How to Build a Picnic Table out of a Barn Door + Giveaway

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Thompson’s WaterSeal. However, all opinions and accumulation of junk is 100% mine.

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Grunt Labor has lots of great project ideas.

Some of those ideas are born out of sheer creativity and genius.

Some of those ideas are born out of being annoyed by his wife’s ongoing accumulation of junk prized possessions.

This DIY picnic table made out of an old barn door was a combination of both Grunt Labor’s genius and annoyance.

This is so cool - just add legs to an old barn door and you have an instant picnic table! How to Build a Picnic Table out of a Barn Door via [Read more...]

Light Bulb Confessions

Disclosure: This post was done in collaboration with Del Mar Fans, however all opinions and lack of energy efficient-ness confessions are 100% mine. 

I have to admit – I used to make fun of Grunt Labor.

Because of his light bulb purchases.

Well, I also made fun of him (and still do on occasion) because of his only chid syndrome, but that’s another blog post.

I have never really considered myself the “energy-efficient” type, so when Grunt Labor and I got together and he was spending more than $1 on light bulbs, I laughed a little.

I used to be the person who left the water running while brushing my teeth.

Who left the door open when I ran back out to the car to get something.

Who bought the $1 four pack of light bulbs.

Energy efficient, I was not. 

I still don’t consider myself a super duper energy efficient person, but I have become a believer in LED light bulbs. Incandescent vs LED Light Bulbs [Read more...]

Power Tools 101: How to Use a Drill

About a month and a half back, I was chatting with Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage and attempting to bribe my child to be quiet with a popsicle so I could actually hear what Gina was telling me. I finally figured out we were troubleshooting what she should hang on a blank wall in her living room.

One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were planning a Power Tools 101 series.


Because we’re bad asses like that.

And we are ADHD.

Ok, that’s not really the reason.

The real reason is because we think that every woman (and all 3 men who read my blog, but don’t need this post – Hi Dad, Dad, and Grunt Labor) should know the basics of power tools.

Why should you know the basics?

Because you are a bad ass.

And every bad ass knows their way around power tools.

Great guide for the basics of using a drill and seeing what all it can do! Power Tools 101: How to Use a Drill via

Once a month, Gina and I are each going to cover a different power tool. We are going to show you the basics of how the tool works and what it can do.

This month, I am giving you the basics on how to use a drill and Gina is sharing the how-to of a jigsaw.

Great guide for the basics of using a drill and seeing what all it can do! Power Tools 101: How to Use a Drill via [Read more...]

How to Make a Lampshade & Finial (Giddy up, Cowgirl) + Giveaway

I’m usually really good at saying no to impulse buys.

Well, except for when something is on clearance. If its on clearance and I love it, but have absolutely no need for it, its definitely coming home with me.

I have a fabric hoarding problem as well.

Its all just so pretty and colorful and pattern-ful. (That’s totally a word.)

And so when I saw this cowgirl fabric this past spring, I had to have it.

I also had no use for it whatsoever.

Until I found this gold lamp on clearance at Target.

And I didn’t have a use for it either.

But I bought it anyway.

And then I needed a shade.

And then Kiri from i like that lamp* sent me a lampshade kit.

And then I thought of the cowgirl fabric.

And then a cowgirl lampshade was born.

And then all was right in the world.

You can literally turn ANY fabric into a lampshade! Think of all the possibilities! How to Make a Lampshade & Finial via [Read more...]

The No Priming, No Topcoat, Way to Paint (Seriously, I’m not even kidding.)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Velvet Finishes. However, all opinions and hatred of priming are 100% mine.

Let’s be honest about a couple things:

1. I’m lazy on occasion.

2. I’m impatient.

How does this effect my furniture makeovers?

I hate having to prime a piece before I can put some glorious color on it.

Hate it. 

I need instant gratification.

Anyone else?

And when the color is finally on, I can barely wait to get the piece back in its place.

Oh, but wait….it needs a topcoat.

That means I have to wait more.

Did I mention I was impatient?

Did I also mention I found a solution for this problem?

Well, not a solution for being lazy and impatient, but a solution for the priming and top coating.

There is a way to paint that requires no priming and no top coating.


World altered. 

Gotta try this - would save so much time! The No Priming, No Topcoat, Way to Paint (Seriously, I'm not even kidding.) via
[Read more...]