeks back I asked for y'all's help on decorating my stairwell. You were amazing with your responses. My stairwell isn't decorated yet, but I'm still mulling over all your ideas. I thought it might be fun to ask for reader submissions and let everyone help out on decorating another space! The first one up is Hope's Kitchen. Let's start with her color scheme ideas and inspiration. She knows she wants these colors: source However, instead of that darkest brown, she would like a soft buttery yellow, kind of like this … [Read more...]

Black & White Gallery Wall

STUNNING Black and White Gallery Wall! Simple to do - such a great accent wall!

I have visions. Not like psychic visions - but that would be really cool. Room visions, project visions, idea visions. And in my head - they are fan-freakin-tastic. In real life, they don't always turn out so fan-freakin-tastic though. In my head, this black and white gallery wall was fan-freakin-tastic. In real life, its better than fan-freakin-tastic. In fact, I can't even come up with a word for how awesome it is and how much I love it. This wall totally took my living room to a whole new level. To get the full effect of how far … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday #6

Gorgeous Kelly Green Curtains

First off, can we just talk for a moment about how insane that #LillyforTarget madness was? Y'all, there were people stealing stuff out of other people's carts!  I was hoping to snag quite a few things, but by the time I got online to make purchases, I was only able to get two things for the kid. My stellar friend Lindsay went to the store for us and she was able to snag me the pouf. Both of us were astounded later that afternoon when we saw Lilly items selling on Ebay for at least double what they sold for in the stores. Seriously, people, … [Read more...]

Mid-Century Modern Lamp Makeover (A.K.A. I Dream of Jeannie Lamp)

Wow! That color combination is so pretty! Mid-Century Modern Lamp Makeover with Velvet Finishes Paint

I watched reruns of I Dream of Jeannie when I was a kid. It wasn't one of my favorites, but I thought Barbara Eden was so pretty. And while Larry Hagman will always always always be J.R. Ewing in my mind, he was still pretty great in I Dream of Jeannie. Well over a year ago, I found a lamp that screamed "I Dream of Jeannie" at a yard sale. It was $2. It came home with me. And as most things do around here, it sat for a while until I had a great idea for it. And finally I did. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this image … [Read more...]


Mother's Day 2

A couple months back the kid started calling me "Mommy." I had been called "Mama" since she started talking.  This happened almost immediately after seeing a little girl running around the playground calling her mom, "Mommy." I could have strangled that kid.  While there is nothing wrong with being called Mom, Mommy, or Mother, I am a Mama. Because to me - there is a difference.  I didn't fully realize the difference until a few years ago after the kid was born. You see, I had been terrified of my mother-in-law from the moment I met … [Read more...]

12 Must Have Tools and Supplies for Painting Furniture

The ULTIMATE LIST of the best products to use for painting furniture! 12 Must Have Tools and Supplies for Painting Furniture

*Affiliate links may be contained in this post. Last week, I got an email from a reader. I just love those. :) They asked if I could do a post on what kinds of tools and supplies I use when I'm stripping or painting furniture. And I thought to myself, "Duh. Why haven't you done that before, Jenna?!" So here it is. These are my must have products, tools and supplies for stripping and/or painting furniture. I've used these over and over again and I love them.  Must Have Tools and Supplies for Painting Furniture 1. Mask  Safety … [Read more...]

The New Living Room Rug

Red Rug + Bold Gallery Wall = Stunning Living Room

There are a few things that have the ability to totally transform a space. A great gallery wall. Stellar window treatments. A stunning rug. Two out of three of those things did just that in my living room. A great gallery wall and a stunning rug.  I'm working on the curtains.  But as Meatloaf would say, Two out of three ain't bad, right? If you took my recent Spring home tour, you may have noticed the new red beauty in the room - this rug. Its the Winsdor Overdyed Grove Red Rug from Rugs USA. Yes, its meant to look worn. It has a … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday #5

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I came out of my seat and jumped up and down for two reasons this week. 1. Fox is going to do a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love The Rocky Horror Picture Show. source Let's do the time warp again. And the second time I came out of my seat... Garth Brooks is playing in Knoxville May 29th and 30th. source May 29th is two days after my 30th birthday. I see no better way to celebrate. It would be a sin not to go. We all know how I feel about Garth... I'll be there. In my boots. With my friends in low places. Also, … [Read more...]