Red Buffet Makeover

Let’s be honest.

The blue-lilac color on the buffet in my living room…..

it wasn’t working.

It went with nothing in my living room. When we first moved in the beloved foreclosure a few years ago, I loved that color. And it is still a really pretty color. But it does not work well with navy blue or gray or kelly green.

So it got booted.

And now I’m seeing red.Country Chic Paint Buffet Makeover via #buffet #makeover #red #countrychicpaintRemember the before?

Country Chic Paint Buffet Makeover via #buffet #makeover #red #countrychicpaintIt wasn’t bad. It just didn’t work in the space as well as red does.

You see, I have always had a love affair with red. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not cheating on kelly green or navy, but red and I have a long history. I’ve always considered it my favorite color. Its what my prom dress just had to be. What color I wanted my first car to be. I loved it. And still do.

Country Chic Paint Buffet Makeover via #buffet #makeover #red #countrychicpaintAnd really, my living room couldn’t handle anymore navy or kelly green on a big piece of furniture. And what is the perfect complimentary color to those two?


This will probably be the first of many red projects around here, so brace yourselves.

About the Country Chic paint I used on this piece:  I had never used a real deal chalk paint before until this makeover. I had mixed my own version, but never had the real stuff. It says you don’t have to sand or prime, so I didn’t. I just painted it on – it did take about six coats to get the red color even.

UPDATE: I’m a little unhappy with how well this paint has held up. About six months after I painted it, I taped a banner on it (for a party) and when I removed the scotch tape, some of the paint on the buffet peeled off with it. This is the first time I’ve ever had this happen with a piece of furniture. It seems the paint didn’t adhere as well as it was supposed to.

After it dried, I waxed it. And that was the first time I had successfully waxed a piece of furniture the first time around. And it was so easy – go here to find out about the easiest way to wax furniture. Seriously – Easiest. Thing. Ever.

I’m pretty happy with this little buffet makeover that was ridiculously easy.

Country Chic Paint Buffet Makeover via #buffet #makeover #red #countrychicpaint

You know you don’t wanna miss any of this crazy.

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Disclosure: Country Chic did provide me with some of their paint to review. However, you know how I roll. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. says

    I L-O-V-E this makeover!! And I really want to win the giveaway! I have never used chalk paint before (even though I have several small containers of it, I guess I’m scared of it), and I love this color. I’d love to try it for the chest of drawers in our guest bedroom. I want to bring some bold color in there. Great job!

  2. Linda Boyte says

    I too adore red. It is my favorite color along with yellow and black/white. The buffet looks stunning in the red. I cannot wait for detailed instructions and your other red projects. Red Rocks!!!!!

  3. says

    Hey Jenna

    Love the red dresser – it totally makes your floors standout. How was it working with this type of chalk paint, I have been working with Annie Sloane and sometimes the darker colors are harder to work with. Looks awesome.


    • says

      Thanks, Chernee! This was my first project with real chalk paint – I’ve only used my own DIY version before. This kind was much easier to use than the DIY version. It did take a few coats to get the red evened out, but I’ve found that anytime I paint something red, it takes a few coats. In my old house, it took seven coats of red to even it out on the walls of my kitchen!!

  4. says

    Great transformation! I love the new color on the hardware, too (it is the same hardware, right? painted gold?) I, too, have a longstanding love of red and have been itching to get more of it into my house. Just ordered a red rug for my master bath, in fact!

  5. says

    I love that you were brave enough to paint it red…it really paid off! I don’t think I would ever have picked that color but it totally transforms the space!

  6. Christy says

    Oh my!!! I LOVE THAT RED!! You see, red is my favorite color too, and I have been painting and repainting things around the house red. I dont know…it just makes a room feel warmer and more cozy. You did a great job!!

  7. says

    Amazeballs!?! I love it, haha. And love the code they gave you b/c you do ROCK! Country Chic Paints is in my neck of the woods. Can’t wait to get my hands on some 😉

  8. says

    Wow. I’m not a big red fan, but it absolutely works on this piece. And I adore the gray walls and black and white supporting roles of the other stuff. Gorge!! Can I just say I love the white caned chair??? Is that black velvet with it?? omg. Thats my next project. I’m sure my the fur of my white ragdoll will adhere to that velvet like no tomorrow, but I don’t care. I love how that looks. Really, really lovely space you have there.

  9. says

    Amazing transformation! Love love love the red! It’s normally a color I’m scared of, but I love the pop it adds to that wall! Great job! Stopping by from the SITS link-up. :)


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