How to Make Ornament Clusters

Oh my goodness - I had NO idea it was so easy! How to Make Ornament Clusters / Easy Holiday Decorating / Christmas Decorating Ideas

I am a Christmas ornament whore. Not all ornaments though - only vintage ball ornaments. And they never go on my tree - the tree is reserved for really meaningful ornaments - instead, these ornaments get scattered throughout the house and in clusters. My favorite is the clusters though. Now, these clusters could be nothing new to you. It may just be that I was living under a rock for a very long time and when this idea dawned on me awhile back, it just seemed like the best thing ever. So, if you already knew how to do this...then why the … [Read more...]

How to Survive Your Holiday Full House

How to Survive The Holiday Full House

You know what show was full of deception? Full House.  No way can one extended family that big - plus Joey -  actually live happily ever after in one house. Unless they lived on Southfork. Anyone who lived on Southfork could live happily ever after. Well, that's not entirely true. I mean J.R. and Sue Ellen weren't exactly happily married. But it's Southfork, they should have been. It was their own fault. By the way, have I mentioned I'm a huge Dallas fan? I digress.  While we all love our family members dearly, I think most of us have a … [Read more...]

My Favorite Things Gift Guide + The ULTIMATE GIVEAWAY

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide / Gift Ideas for Her / Gift Ideas for Him / Gift Ideas for Couples / Gift Ideas for DIYErs / Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything / Gift Ideas for the Sarcastic Person

**Don't miss the HUGE giveaway at the end and links to TWELVE more bloggers with giveaways going on!** This post is one of my most favorite ones to do all year long. It's my favorite things gift guide post, plus a huge giveaway. I just wish I was rich like Oprah and could give each and every one of you one of my favorite things, instead of only showing you my favorite things and being able to give some away. But ya know, I do kinda need to send my kids to college, rather than give each and every one of you a sarcastic coffee mug. But it is … [Read more...]

The 70’s Landing Pad: Kitchen Progress & Plans

The 70's Landing Pad: Kitchen Progress and Plans

Tomorrow, we will have been in possession of the 70's Landing Pad for two weeks. While I don't feel like a whole lot has been accomplished visually, a lot of plans have been made and contractors called and bids received for the parts of the reno we won't be tackling ourselves. And I'm really tired, y'all.  Grunt Labor is full swing in basketball season with little free time, so I've been trying to get my work done, take care of the Circus and work on the house as much as I can while said Circus is at school. I don't think there's been more … [Read more...]

The Circus’ Christmas Tree

The Circus' Blue Christmas Tree

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of At Home for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. The day after Halloween, the Circus announced to her baby dolls as she was strolling them down the hallway that "It's not Halloween anymore; it's Christmas." She seemed rather excited to jump from one holiday to the other so quickly. This may or may not have been due in part to me taking down all the Halloween decor and bringing out all the Christmas decor on November 1st. #sorrynotsorry We pulled out our Christmas tree and decorated it. When … [Read more...]

How to Make Wagons Out of Crates

How to Make Wagons Out of Crates - Easy DIY project that kids will love to play with! Also works great to hold gifts during the holidays - doubles as holiday decor!

The Circus loves to carry things on herself. Have you ever seen a kid with a pink turtle zipped up in her jacket with its head popping out like it was a baby in one of those wrap things? Well, you could have all day yesterday. She also likes to load up a doll, perhaps a stuffed animal or two, her juice cup, probably a cash register as well and a few other random items in boxes, clothes baskets and other "carrying" devices and drag them across the house. So if I told you that these wagons were still on the front porch and decorated just like … [Read more...]

How to Add Feet to a Box Spring and Get Rid of the Footboard

How to Add Feet to a Box Spring and Get Rid of the Footboard - great and easy idea for small bedrooms. You could also remove the headboard with this idea if you wanted to. / Bedroom Ideas / DIY Bed Ideas / DIY Bed Frame

When we set out to makeover Bill's Room / The Guest Room / My Office, we really needed to relocate my desk so it wasn't a focus in the room. Our best option was to move the desk to the small wall opposite the bed. However, it was relatively tight there. We needed to get that footboard out of the way to open up the space. In order to do that, we needed to figure out how to add feet to the box spring so we could eliminate the bed rails, and thus the footboard. We figured out how to do it - and y'all I'm so mad I didn't do it sooner because it … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday: Random Thoughts During a Massage


Every once in a while, and by every once in a while, I mean like once a year, I get a massage and facial as a treat to myself. I always love the facial and I always think I will love the massage. I don't dislike it, but I never really relax like I would like to during it. It's like my mind won't let me just lay there for an hour and think about nothing. Also, it turns out that my muscles are so knotted and twisted that the massage becomes slightly painful rather than relaxing. Just my luck. My latest massage was while we had our staycation in … [Read more...]

Dear Lord, Please Don’t Let Us Freeze to Death.

Dear Lord. Please Don't Let Us Freeze To Death. Finding a Central Heat and Air Repairman with HomeAdvisor.

After we had the Circus, Grunt Labor started worrying. Now, most new parents do start worrying more after they have a kid. There was one day not long after she was born and Mama left us with her for the first time and both of us had a complete breakdown - but that's another story. Grunt Labor was worried we might all freeze to death. I'm not kidding.  He was terrified a big snow storm would come through, cut off our power and the three of us would die from lack of heat. I, however, did not worry so much about this. First off, we live in … [Read more...]

DIY Modern Rustic Bookshelf

DIY Modern Rustic Bookshelf - simple build and costs about $40 in materials. Could do any color you wanted to!

I am not a builder, y'all. I usually come up with amazing build projects and think they are going to be really easy and I can totally do it - then I have to call in Grunt Labor at some point for help. But this modern rustic bookshelf is so easy to build, Bill and I did it all by ourselves. Well, we did have Grunt Labor on standby.  After Bill had decided what he wanted in his room makeover, I found this bookshelf over at Waiting on Martha. via I thought it would work perfect for his room, so I tracked down where it was … [Read more...]

In an unexpected twist…we bought a house. Meet the 70’s Landing Pad.

The 70's Landing Pad: Before

You read that right. And no, its not April Fools Day or anywhere close to it. We bought a house. And it was completely unexpected.  If you've been around here for more than a minute, you know our love for our current home, The Beloved Foreclosure runs deep. We never really expected to leave it. We even put in a pool and new patio this summer, had plans to completely re-do the Circus' room and were even considering adding on an addition - we love our house. Now, let's switch gears for a minute. We've known for the past couple of years that … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday: Things You Should Buy Yourself, but Should Probably Buy for People on Your Gift List

Merican Dream Door Mat - Great Gift Idea!

Last night, I fell down a rabbit hole. I was working on Christmas shopping and the next thing ya know, I'm adding all these awesome items I found to my own wish list. #SMH In the end, I decided that these items would work for some of my gift recipients as well. Also, they were just too awesome to not share with you. Shall we start? *Affiliate links may be contained in this post. That just means that if you click on one of those links and buy something, I may receive a small commission, but you won’t pay a dime more. Thanks for supporting my … [Read more...]

Masculine Bedroom and Office Makeover

Masculine Bedroom Makeover - This room functions as a Guest Room, Teenage Boy's Room, and an Office. Lots of great ideas for making a room function for multiple uses. Black Walls (Behr's Limousine Leather), Faux Fur Throw / Green Accents

How many uses can you find for one average sized bedroom? Well around here, we can find three. Apparently, we like a challenge. I thought that as kids got older, they liked to spend more time with their friends - away from the adults in their lives. Apparently, I was wrong. Or either Bill is the exception. It seems the older he gets, the more he's here. I'm not complaining - I'll take all the quality time I can get; he's off to college next year. In the meantime though, the room he was inhabiting was not very "Bill." While Elvis … [Read more...]

Modern Day Minnie Pearl

Fall Home Tour / The Entryway / Kelly Green, Black and White accents / Cowboy Accents

The gals of Little Yellow Couch asked me to do a podcast with them about why style matters. We chatted about the really important things in life... like Elvis paired with pumpkins... and random family artifacts that shouldn't be put in front of a gold confetti wall, but shockingly, work perfect together... And among other things, we also chatted about turning great grandmother's china cabinets into liquor cabinets. Basically, we solved all the world's design problems in just twenty minutes.  And also, after listening to the podcast … [Read more...]

Semi-Winning The Tablescape Game: DIY Stone Embellished Napkin Rings

Beautiful, easy and done in less than 10 minutes! You could use any kind of stone! DIY Stone Embellished Napkin Rings

I am not a tablescape person. To be blunt, I suck at them. It's just too much thinking - there are too many things that have to be on a set table for me to also figure out what to use as a centerpiece, place cards, etc. Now, doing one of those things solo without having to think of all the other jazz - I'm good. Like last year - I had really cute, or really cute in my opinion anyway, also cheap, little painted pumpkins that doubled as place card holders. And this year, I'm rocking one single element of the tablescape - the napkin and … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday: Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Growing up in a small town, I had no idea that people dressed up for Halloween past high school. And really, the only time I or my friends dressed up for Halloween in high school was for spirit week or when the Beta Club hosted a Halloween party to take our happy asses to NYC once. Other than that, Halloween costumes were mainly for kiddos. And then seven Octobers ago happened.  When Grunt Labor and I got together, it was right before Halloween and he was insistent on us getting Halloween costumes. This little country bumpkin had no clue why … [Read more...]

Start-to-Finish North Shore Living Great Room Makeover

Final North Shore Design

Don't let the title fool you - I didn't buy waterfront property. Grunt Labor wishes. I do have some oceanfront property in Arizona though. Sorry, I couldn't resist a George Strait reference.  Last month, I introduced you to Dezignable, the Modern Day Designing Women as I like to call them. Dezignable is a way to get a full interior design for a space in your home at a fraction of the cost of a real interior designer. You upload images of your space and measurements, share what you want and some inspiration photos and then three designers … [Read more...]

Here’s to Octobers…And Young Divorcees…

Here's to Octobers, Young Divorcees, New Beginnings, and Being Stronger Than You Ever Knew Possible.

October came late this year. Not October actually, but the leaves and the cool weather, and the feeling of freedom and new beginnings that accompany October. Those came late...And I almost forgot. But then I was driving down the road yesterday, looking at the leaves, shivering a bit even though the heat was on...and I remembered. Seven Octobers Ago. When the shit hit the fan. And the bottom fell out. And I was at a crossroads. via And I survived. Because you're stronger than shit and fans put together. Even if you didn't know you … [Read more...]

Dear Grunt Labor. Please Get On Your Side of the Bed.

King Size Headboards for $300 or Less + Awesome Sources for all Sizes of Headboards - gorgeous selections and affordable!

I am not a snuggler. I can be a snuggler for about five minutes and then you need to get off of me. Grunt Labor isn't a snuggler either. This is good. However, he does roll over in his sleep quite a bit and while doing so, his face sometimes becomes thisclose to mine and he breathes right on me. And I hate that. I do love him though, don't get me wrong. He knows I can't stand him breathing on me. Some nights I give him an elbow or kick to get him to roll back over. If I'm feeling nice and don't, then I usually don't sleep great or it takes … [Read more...]

On Top of the Gift-Giving Game: Unique Gift Ideas for Everyone

These are FANTASTIC! Funny, Quirky, Practical - there is something here for so many people on your list. Great holiday gift ideas!

*If you're interested in finding more unique, and sometimes quirky, gift ideas at great prices, sign up for my Holiday Gift Guide emails! I'll be sending out emails (no more than two or so a week) with items I'm buying for gifts as well as awesome finds that might work perfectly for someone on your list. The email subscription is totally free! Sign up here! I won't say the "C" word yet, because I don't want to get tomatoes thrown at me. However, I will say I am totally on top of my gift-giving game for that one know what I'm … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday: Cheers. To None of Us Getting Knocked Up Again.

Freak Show Friday: Cheers to None of Us Getting Pregnant Again.

There are quite a few things they don't tell you when you grow up. One of those is that if you're a female, chances are you are going to end up hosting at least one or two baby showers at some point. Most likely more. Before I continue, let me say that I don't dislike hosting baby showers. I'm very happy for my friends and their soon-to-arrive holy terror bundle of joy. But baby showers are somewhat stressful. Since Pinterest took over it's like every baby shower has to be hopped up on drugs or it's considered a failure. You have to have … [Read more...]

Step-by-Step DIY Abstract Table for the Un-Artistic

Step-by-Step DIY Abstract Table Instructions - She shows you exactly how she made this abstract table, color by color! You could easily switch out different colors if you wanted to! • Furniture Makeover • Furniture Painting • Painted Furniture • Abstract

I thought I had some serious artistic potential in high school. Mrs. Anchors, my art teacher, taught me how to draw and shade. Sans the dog I attempted once, I hasn't half bad. Some family members even got my own custom pencil drawings for Christmas gifts that year. They are probably in their closets now. However, it turns out painting artistically, such as abstract pieces, is not my forte. And that really sucks because I really like abstract art. Well, some of it anyway. Some of it's just weird. When I created my black and white gallery … [Read more...]

How to Remove Paint Overspray from Floors

How to Remove Paint Overspray - great tip for vinyl, plastic and rubber flooring!

I can't tell you how many times I've sat at the kitchen table or been driving the car having a conversation with one of the part-time children about their day and all of a sudden they say, "So I told him you would do it." Stop. Hold the phone. Shut the front door. You did what? What did you just volunteer me for child? To buy ad space on a t-shirt. To help sell peaches. To makeover the locker room. While there are countless more events to note in this department, today I would like to talk about the time I was volunteered to makeover a … [Read more...]

DIY Selenite Knobs: Super Easy, Super Cheap, Super Pretty

DIY Selenite Knobs - These are GORGEOUS! Plus, they cost LESS than $1 per knob to make! / DIY Hardware / Gem Knobs / Gem Hardware / Stone Knobs / Stone Hardware

During our staycation two weeks ago due to the hurricane, we visited the Land of the Gnomes. Its not really the land of the gnomes, but that's what I like to call it. I'll tell you all about it in another post... At every staycation stop, we let the circus get something from the gift shop to attempt and make up for not going to the beach. Ok, I wanted something from just about every gift shop too. In the Land of the Gnomes gift shop, I found a display of stones and gems. They were pretty. And shiny. Therefore, I was immediately sucked … [Read more...]