Glittery Fall Garland

This post is a total fail on my part.

The project turned out fabulously.

But, I took no pictures of how it came together.

I thought I did.

But, there was also a 15 month old running around with a can of spray paint in one hand and trying to pry the cap off with the other.

She is most definitely my offspring.

Maybe you understand why I have no pictures now?

But, here it is anyway.

A glittery fall garland for your fall decor.

Fall Garland {} #fall #fallgarland #glitter

I promise though, it was so stinkin’ simple.

I mean, really, if I can do this project with a 15 month old running around with a can of spray paint, anyone can do it.

I may be finding glitter in every little nook and cranny, but it was worth it.

I bought the acorns and pumpkins at Hobby Lobby for $0.50 each, plus 40% off, so they were cheap. I’m not good at math, you’ll have to compute that one on your own. They were just wood shapes, no glitter.

The leaves came from Michael’s. I had them left over from last year, like the pumpkins on my DIY Fall Door Decor. They were already glittery.

I used plain white glue and glitter to snaz up the acorns and pumpkins. I had a genius idea for writing fall on the acorns and putting them in the middle (and if you are sitting there counting my acorns and realizing there are only three, so I wouldn’t have enough room for fall and you are thinking geez, she can’t do math or spell, you’re wrong. I had another acorn, but opted to leave it off in the end), but the glitter glue and my penmanship just didn’t go together like┬árama lama lama┬áke ding a de dinga a dong.

If you can name that tune, you rock.

After finally finding an arrangement I liked, I drilled really small holes on each side of the acorns, leaves, and pumpkins with a small drill bit.

And guess what?

There is a picture of that:

Fall Garland {} #fall #fallgarland #glitter

Then, I used the tip of a pencil to push the ribbon through the holes.

Fall Garland {} #fall #fallgarland #glitter

I put a touch of green glitter on the pumpkin stems.

Fall Garland {} #fall #fallgarland #glitter

For the acorns, I used orange on the top and gold on the bottom.

Fall Garland {} #fall #fallgarland #glitter

Fall Garland {} #fall #fallgarland #glitter

Fall Garland {} #fall #fallgarland #glitter

Fall Garland {} #fall #fallgarland #glitter


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  1. Cathy says

    Very cute, even *I* could do this one so it’d be a breeze for anyone else. Laughed about your toddler and the spray paint, I so admire you women who can do these things with little ones around. Oh yea, and the song is from Grease isn’t ? I’m thinking it’s what they sang at the end of it at the fair. Love your blog and look forward to seeing it in my mailbox each morning!

  2. says

    I love the garland! And we’ll forgive you for not taking pictures–assuming you rescued the can of spray paint before it ended up on your daughter and everything else in the house!!!
    I don’t know the name of the song you quoted, but it’s from Grease, right? Regardless, I sang that line of your post in my head!
    Thanks for sharing this! I’m pinning! :)

  3. says

    My three year old tries to ‘help’ with the spray painting all the time. One time I accidentally left the lid unsecured and he helped paint one of my chalkboards. With blue spraypaint. I can understand the no pictures. Adorable garland by the way!!

  4. JaneEllen says

    I absolutely love your fall banner, perfect, glitzy and cheery. I had to pin it, ran out of ink in cartridges (altho printer screen keeps telling me there’s ink in the blasted things). For what they charge for them you’d think they could give you all the ink. Sorry I have a bad attitude towards ink cartridges, no reconciliation possible.
    You reminded me of my youngest son talking about the little one with can of spray paint. My son was a terror before he could even walk. We called him the Tasmanian devil. He wasn’t bad but was he ever full of being a boy, he has a son just like him. Oh dear paybacks are the devil aren’t they? teehee. I can just see your little one running around with that can of paint, sorry, I can imagine it wasn’t funny when you were trying to make your banner. I had my first 11 days before I turned 20 and 3rd. 3 months before I turned 24. Yeah I was pretty busy. Aren’t they fun tho? I miss all of it still. Enjoy as before you know little ones are big ones. Happy weekend

  5. says

    Jenna, This is just a great post, I loved it and did a reblog on our blog ( Would be happy to you to some German Glitter samples if you were interested!

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