That time I moved into a 2 bedroom, 1 bath with two guys…


It happened.

#39 of the Memory Rocks reads, “That time Jenna hit the lotto when she moved in with two guys.”

I was fresh from the small town and had just left behind pretty much everything I had ever known in life. 

With the exception of some sentimental pieces of furniture and Rubbermaid totes that contained items dating back to middle school, I was essentially starting over.

Starting over in a small two bedroom house with one very small bathroom with two guys in the middle of a city that, at the time seemed very large to me.

In my mind, I had hit the damn lottery.

That time I moved into a two bedroom, one bathroom house with two guys via

One of the guys was Grunt Labor, of course. He had already won me over with chocolate milk by this time, and I knew moving to the city was the best decision for me.

I figured I would get an apartment. Not that I knew how to go about doing that or anything. Never once had I lived in an apartment or anyplace where a family member wasn’t a 10 minute drive away or I didn’t run into someone I knew as soon as I set foot in the Dollar General.

Upon announcing to Grunt Labor that I was going to move and get an apartment, he laughed at me and told me that would be a waste of money.

Laughed. At me. 

Now at this point, I didn’t think that Grunt Labor and I were anything permanent. I mean, he was great and we were having a lot of fun, but I didn’t know that he was the one.

He said I should just move in with he and Nick.

Well, that relationship escalated quickly.

So I did.

I moved in with Grunt Labor and Nick.

That time I moved into a two bedroom, one bathroom house with two guys via

Nick and Grunt Labor circa 2008. Shockingly, they aren’t even intoxicated here.

Oh, Nick. My dear sweet Nicky.

Nick was one of Grunt Labor’s best friends.

Nick was messy.

You could tell exactly where Nick had been from his trail of Diet Dr. Pepper bottles and/or Miller Lite bottles and tobacco cans.

On any given day, I could come home from work and before I opened the front door I could hear Enya, (yes Enya, ya know the one where you can hardly tell what’s she saying, its like she’s just chanting?) blaring and Nick would be chanting with her in the shower.

He may kill me if he ever reads this.

We all learned how to share one bathroom when one of us was sick.

Boy, was that a fun weekend.

The house finally got cleaned more than once per year.

Obviously, by me.

Nick and I made fun of Grunt Labor and his “Only Child Syndrome” on more than one occasion.

This still happens.

That time I moved into a two bedroom, one bathroom house with two guys via

There was a jar containing a saltwater fish found in freshwater above the oven – the kind of discoveries Nick lives for.

The fish and I cooked up some quite tasty meals together.

I had to learn to let Grunt Labor’s dog sleep with me.

People, I am not a dog person.

On more than one occasion, I took Nick’s advice on what to buy Grunt Labor for gifts – rock band and work boots.

Both were utter failures.

It was at this house as Nick was in mid-swing with hammer in hand about to take out one of the shelves on the then china cabinet (now liquor cabinet) that I told him it was my great grandmother’s.

He abruptly stopped with a look of terror on his face and asked if he should proceed.

On Halloween, unknown to Grunt Labor and I, Nick carved a pumpkin with “Andy -N- Jenna” on it.

That pumpkin nearly started a bar room brawl, y’all.

That little house taught me more perverted phrases that I knew existed, exposed me to smells no one should ever have to live through, gave me Nick, and made me realize that Grunt Labor really was the one.

That time I moved into a two bedroom, one bathroom house with two guys via RainonaTinRoof.comOur wedding reception. No doubt I was intoxicated by this point due to the little waitress that never let my wine glass go dry.

I really did hit the lotto with that deal.

That little house will always hold a special place in my heart.

And Nick still leaves a trail when he comes over.

And then there’s that time Grunt Labor and I got married and Nick and Brandon moved in with us….


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  1. says

    I lived with my hubby and his best friend years before we were engaged to save money too. It definitely makes things interesting!!

  2. chris aka monkey says

    awww sweet jenna i too have had male roomies and it does make life interesting and damn funnny too if you don’t mind listening to belching contests or even worse the other end contests and how can they wear a pair of dirty socks that are crunchy lmao i just had a flashback and snorted love you girl xx

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