An Eclectic Christmas Home Tour {Part 2}

Hi there. Are you hopping over from Desert Domicile?

I’m so happy you are here – wherever you came from.

I hope you are ready for the final installment of my Christmas tour.

And for a little story.

And I hope you like a random smattering of styles and items thrown together.

Because that is what this eclectic Christmas home tour is all about.

That and really special people.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

You see, once there was a little girl.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

Don’t worry, the little girl didn’t kill the buck.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

But the little girl had little blond ringlets, and was a little bit spoiled.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

And you see, that little girl was the first born grandchild.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

And just as much as her grandparents thought she hung the moon, she thought they did too.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

When it came Christmas time, her grandmother never fussed too much over decorations.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

There was a ceramic Christmas tree that was always set out….

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

And the big Christmas tree of course….Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

And not too much else.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

But that big tree, it always donned a few stuffed animals as ornaments.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

Because the little girl with blond ringlets loved stuffed animals.

And then when the little girl’s grandmother went away, her grandfather didn’t decorate as much, so as the granddaughter grew, she took it upon herself to put up a small tree and wrap the front porch in Christmas lights.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

Because obviously, she loved Christmas decorating.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

And he let her.

Because he knew there was no stopping her. She was just as hard headed as he was and maybe even more so.

After all, she had learned from the best – him.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

And when he died, the now older, no longer blond granddaughter wondered how the world could possibly go on without her grandfather in it.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

But the world did go on. And she realized that he really hadn’t died, and neither had her grandmother.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

The stuffed animals on the tree were the watchful eyes of her grandmother.

And the vintage Christmas lights bring back that little snicker and giggle of her grandfather giving in to her request every time she put them up.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

Grunt Labor doesn’t like the vintage Christmas lights too much. He thinks they are a little tacky.

Too bad this girl is pretty hard headed. The Christmas lights stay.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

My Christmas tree is not color coordinated.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

Its not designer-worthy.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

But every ornament, every stuffed animal on that tree has a story.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

And its my story.

Eclectic Christmas Home Tour via #christmas #hometour

And its my tree – so I’ll put stuffed animals on it if I want to.

The kid really likes them anyway.

Projects featured in this home tour:

DIY Silhouette Gift Tags

Paint Stick Evergreen Wreaths

Vintage Ornament Tree

Santa Tinsel Wreath

DIY Cloche

Oversized Buck Head Chess Piece

And don’t miss Part 1 of my Christmas home tour here. I promise, its not sappy like this one – its the complete opposite.

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  1. says

    Amen! I love that your tree isn’t super formal with only white lights and only gold ornaments. I mean, no offense to the formal trees but I feel like every year I see less and less trees with those colorful, random ornaments that tell a story. Or those trees get stuffed in the back room where no one can see them so the formal tree can shine for the neighbors to see. My parents’ tree growing up and my tree now have all sorts of funky (tacky) ornaments that we made as kids or we got from a favorite vacation spot or that remind us of a friend. I love it. Rock on, non-designer trees, rock on.

  2. says

    such a fun home! i love the gifts wrapped on the chair- that shot is a favorite! and love the antlers! i have some decorated antlers as well! love all the fun colors and vintage touches!

  3. says

    Oh Jenna…I absolutely LOVED your story and your decorations. I have a ton of items that I inherited from the most special people in my life and they are out…no matter what. There is nothing better than looking up…seeing those people and remembering little details of our life with them. Absolutely nothing better. I loved every little detail of your tour, too. Beautiful! ;) Jesse

  4. says

    beautiful story. you know, my mom’s tree is like yours. she has story items on it. our first shoes. report cards, ornaments we made as kids, ornaments SHE made as a kid. even my Sally Jesse Raphael style glasses i wore as a kid are on that darn tree. But its beautiful, and full of memories. That’s what Christmas is really about.

    and p.s. we have the same gold side table. I just got mine. and i love it. looks good in your place too!

  5. karen sunday says

    I thought your story was so beautiful I know how you feel when you miss the ones who have passed but it is our beautiful memories that keep them alive in spirit God Bless thanks for the lovely tour. Karen

  6. says

    Your home looks perfect! My tree isn’t designer worthy either! it’s full of sentimental ornaments given to us every year by our family and friends. My inlaws have the same ceramic tree and I think it’s just the cutest thing ever!

  7. says

    What a neat story! I’m all for decorating, not just with style but meaning. I never had any tradition growing up, so I’m doing everything I can now to set some fun Christmas traditions for the little one.
    And I happen to love your eclectic Christmas decor! Especially that awesome garland on the tree!

    Your grandparents sound wonderful!

    • says

      Oh, Selene, you are going to have so much fun making all those traditions with your family!! And that garland – easy peasy! Just book pages and glitter! I should probably write a post on it – there’s just so much going on!

  8. says

    Gorgeous! I love your tree and all your amazing little touches. Of course I love Mr. Buckhead {that’s what I call him} all spruced up for the season. Love the little radio flyer and did I spy some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Only you could pull that off and it still looks so damn good!
    Sharing on my FB page today ;)
    Jamie xo

  9. Kristin says

    This is the best holiday home tour that I’ve seen so far. It reminded me of my own house and the memories attached to my christmas decorations that never seem to match, but all have special memories of making them or getting them from a family member or friend. Loved it.

  10. JaneEllen says

    I absolutely love your home, you have a great many awesome pieces. I have to say I’m coveting your big round mirror in your entry.
    Don’t know how you do it keeping your home so nice with a little one causing havoc but I’ll put it down to you being young and liking to have a great house. Love your style of decorating, you put things together in great way, it flows.
    When I was young I did alot to keep our house looking nice (with 4 kids running around in it). Now that I’m old person I want a nice clean house but I have other priorities, like crafting at this time of year. I’m usually in middle of two or three projects, vacuuming, doing laundry, bickering with hubs, (keeps things alive around here) making a decoration or two, putting things away, vacuuming/mopping bare floors due to a very hairy dog that sheds all the time and burlap fibers everywhere. Other than that I’m lazy. I keep house clean but it’s quite messy most of time at this time of year. Even hubs will help me right before the holiday to get things cleaned up (shoved in closets is more like it). Sure glad we have a small house. lol Hoping you are enjoying the holiday season.

    • says

      Oh, JaneEllen, don’t let me fool you for a minute! My house does not always look like this! In fact, all of these photos are usually taken while the kid is at preschool and all the nice expensive stuff gets put up as soon as she gets home! Thank you for such a sweet comment, as always! And that big round mirror – I just love that too. It came from my great aunt.

  11. says

    I love your tree and your lights and your sweet story! I think your tree is exactly as it should be… filled with your memories. We are putting up our family tree this week, and it too, will have a couple of stuffed animals :) Merry Christmas!

  12. says

    Love all the quirky,fun and easy-going pretty decorations you have all over!!!! You should be very proud Jenna! Linking back from Savvy Southern Style

  13. says

    I love it, Jenna. I love trees that have ornaments with a story. Growing up we had stuffed animals on our tree. Actually, my mother made them when she was in college and to this day they are always around the bottom of the tree. I think the grandkids will really like them this year. Stories are the best, my friend.

  14. says

    This is what Christmas is all about! Cherished memories and keeping our loved ones close. I love hearing special stories behind ornaments and traditions! I have one of those ceramic trees, too, which was my grandma’s. Love it :)

  15. says

    Gorgeous Jenna- your gallery wall looks amazing and I love your tree- that bunting is so fun. The little wagon is adorable too. I love all the pretty ornaments everywhere, I usually do that but didn’t really this year- now I want to go and drag mine out again to put everywhere:) Thanks for the inspiration!!

  16. Kelly says

    Jenna, I found your blog this morning and just love the home you’ve created for your little family. I’m on the other end of the story with one kid out the door, one leaving this summer, my baby starting high school, and I’ve gone back to school to begin a new career in nursing. Maybe I’m feeling a little sentimental after the holidays, but this post made me more than a little teary. I only have my dad and aunt now, of my older relatives, and this time of year makes me really miss the Christmases of my youth. I grew up in the mountains and we always had a beautiful fresh tree and had such fun decorating it. We would have big gatherings with family over for for dinner. Now my dad puts out a Christmas mug and calls it Christmas decorating. I try to make up for it by doing as you have, filling my tree with ornaments that have stories, highlighting pictures of the ones that I love that are no longer here and generally trying to make my home a happy place for my kids. One thing I have done is to get each of the kids their own ornament every year and written their name on it. The ornament usually relates to something they were into that year (ballet shoes or cupcakes for my chef-daughter, cowboy boots for little boy). They will get all their own ornies for their own tree once they are on their own with their own tree. I also buy the little ornament/frames every year that lets you insert a picture, and make one of each kid with a great pic from that year. Those I will keep. My grandmother always sent me ornies every year when I was growing up, and I’ll do the same for mine someday. Obviously, decorating the tree every year is a long process for me, filled with memories. Oh, we had the same ceramic tree as well. I’d give anything to have it! I look forward to following your blog!

    • says

      Kelly, I just love getting special comments like this! Thank you so much for making my day! Aren’t ornaments just the best thing ever? They can be fun, sentimental, and beautiful all at the same time! I so want to see your tree – I bet its gorgeous! And keep your eyes peeled for those ceramic trees – I once found one at Goodwill for $4. Obviously, it wouldn’t be your original one, but you could always look at it and have the memory!


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