James Dean Inspired Vignette {Summer Style Soiree}

 I had absolutely no clue what I was going to do for this round of the summer style soiree until yesterday.

It wasn’t because I don’t love James Dean – I do. Its just like I was all out ideas – brainfried.

Then I eyed the ottoman I picked up on the world’s longest yard sale for a whopping $8.

And I thought James Dean.

It seemed like something he might have in his home in the 50′s before he died.

And then I looked across the room at Grunt Labor’s retro-ish style chair.

I spied a James Dean inspired vignette coming together.

James Dean Inspired Vignette via RainonaTinRoof.com #decorating
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17 Easy Crafts and DIY Projects for under $10

What makes DIY projects and crafts even better?

When they are EASY DIY Projects and EASY crafts and……..when they cost LESS THAN $10!

Can I get an amen?!

DIY Faux Jadeite

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That time we drove 10 hours in an RV to the middle of nowhere for a wedding

There’s always that one guy in a group that you think will be the eternal bachelor.

And when he finally does get married, come hell or high water, you fully intend on seeing it happen.

Even if its 10 hours away.

In the middle of nowhere.

So when someone has the bright idea of, “Hey let’s get a party bus to drive us all up there together.”

You think you’ve never heard a more genius idea in your entire life. 

You may have to leave when its still dark out, but someone else is driving so that means Mimosas at 8am for everyone!

This trip would be our version of Dierks Bentley’s music video, Drunk on a Plane.

And it kind of was – just not so glamorous considering we were in a mid 90′s RV that needed a bit of airing out, not what some would consider a party bus.

But we made it into one.

That time we drove 10 hours in an RV to the middle of nowhere for a wedding via RainonaTinRoof.com

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DIY Sunburst Ceiling Medallion for less than $5

The MacGuyver of tape is back, y’all.

First we had the electrical tape lampshade, then we had the duck tape gold trimmed curtains, and there was the Kate Spade photo frame made with electrical tape, and the bookcase makeover with duck tape….

Obviously I should have bought stock in electrical and duck tape a while back.

Today, I present to you, the DIY Sunburst Ceiling Medallion….made from Duck Tape.

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A Swimsuit made of Candy, An Angel Made of Pads and Tampons, and Cavemen

File this post under:

“The Most Bizarre Things I Have Ever Seen” 

The fact that I am even writing a post where the title contains the words candy, angels, tampons, and cavemen is just mind-blowing to me.

Saturday night after a long day of hitting up the 127 yard sale (the world’s longest yard sale), I’m sitting on my couch drinking a cheap beer, catching up on social media gossip, when a photo and text message from my cousin, Elle, comes through.

And I nearly spit out my beer. 

This is the image of my cousin I saw on my phone screen:

A Swimsuit made of Candy, An Angel Made of Pads and Tampons, and Cavemen via RainonaTinRoof.com [Read more...]