Freak Show Friday: You look so pretty today.

I may look pretty now...but don't think for a second I won't be in sweats when the workday is over.

The Circus attends preschool every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for 4.5 hours a day. I've really been pushing for five days a week and possibly even a full five hours per day, but then that would probably negate all the reasons I used to convince my husband why I should stay home with the kid in the first place. The teachers and aides at the preschool have become very accustomed to me wearing one of two outfits when I take the Circus to school: Outfit #1: Sweatpants which sport a Red Bank Middle School Lions logo paired with a … [Read more...]

How to Coordinate Paint Colors Throughout Your House

How to Coordinate Paint Colors Throughout Your House - oh my goodness, I SO wish I would have known about this trick sooner!! It would have saved me so much time and paint samples!

I can't begin to tell you how many times I've attempted to select a paint color and it has ended in either tears, drinking or both. Usually both. Throwing of hands in the air, slamming of fists on tables and/or walls is typical as well. Obviously, buying sample pots of paint and testing those out on your walls is the way to go, but if I bought a sample pot of paint for every color I thought may work, I would have a closet full of sample paint pots. One of my biggest challenges is often coordinating paint colors throughout my house - … [Read more...]

Y’all are nosy…and I like it. A lot.

Y'all are nosy.

As I sat down to go through all the survey responses, one thing was clear. Y'all are nosy. And I like it. A lot. All us southern girls are nosy too and don't let a one of 'em tell you otherwise. If they try to, they are lyin' like a rug. Being nosy keeps us fully informed and I'm sure obnoxious as well. I'm perfectly fine with that. Before I answer all y'all's nosy questions though, I want to touch on a few things you guys mentioned that concerned me or that you have had issues with lately: • Site Speed Some of you mentioned that my … [Read more...]

Bill’s Vintage Laundry Hamper Makeover

Vintage Laundry Hamper Makeover - plus see how easy it is to make triangles when painting!

Last summer, we had a smelly clothes situation. Having a teenage boy in the house most days who had been in the midst of football practice, this would not normally cause alarm. However, when my clothes came up smelling not-so-much like roses, but more like I'd just played every down during a championship football game, we had a problem. Turns out dear Bill was tossing his football clothes into the laundry hamper in mine and Grunt Labor's room. And our clothes didn't stand a chance against even one of his sweat soaked football practice … [Read more...]

When in doubt…go polka dots.

Simple Polka Dot Chair Makeover - She used Velvet Finishes to paint the chair and upholstery! So adorable and very Kate Spade inspired!

I'm ashamed to tell you how long I've had this chair sitting in the garage ready to be made over. I'll say it's been the better part of a year at the least. It was one of those purchases that went like this:  It's $10! I can't pass it up for $10! But you don't need it Jenna. I know that. But it's $10!!! You don't need it. $10. Make a smart decision, Jenna.  Ok. I'm buying it.  Said conversation was between myself and myself of course. So since I really had no clue what to do with it or where I would put it, it just … [Read more...]

The 70’s Landing Pad: Kitchen, Living and Dining Room Flooring

How to install NuCore Flooring - no nails or glue required, installs over most existing floors and it's completely waterproof.

YOU GUYS. The 70's Landing Pad is actually starting to not look like a construction zone. Well, it's starting to not look like a construction zone in the living room, dining room and hallway anyway. After getting paint on the walls week before last, we've been putting down the new flooring in the  hallway, living and dining rooms. This flooring will also go in the kitchen, stair landing and in the downstairs foyer as well, we just haven't gotten that far yet. I'm finally moving past the point of "Oh my word, what have we gotten ourselves … [Read more...]

You have great cheekbones.

My favorite thing about the south is the way we treat our dead. - Rick Bragg

I've never been one that wanted to meet movie stars all that much. While I believe that many have great talent, I can't say they have ever had a lasting impression on me. Instead, I would rather be able to sit down with the people that can transport me back 15 years with one single sentence or verse - people like Dolly Parton or Reba or George Strait or Rick Bragg. The only thing that rivals my love for country music is my love for Rick Bragg and the way he can string together words about the south and our people. And last Thursday night, … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday: Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest

This week was a true test of my ability to not lose my sh*t. We started off good - Monday was a holiday so Grunt Labor was off, my father-in-law came and stayed with us and we had a good time. Then Tuesday happened. And our school system called a two hour delay. Well, one would think that wouldn't be a big deal but you see when the school system around here is on a two hour delay then the Circus' preschool closes. And I was already behind with work.  During this whole debacle, you may have noticed that my site was either  Not … [Read more...]

The 70’s Landing Pad: Paint Colors

The 70's Landing Pad: Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors is usually the last thing I do when deciding how to decorate a room. However, when you are about to install new flooring everywhere, painting the walls prior to installation is a good idea. So while I really have no idea whether or not some of these rooms will end up with the colors I picked out for them, here's what I've got so far... Also, would anyone like to come help me paint? Pretty please? I'll pay in cheap beer and pizza.  If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that the living and dining room … [Read more...]

The 70’s Landing Pad: Tackling the Miles of Baseboards

Tips for Painting Baseboards - great ideas for saving time and getting a flawless finish while painting baseboards.

When you decide to renovate a house, you pretty much know that the renovation will include painting just about every single room. But when you see that house the first couple of times, you are too caught up in the potential to realize just how much painting there is to do - and not just painting of walls, but also of ceilings. And baseboards. And basically all trim. And all doors. Oh and then all cabinets. And that's when you want to go in a corner and cry and hide and ask yourself why, why, why did we do this to ourselves???  Oh ok, … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday: Where do kids eat free tonight?

What's for dinner? Wherever kids eat free tonight.

For the last two weeks, our household has been in survival of the fittest mode. Well ok, let's be real, we've been in survival of the fittest mode for the better part of almost four years since the Circus' arrival. But these last couple of weeks have been rough. As if normal everyday life wasn't enough, we have the reno going on at the 70's Landing Pad, are in the midst of Bill's basketball season and trying to get the Circus fully potty trained among other things. A trip to the grocery store, much less actually making dinner, requires … [Read more...]

How to Clean Copper

How to Clean Copper and Restore It using water, one product, and a little elbow grease will make your copper look new in no time. A MUST TRY! Great cleaning tip!

I'm not even gonna lie - I had to google what copper was supposed to look like to make sure I was just cleaning it and not stripping it off this cookie jar. That's how bad it was. Or how pathetic I am. I picked up this sweet little cookie jar (that has never once housed cookies, only applesauce pouches and fruit snacks) on a Goodwill excursion a few years back. It was actually a half-off Goodwill day and I found it at the end of the day for a whopping $3 so not only was I shocked it was still there, but it was a great deal. I had originally … [Read more...]

More Favorite Southern Books

Favorite Southern Books: List of amazing books based in the south with unforgettable characters and plots!

As I've told you before, there are fewer things in life better than a good southern book. Losing myself in a good book is by far, for me, the best way to relax. I am a go-go-go person. Being idle is not in my blood. Being wrapped up in a good book though - well that's one of the few things that can make me actually sit down for a while. Towards the end of the summer last year, I wrote about some of my favorite southern books. Well, I've read more since then and have a whole new list for you. And ya'll - these are good. More Favorite … [Read more...]

The 70’s Landing Pad: Master Bathroom Plans and Progress

The 70's Landing Pad: The Bathroom Before

Adding to the list of things I could easily tear my hair out over is the master bathroom renovation at the 70's Landing Pad. Other things on that list include lighting and wallpaper removal. You can read about the lighting woes here. I haven't posted all about the wallpaper removal mess yet, as I don't think my sanity is ready to relive those horrors quite so soon. Just stay tuned. With the 70's Landing Pad, the master bathroom is probably the biggest project to tackle in the house and also one of the few projects that we can't DIY our way … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday: No, being pregnant is not all sunshine and rainbows.

No, being pregnant is not all sunshine and rainbows - a

Awhile back, my friend Brittany and I toasted to none of us ever getting knocked up again. We had just managed to pull off our friend Ashley's baby shower even though we had been left unattended for a few hours and realized less than an hour before the shower that we weren't even halfway done decorating. On Wednesday, Ashley had her baby boy. He's really cute and all that other good stuff. Brittany, another friend Kathryn, and myself all went to the hospital to see Ashley and the little terror bundle of joy. Ashley's husband, whose name is … [Read more...]

The 70’s Landing Pad: Lighting for $300 or Less

Affordable Lighting Options: Lighting for $300 or less - includes chandeliers, flush and semi-flush mount lighting, pendants and sconces. Many of the lights are less than $100!

There are two things I've wanted to tear my hair out over with the renovation of the 70's Landing Pad - the master bathroom renovation and lighting. Oh wait, I forgot about wallpaper removal. Make that three things. And then there was the paint color selections. Hell, let's just go on and admit that this whole reno is going to send me to the looney bin sooner than I expected. Anyway, this post is supposed to be about lighting. To date, I have bought one single light fixture for the 70's Landing Pad - a lucite chandelier (just like this one) … [Read more...]

Hit me with your best shot.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

If I won the lottery, you know what I would do? I would travel. And I would come to see each of you, hopefully at your favorite roadside dive, and we would drink cheap beer together and just chat. But I can't do that. Because as much as I've tried to get that damn $5 bill to sprout after planting and watering it, it just ain't happening. So we have to chat via comments and email and social media - which is all great, don't get me wrong. But I'd really just love to have a beer with each of you. Every year, so I can find out more about you … [Read more...]

It’s going to be like Studio 54…

My filter is broken...inappropriate comments to follow....more hilarious stories on this site!!

My filter is broken. I think that's quite clear by this point in my blogging career. If for some reason you're new here today - FYI, my filter is broken. You should expect inappropriate comments, obsencenties and completely irrelevant items to spew forth from my fingers to the keyboard to your computer screen at any moment. I feel like I should travel with a sign around my neck or perhaps a sticker on my purse that says, "Broken filter." People should be warned. Case in point: In December, I was asked to speak at the Brunch Collective - a … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday: Signing Off


Y'all. It's been a good run here. We've had lots of laughs. Quite a few inappropriate comments. And even a few tears. It's time to move in a different direction though. Like with Friends, it's better to leave when you're on the top. It's time to sign off. source I'm so full of shit, y'all. I'm not going anydamnwhere. Sorry, I couldn't resist a little joke. ;) I won't be around for the next two weeks though - I'll be spending time with Grunt, the Circus, our boys and other family. I'll also be taking a trip to Disney with the … [Read more...]

He was not a fit man.

Cattle Drive Art Print from Minted

He was not a fit man. His belly was very round and it never occurred to me that it should be any other way. I thought all old southern men had big bellies. He wasn't always clean-shaven and his hair wasn't always perfectly combed back either. In fact, sometimes a strand would fall down over his brow and remind me of one of the guys from Grease. This usually happened when he bent his head over to snicker and was followed up by a wonderful belly laugh. On most days, his attire consisted of Liberty overalls paired with a blue button-up work … [Read more...]

Masculine Bedroom + Office Makeover Full Source List

Masculine Bedroom + Office Makeover Full Source List / Black and White Bedroom / Black and White Interior Design / Vintage Inspired Interior Design / Fur Blanket / Black Wall

I realize it's been well over a month since I first showed you the masculine guest bedroom and office makeover - A.K.A. Bill's room. Essentially, Christmas threw up everywhere and this post kept getting pushed to the back burner. This room is by far one of my favorites and really, I just pulled it together, Bill came up with the plan and he knocked it outta the park. We used a mix of new items with ones we already had, we DIYed a thing or two and of course, we mixed in a few yard sale and thrift store finds. Here's the full source list for … [Read more...]

A Trip Down Christmas Memory Lane…

Gifts in Wagon

There's a full year that comes and goes between each holiday decorating season. If I were to tell you that I remember exactly where every item is supposed to be placed for Christmas  each year, I'd be a liar. It's usually not until I am looking at photos of old Christmas tours that I remember, "Oh yea! That's where that was supposed to go!" And do you think I go switch it? Heck no. By that time, I am tired of holiday decorating. So when the girls at 11 Magnolia Lane asked me to participate in their holiday open house, I thought it would … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned from the Comeback Christmas Party

Moonshine Shots

Last Saturday, we had the comeback Christmas party. We had at least close to thirty people in our house at one point, most all the food was eaten, we had to make an extra beer run and Cards Against Humanity was in full force. We had a ball - by far it was my favorite Christmas party we've had. It could also be that it was the first time in four years we have had a Christmas party and I was just really excited to be dressed in something besides sweatpants and have makeup on. I did have a few revelations though... 1. Moonshine shots are a … [Read more...]

Christmas Home Tour: The Finale

Record Player with Christmas Albums / Christmas Home Tour / Holiday Decorating / Christmas Decorating / Holiday Decor / Christmas Decor

Have you seen the Geico commercial where Europe is performing The Final Countdown? It's a fantastic commercial. Well, I kind of feel like I should be doing a parody of Europe's song with this post. It's the final Christmas tour.  This finale is filled with really simple holiday decor ideas, a few memories (because it wouldn't be one of my Christmas home tours without them) and of course - some quirk. I'm also teaming up with more bloggers and Home Decorators Collection on this finale tour to give you loads more of holiday inspiration if … [Read more...]