Screened-In Porch Makeover Source List

I always get a lot of questions about where items came from in my home.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love your questions.

I welcome your questions.

About anything.

From where my curtains came from to what my musical tastes are (you probably already know that) to my preference of cheap beer (you probably already know that too).

I thought it may be helpful to you though, to have all the sources for a space in one post with links to the items or similar items.

Not helpful? Let me know. I welcome all comments.

Here is the complete source list for my recent screened-in porch makeover.

Colorful Screened-In Porch Makeover Source List via #porch #sources #color #outdoors #decorating

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How I Buy Fabric Online (Without Seeing It In Person First)

It may be 2014, but I am still so skeptical about purchasing items online.

I’m always worried whatever I order isn’t going to look like what it looks like online or it will be different than I pictured it.

This is especially true when its a larger scale item or something that costs a good bit of money.

I absolutely despise paying return shipping fees if its not what I expected.

A lot of times though, prices are just so much better online than in store.

For example, fabric.

Oh my goodness, I could stay in a fabric store FOR-EV-ER.

(Please picture me saying FOR-EV-ER just like the kid with the glasses said it in The Sandlot.

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, run and find a copy of The Sandlot and watch it.

Even though my brother subjected me to watching it over and over and over again one summer until the VHS finally gave out (thank you, lord), it really is a great movie.

Ok, back to fabric. I love fabric. I buy fabric and have no clue what I’m going to do with it all the time – I just think its pretty.

However, fabric can be so ridiculously expensive – except in this great realm of possibilities that we call the internet.

Seriously y’all, when I was using dial-up internet 15 years ago to download music illegally from Napster (we had no clue it was illegal then), I never dreamed I would one day be able to purchase just about anything I wanted with the click of a button.

Toilet paper. Click.

10 swimsuits from Victoria’s Secret (so you can try them on in the privacy of your home, only to return all 10 of them). Click.

Fabric. Click.

Now that I’ve rambled on and on about The Sandlot, the amazingness of the internet, and other things that the cheap beer I am drinking has led me to type, let’s talk about the real question here:

How I Buy Fabric Online Without Seeing It In Person

How I Buy Fabric Online (Without Seeing It In Person First) via #fabric #DIY #shoppingonline

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Fly Your Own Freak Flag

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been blowing up your feed over the past week and a half with photos from the Haven Conference, a friend’s wedding, and other random photos documenting my ridiculously crazy life.

That I love.

Over these past couple of weeks, I’ve done a little evaluating of myself.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly via

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

I cuss too much.

I kind of suck at fashion. I have to send photos of my clothes to the man of questionable honor to get his advice on what to wear.

I suck at makeup as well. I’m totally the girl buying the prepackaged eyeshadow colors that work with your eye color and tell you exactly where to place each color. Lipstick purchases are traumatizing. Brittany has gotten multiple texts asking “Can I pull off this shade of pink?”

Most would consider my parenting skills lacking – I’m most definitely not a granola mom.

If there is music, I will most likely make a fool of myself on the dance floor by breaking out a move from my middle school days or some Footloose-esque dance move.

Many would classify me as a redneck country girl.

I suck at loading the dishwasher and washing clothes – Grunt Labor has to pick up all the slack there.

Refined is the exact opposite of anything that would describe me.

I’d rather have a cheap beer than a glass of wine.

And if I do decide I want a glass of wine, I will buy whatever is cheapest.

I suck at emotional stuff – I don’t do tears in public if I can help it.

Even during July, I’m pale as a ghost. I slather on that sunscreen like nobody’s business.

At 23, I was already divorced.

My body will never again be what they were pre-circus.

I’m snarky sometimes. Ok, a lot.

I say what I think and if it doesn’t suit you, oh well.

Wow, I’m a real winner. 

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DIY Floating Curtain Panels…Grunt Labor’s One Request

As you guys well know, I will stretch a dollar as far as I possibly can.

And then some.

The same is true with fabric.

When I started the colorful porch makeover, Grunt Labor had one request:


Well he had other requests too, like a fireplace and a television, but at the current moment, those aren’t attainable.

He was adamant on the curtains though. He thought it would make the space feel more homey.

Yes, that coming from a male who even refers to himself as Grunt Labor is a little odd, but he was right. And really, the man rarely asks for anything around here – there was no way I could say no.

My problem was that I only had three yards of fabric for the curtains. Typically, I would be lucky to get two curtain panels out of three yards – and they would be skinnier panels at that.

My other problem here was that even though the porch is screened-in, the curtains were still going to get dirty at the bottom pretty quickly.

Luckily at Home Depot one day, the lightbulb went off.

Does anyone else have moments of genius at Home Depot? I swear sometimes that’s the only place I get them. I will have ran in for one can of spray paint and by the time I get to the checkout line, I’m struggling to hold onto everything that I’ve picked up and apologizing for knocking over a display with the 10 foot piece of pipe I’m barely holding under my arm.

Yep, I’m that girl.

But it was that stroke of genius that solved both problems – I would make Floating Curtain Panels.

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Sapphire Printable Art {Princess Diana Inspired}

Confession time y’all.

I simply have not had time to really do a Princess Diana inspired project for the Summer Style Soiree like I wanted to.

I had all these great ideas for incorporating some serious sapphire color into my home, but it just didn’t happen.

You see I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, sweating like a sinner in church going to the Haven Conference in Atlanta and Nashville today, and making projects for an upcoming wedding this weekend and much more.

And in the middle of all of it, there have been times that I threw my arms in the air, said screw it, and went with Grunt Labor and the circus to the park.

Because that’s what is really important.

Needless to say, I don’t have a project to share with you, but I do have a snazzy, stylish sapphire printable that I whipped up. I think it would make some spectacular framed art.

And as soon as I actually have time to print it out and buy a frame, that is exactly what it will be in my home.

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