Super Easy No-Sew Upholstered Box Spring

When I showed you the guest bedroom’s new bedding a couple weeks back, some of you guys asked about the upholstered box spring. I hadn’t really planned on posting about it because I’ve seen a few other tutorials out there on how to do it.

But, since you asked, here is how I made my upholstered box spring. And of course, it’s no-sew. If I don’t have to sew – I don’t!

No-Sew Upholstered Box Spring via #boxspring #nosew #upholstered

No-Sew Upholstered Box Spring

First off, why didn’t I just use a bedskirt? Well, you see those rails that this bed has? A bedskirt doesn’t lay right over those rails. Plus, this bed sits off the floor a bit higher than most, so the skirt didn’t even cover up my crap I was storing under the bed. Obviously, I had to relocate said crap with this solution, but its prettier than half-hidden crap.

Materials (this was for a full size box spring): 

-I had two yards of this fabric and had a good bit left over. You may have seen some of it covering small cork boards on my desk.

-Sharp scissors

-Staple Gun

-Hot Glue Gun

-Measuring Tape

Step One: 

Take your mattress off your bed. I put my fabric on top of the box spring and it provided a great space to roll out my fabric and measure as needed.

No-Sew Upholstered Box Spring via #boxspring #nosew #upholsteredStep Two:

Cut out squares for the corners of your box spring. My squares were approximately 10 inches x 10 inches. Please measure your box spring corners before cutting – they may not all be the same! The cut doesn’t have to be pretty. The raw edges will be covered up.

No-Sew Upholstered Box Spring via #boxspring #nosew #upholsteredStep Three:

Use a staple gun and staple the fabric to the bottom of the box spring on the corner leaving plenty of fabric to cover the top of the corner.

No-Sew Upholstered Box Spring via #boxspring #nosew #upholsteredHot glue the top of the corner piece onto the box spring. Repeat for all other corners.

Step Four:

Now, you are going to cut rectangles to cover the sides of your box spring. With how my fabric was, I cut two rectangles per side and had them meet up in the middle.  My rectangles were approximately 39 inches long x 10 inches wide. Once more, measure your box spring – it may be slightly different. After your rectangles are cut, use your hot glue gun to create a seam on the ends of your rectangles so that  no raw edges are showing.

No-Sew Upholstered Box Spring via #boxspring #nosew #upholsteredStep Five:

Just like you did with the corner pieces, staple the bottom of the fabric to the bottom of the box spring and hot glue the top down. This is because there is no wood on the top of the box spring  to staple into – or at least mine didn’t have any.

No-Sew Upholstered Box Spring via #boxspring #nosew #upholstered

Repeat this with all your other sides and you are done.

No-Sew Upholstered Box Spring via #boxspring #nosew #upholstered

I did not do any upholstery on the back of my box spring that faces the wall – you can’t really see it in this room and I wanted to use that extra fabric for pretty things.

No-Sew Upholstered Box Spring via #boxspring #nosew #upholsteredI think my favorite part of this bed may just be those green spray painted rails against the coral and white fabric.

What do you think?

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  1. says

    Love this idea, especially the no-sew part. My daughter’s box spring is bare and the height of the bed is a little off from a normal bed. I may do this in her room.

  2. Ann C says

    I found a sheet set that I really liked and put the fitted sheet over the box springs and use a solid colored sheet on the mattress (it’s fitted too) along with the top sheet and pillow cases. That way I can change my room decor as I like. It’s simple and a lot less work, unless you can’t find sheets you like.

  3. Carrie says

    I have done the same thing by just using a fitted sheet on the box spring. In fact, you can bring the elasticized edge down OVER the metal edge and cover it up. The first time I did this was on a twin I set up as a day bed with a cover that came to the floor. It didn’t seem like a dust ruffle would look right with that. The fitted sheet worked beautifully on the box springs. I also just did the same think on two guest twin bed. PS. The twin beds are covered to the floor with quilts designed for full/ queen beds. Therefore, the quilts come to the floor like bedspreads.

    • says

      Yep, Carrie, a fitted sheet will work as well! I actually looked for one that I liked, but couldn’t find the right color / pattern that I wasted for the bed. That’s a great idea with the bedspreads too!

  4. Lee says

    I use a fitted sheet on box spring mattress. Mine matches my bed sheets, but you could use any color that coordinates with your bedroom.
    Not as many options as using fabric, but is an easy quick fix.
    I enjoy your posts.

  5. Tami Farr says

    i did the same as a comment mentioned above…used a second fitted sheet over the box spring…worked well – but why i might try your idea for my guest bedroom is because i like being about to pick out fabric with more pizazz. I have been looking for fitted sheets to use in guest bedroom and non have super fun fabric. So you have inspired me! also love the idea of spray painting the frame. Duh. lol

  6. Nancy says

    I use quilts and comforters on my beds and have never liked the look of the box springs showing. Like a couple of other posters I discovered using fitted sheets to cover them up. I just redid my Granddaughters room in bright coordinating colors and patterns. Her bed is high so I put the bed skirt(solid raspberry) under the box spring. It covers the rails and extends to the floor, hanging the “junk” under there. I then used a fitted sheet on the box spring(raspberry polka dots) and azure blue sheets on the bed. Her comforter is white with all different colors of designs and black script. She loves it! I’m still workings on the room so haven’t taken any pictures yet. Great info here!

    • says

      I would have never thought to use quilts or comforters, Nancy! And I love how you put the bed skirt under the box spring. We have a really high bed and a bedskirt would never cover that space normally, but that idea might just work! Thanks!


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