Using Velvet Finishes Paint in a Paint Sprayer

Using Velvet Finishes Paint in a Paint Sprayer

It's no secret around here that I have a love for both Velvet Finishes paint and my HomeRight Paint Sprayer. In fact, last year, when Kellie from Velvet Finishes asked me about trying her paint, one of my first questions was "Can I use it in my paint sprayer?" Luckily, the answer was yes. Now if she would have said no, it wouldn't have been a deal breaker. There are lots of times when the weather isn't cooperating with me and I can't use my sprayer or other times when the project is small and it just doesn't make sense to use the … [Read more...]

I write in books.

I write in books.

If people ask to borrow my Rick Bragg books, I say no. Instead, I go buy them their own copies. Because mine are special. They are filled with hundreds of notes in the margins. Some as simple as an underlined sentence that says "Amazing sentence." to the side of it. Some more personal like, "He just described my grandfather's hands." I write in books. Librarians may have just screamed in horror at that sentence. I believe that books, and life in general I guess, are best taken in with writing. And I don't mean typing. While, … [Read more...]

My Favorite Green Color Combinations for Decorating

The Best Green Color Combinations for Decorating • Green and Red • Green and Navy • Green and White • Green and Black and White

It was love at first spray when I made the Kate Spade Inspired Lamp Makeover. I had met my decorating color soulmate and there was no turning back. Green and I went together as well as me and cheap beer. Well, almost. Let's face it - cheap beer will always have my heart. Oh, and Grunt Labor too. I think one of the main reasons I love green so much is because it looks great with my second in line favorite colors. The Best Green Color Combinations for Decorating Green + Navy My Kitchen Painting the lower cabinets navy was by far one … [Read more...]

Cane Inspired Accent Wall for $25

DIY Cane Inspired Accent Wall done for around $25. Gorgeous kelly green wall treatment in this bathroom.

Sometimes I try to make things more complicated than they really are. Not on purpose of course. I just don't think sometimes. Its like my mind sometimes turns off its "common sense" mode. That's also when I end up saying things I shouldn't to people.  Whoops.  That common sense mode of my brain shut down when I started to do this accent wall. You see I love caned pieces. Caned chairs, caned tables, caned light fixtures. I'm crazy over the pattern. And I have a pillow with a caned pattern on it. And I was determined to get that pattern … [Read more...]

Kitchen Makeover: Take Two

Modern Kitchen • Navy and White Painted Cabinets • DIY Island • Kelly Green & Brass Accents

Hi. My name is Jenna. I'm a recovering neutral decorator.  Yes friends, there was a time when I turned solely to whites and beiges for decorating. I knew no better. I thought I liked it. I thought it was my style. I was so damn wrong. As soon as I spray painted my first piece kelly green, there was no going back. And then I discovered the no-fail combo of kelly green and navy and it was as if the design gods smiled down upon me and showered me with their wisdom. Ok, maybe that was a little much, but you get the idea. I am a color … [Read more...]

Me versus The Squirrels

Outdoor Cleaning Made Easy

**Don't miss the giveaway at the end!** Instead of giving moms-to-be sweet cards about how wonderful life with their new baby will be, I often feel like I should instead give them a book of realistic things that will happen. Not that life isn't wonderful with a kid, but let's be real. There's a lot of poop. And spitting up. And screaming and crying. There are those times she will stomp her you. And wave her finger in your face at the same time. And it takes every ounce of your being not to smack her to next Tuesday and then … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday

Weird Hand Puppets

Do you like snark? Do you like sass? Of course you do, you're here. Why am I asking those questions?  I found a new blog you'll love. She's full of snark, sass and inappropriate language. See why I love her?  Its called The Everywhereist. Its not home decor or DIY or anything like that. Its actually a travel blog with hilarious stories such as the one where she responds beautifully sarcastically to spam emails. Yes, beautifully sarcastically is totally a valid phrase. duh. -------------- This photo of me somehow managed to work its way … [Read more...]

Best Sources for Affordable Wall Art and Favorites Under $50

Best Sources for Affordable Wall Art & Top Picks Under $50 • Affordable Wall Decor • Affordable Art

In case you didn't know, I'm not an art connoisseur. Now a cheap beer connoisseur, I am. Ok, really just Miller High Life. Here's how I decide what art to hang on my walls: I browse online and/or thrift stores. Ooooo, I like it. Look at the price tag. Ooooo, its cheap. Buy it. Ooooo, its expensive. Leave it. Pretty straightforward, no? While there may never be a priceless hand painted original piece of art hanging in my home, excluding the circus' art, these pieces either already reside here or will at some point. Because they're … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwiches and The Hill

This past weekend, I had an ice cream sandwich. Nothing fancy. Not even name brand. Just an ice cream sandwich. I think that was the first time I've had an ice cream sandwich in about 13 years. 13 years without an ice cream sandwich. The last time I had an ice cream sandwich was with a bubba cola. And my pap. On the hill beside his house. The only man in the world I knew who paired ice cream sandwiches with bubba colas. He was definitely onto something though. We sat around a spool picnic table in rusty metal chairs before spools … [Read more...]

Dear Mr. Neon Man

Dear Mr. Neon Man

Dear Mr. Neon Man, I thought I should take a moment to apologize. No, not for spraying painting you neon pink.  But for everything you've had to endure since you've made the move to the bathroom. There was the great stomach flu of 2014. You managed to hold your own stomach while the rest of us hugged the toilet - for a solid week. There was the time the circus pooped in the bathtub. Not once did you snicker. And of course there are the countless times you have seen and continue to see my cellulite ridden thighs. Now … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday

Miller High Life

Guys. I got the best news ever this week. From a 110 year old woman. Agnes Fenton credits Miller High Life for her long life. BOOM. For the last 70 years, she has been drinking three of my favorite beverages a day at the advice of her doctor. At the advice of a doctor, y'all. Its totally legit. In the words of my friend Sarah, I'm going to live forever. And as if that wasn't the most awesome news to get this week, Fox confirmed that there will be a Prison Break Sequel Event. Heart be still. And Wentworth Miller will be in … [Read more...]

9 Simple and Easy Bed Makeovers and Hacks

Simple and Easy Bed Makeovers and Hacks - All were done with a paint sprayer to cut down on time and give a flawless finish!

I can't tell you how many times I've ran across DIY headboards on Pinterest. I'm confident DIY headboards could run Pinterest all by themselves. Now, I'm not bashing on DIY headboards at all. If you have patience and an insane amount of upholstery and tufting skills, then by all means make your own headboard. However, I don't. I'm in favor of using what I've got. This could also mean that I'm cheap. That's cool too. I'll own it. I can paint a headboard faster than I can build one and cheaper too. No, it might not look as chic as a … [Read more...]

This time, its not a love story: Tips and Tricks for The Perfect Container Garden.

Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Container Garden

The last time I wrote about gardening or flowers in general, I was apparently misleading. You see the post was titled how to get a yard full of hydrangeas, but all I did to get a yard full of beautiful hydrangeas was have a husband who heard me say I'd never leave if I had them. So I see where you may have been a bit miffed with me.  But it was a good story, no?  This time though, I promise, I actually have real tips and tricks for you on how to get those glorious container gardens that we all lust after at the plant nurseries. Tips … [Read more...]

DIY Headband Holder for $5

DIY Headband Holder - Full tutorial on how to make this cute addition to a little girl's room for only $5. No sewing required!

Remember our Aunt Rochelle? The aunt that you wanted for yourself? The one who sends the circus ensembles complete with matching shirts, pants, dresses, cardigans and even sunglasses. Well, that amazing Aunt Rochelle, she also sends headbands to match every single outfit she's ever bought for the circus. She's pretty much any little fashionista's dream.  She is 100% the reason why the kid wins best dressed at preschool every year. Well, there really isn't an award for that, but if there was, she'd have it in the bag.  While the circus … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday


I'm walking with a limp. Apparently, when you turn 30, you don't just get to have one possibly cancerous growth taken off your body, but you get two taken off. And one was on my foot. The bottom of my freaking foot. Specifically my heel. Which is needed in good condition to walk properly. This all occurred just days before we go to Nashville for the weekend with friends. If you see someone with a gangsta swag going down Broadway, its me. Only I have no idea how to look gangsta. Or make a limp look like a swag. Maybe I can turn it into … [Read more...]

It’s hip to be geometric.

Easy DIY Geometric Table Design - gives full tutorial to make the design. No measuring required - a really simple design!

I don't consider myself a hip person. I'm sure others don't either. That's cool. I think this table makeover should increase my hip level a tad bit though. Because its hip to be square geometric. Especially when it looks this good and is so easy to do... How could one not be just a little bit hip when they just made this awesome table with a simple geometric design? I'm glad you agree.  Here's where we started: See, she was once on the opposite end of hip. To achieve her new level of hipness, I used:  150 Grit … [Read more...]

Own You

Own You.

A year ago I wrote a post about Flying Your Own Freak Flag. I put it all out there. I owned up to every one of my imperfections. I aired all my dirty laundry. And then I embraced it all. And that's what I want you to do too. Almost two weeks ago, I went to Haven Conference. While there, I paraded around in my Hee Haw Yacht Club t-shirt. And my Stones t-shirt. With a blazer and holey jeans. I'm sure that broke a fashion rule or two. My mouth spewed forth obscenities. I bought my own cheap beer to store in my room for the … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday #18

True Southerner

Thank you. Thank you so so very much for your sweet comments on my #NoogaStrong post. I started to reply to all the comments, but couldn't stop crying. Thank you for being my people.  ------ They say that you are a true southerner if you know where you will be buried when you die. Well, last weekend I got a text from my uncle saying that marijuana plants had been found at our family cemetery. Apparently, I'm going to be buried next to pot, y'all. When I die and you come to visit me, you can have a party at the same time. That's a … [Read more...]

The View from the Floor

Yellow and White Striped Painted Ceiling Design • Circus Tent Ceiling Design • Painted Ceiling Designs • Tips for Painting Ceilings

Sometimes I lay on the floor. For no good reason at all. Sometimes I close my eyes. And daydream. Sometimes I stare at the despicable popcorn ceiling and try to find the strength to remove it. I usually decide I'll pay someone to do that before I scrape ceilings again.  Sometimes I just ponder life's mysteries. Either way, the ceiling is usually ugly. And most of the time, my wondering leads me down a rabbit hole of painted ceiling designs. via Should I go for a bold, yet classic black? via Or an un-expected punch of purple? I … [Read more...]

When everything to say has already been said, you say it again.

Nooga Strong

Last Thursday, in a hotel room, two hours south of home at a conference, I got a text. Chattanooga was on the national news. That's where I call home. I scrambled to open my laptop and pull up live streaming of a local news station. Someone had opened fire on two military sites. An officer was injured. Multiple other victims had been taken to the hospital. The hospital was on lockdown. And at that time, the status of the shooter was still thought to be active. All these events took place less than 20 minutes from my home. Where my … [Read more...]

Don’t forget to tip your hat to Hank.

Things to do in Nashville TN • Nashville Attractions • Fun things to do in Nashville • Nashville Tourism • Nashville TN Attractions

I remember being about four or five years old, in the kitchen with my Grannie one day, when we heard country music and line dancing start playing on TNN. All biscuit making halted. She swept me into her arms. Carried me into the den. And we did our own version of line dancing right then and there in front of that tv. She knew the song. She knew the steps. And she held me as we danced. And in those moments, my love affair with country music began. From Loretta & Conway to Garth & Trisha, I love them all. Furthermore, I firmly … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday #17

Beer in Fridge

I was elected president of a random guy's Cool Club. Yep, I'm pretty much awesome.  As I was paying for my cheap beer at the grocery store the other day, the man behind me asked if I was the one drinking the champagne of beers. You better believe it. I told him that most of my friends made fun of me, but it really is my favorite. He agreed. Then I told him I was in town for a conference and stocking up on my champagne of beers because I was sure the hotel wouldn't have it. That's when he deemed me the president of his cool club.  It … [Read more...]

DIY Confetti Tray

DIY Confetti Tray / Make your own confetti tray in under an hour.

If you didn't know this already, let me tell you now. I screw up projects all the time. All. The. Time. Seriously, like out of 10 project ideas, maybe 3 or 4 actually become what I had envisioned in my head. The failures go into a scrap pile. Waiting for when they can be made into something awesome. Except for those tassels I tried to make out of clothesline. Those went straight to the trash because they looked like ramen noodles hanging from my lamps.  I'm not even kidding. Straight up ramen noodles, except thicker. The beginnings of … [Read more...]

Sparkly Horses Birthday Party

DIY Birthday Party Hats / DIY Party Decor / Horse Birthday Party

Every year around the end of April, I feel the need to start drinking a tad bit more. Because a birthday party is on the horizon. And that means lots of planning. And organizing. And making. All in a specific timeframe. And I've never been good at any of that stuff all together at once. Thus, why the sparkly horse birthday party was two months ago and you are just now hearing about it. I needed time to recuperate. While many stuffed animals come and go around here, the horses never leave. The circus has an unwavering love for … [Read more...]