12 Must Have Tools and Supplies for Painting Furniture

The ULTIMATE LIST of the best products to use for painting furniture! 12 Must Have Tools and Supplies for Painting Furniture

*Affiliate links may be contained in this post. Last week, I got an email from a reader. I just love those. :) They asked if I could do a post on what kinds of tools and supplies I use when I'm stripping or painting furniture. And I thought to myself, "Duh. Why haven't you done that before, Jenna?!" So here it is. These are my must have products, tools and supplies for stripping and/or painting furniture. I've used these over and over again and I love them.  Must Have Tools and Supplies for Painting Furniture 1. Mask  Safety … [Read more...]

The New Living Room Rug + A Giveaway

Red Rug + Bold Gallery Wall = Stunning Living Room

**Don't miss the giveaway at the end!** There are a few things that have the ability to totally transform a space. A great gallery wall. Stellar window treatments. A stunning rug. Two out of three of those things did just that in my living room. A great gallery wall and a stunning rug.  I'm working on the curtains.  But as Meatloaf would say, Two out of three ain't bad, right? If you took my recent Spring home tour, you may have noticed the new red beauty in the room - this rug. Its the Winsdor Overdyed Grove Red Rug from Rugs … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday #5

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I came out of my seat and jumped up and down for two reasons this week. 1. Fox is going to do a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love The Rocky Horror Picture Show. source Let's do the time warp again. And the second time I came out of my seat... Garth Brooks is playing in Knoxville May 29th and 30th. source May 29th is two days after my 30th birthday. I see no better way to celebrate. It would be a sin not to go. We all know how I feel about Garth... I'll be there. In my boots. With my friends in low places. Also, … [Read more...]

9 DIY Countertop Makeovers

Yes, please! Great DIY countertop makeovers that are doable and affordable!

I dream of marble countertops. I dream of having them in my kitchen and bathrooms. The dream is cut short when I realize two things: 1. The high maintenance that is required to keep marble counters pristine. 2. Their cost. New countertops, particularly stone counters, are expensive. Here are 9 DIY Countertop Makeovers that will be nice to your pocketbook. DIY Countertop Makeovers When Grunt Labor and I made over his man cave, we couldn't afford a new countertop for his built-ins. Instead, I figured out a way (for only $15!) to turn … [Read more...]

Decorating and Organizing in the Kid’s Room


I said I would never be that mom. That mom whose kid has so many toys that they are bursting out of every seam.  And as bad as it tastes to say it, I have had to eat all those words I used to say about "not being that mom." And not just about toys.  The toy situation we have going on at our house is...well..maybe not so much of a situation, but an all-out threat to our health. Ok, maybe its not that bad, but... The odds of you tripping over a wooden duck with rubber feet on wheels, a plastic pumpkin (yes, I'm aware its not Halloween), or … [Read more...]

How To Strip Furniture and Restain It + A Giveaway

The least messiest way to strip furniture and then restain it. How to Strip Furniture and Restain It

**Don't miss the giveaway at the end!** I knew there would come a day when I would want to strip the paint off a piece I had so meticulously painted. I didn't know that day would come so soon. Don't get me wrong. I still love my boldly colored painted pieces. But... After the black and white gallery wall in the living room was completed, I knew the finishing touch would be to make the red buffet stained once more... When I announced to Grunt Labor that I was stripping the buffet, he nearly fell out of his seat. He - A. couldn't believe … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday #4

Golden Tickets Couple

Last Saturday, I read this over-the-top hilarious article about a couple arrested for selling golden tickets to heaven. They said Jesus told them to so that they could go to outer space. For Realz.  I was rolling. And crying. And couldn't talk for a solid 3-5 minutes. It was that funny. And then I found out it wasn't true. Total bummer. Still, you must read it. I promise you will be doing big old belly laughs. Its stellar entertainment. This week, I also discovered that one of my favorite sites for grabbing deals for at least half the … [Read more...]

Decorate My Space: The Stairwell

Decorate My Space: Stairwell

Confession. I can climb a two story house with snow falling to put on a metal roof. I however, cannot paint a stairwell that involves me climbing a tall ladder that is only half resting on a stair. Apparently, I'm only a semi-daredevil.  The latter is exactly what was required in my stairwell. Grunt Labor and I kinda sorta painted the stairwell when we moved into the beloved foreclosure. By kinda sorta, I mean that the paint never made it to the very top of the wall. Needless to say, the stairwell has needed a real paint job for the … [Read more...]

Go Your Own Way

Go Your Own Way Arrows

Last year, I found out Fleetwood Mac was going on tour. I immediately jumped up and down, hooped and hollered and nearly wet myself. And then Grunt Labor said, "Who's Fleetwood Mac?" All excitement ceased.  I began to question our entire relationship. How could I have married someone who didn't know who Fleetwood Mac was?  Who didn't know the sound of Stevie Nick's one-of-a-kind voice by heart?  I went into panic mode. I threw out song titles. Landslide, Go Your Own Way, The Chain, Don't Stop Nothing. He knew none of them. I started … [Read more...]

Let’s go to the fair!

APR 15 banner TicketGiveaway612x612

I've been dreaming about going to the Country Living Fair for a long time. For years, I've seen the advertisements for it in Country Living Magazine, but I've never been able to go.... Until this year. Let's go to the fair, y'all!  This year, the Country Living Fair is just a hop, skip, and jump away from me - in Lebanon, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. The fair is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday April 24th - 26th at the James E. Ward Agricultural Center. Besides myself, there will also be other pretty cool people there like... Cari … [Read more...]

Power Tools 101: How to Use a Sander

The basics of how to use a sander and what all it can do - How to Use a Sander

After a month hiatus, I'm back with another round of Power Tools 101. This month is an easy one - How to Use a Sander. There are lots of different types of power sanders, but my go-to pick is a sheet sander. Its very versatile and unless you have a huge job, it can take care of just about anything. I personally own and use a DeWalt Sheet Sander*. I bought mine after having borrowed a friends. I loved it and knew I wanted my own. How to use a Sander To use a sander, you really just need to know how to attach the sandpaper to the … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday #3

Foxy Oxie

First off, I just want you to know something. I've been at the beach all week.  Please, don't hate me.  While you've been working yourself to the bone, I've been drinking margaritas - albeit cheap ones. Was that too much? Did I go just a tad too far in rubbing it in? I'm sorry. #oramI If it makes you feel better, I worked double hard last week so that I wouldn't have to do much work on vacation. Still didn't make you feel better, did it? While basking in the glow of the sun (loaded up with layers upon layers of sunscreen), I found … [Read more...]

Strawberry Candies

Cadillacs and Strawberry Candy

The seat stretched as far as the eye could see. As far as my five year old eye could see.  And when I plopped down, the seat sunk so far down, I could barely see out the window. And the smell. The smell.  Its not a smell I can describe. Its just a smell I know will hit me as soon as I open the door - even 25 years later, it still smells the same. Its leather...leather mixed with something I can't quite put my finger on. But the smell always brings her back. Sometimes when that car is nearby, I get in the passenger seat. Turn on old … [Read more...]

Black and White Vintage Cart Makeover

Love the crisp, clean lines. Simple Black and White Cart Makeover

If you missed the tutorial for this vintage cart makeover on the FrogTape blog a couple weeks ago, its your lucky day. Totally feels like you won the lottery, right?  I just knew you'd be excited. I tend to hoard these old metal carts. I can't get enough of them. I've picked them up in thrift stores, the side of the road and taken them from family friends who were ready to toss them. The latter is how this cart came into my possession. Don't you just love friends who give you their junk?  When the cart came to me, it was dirty and a … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday #2

Questionable Morals

Dudes.  You totally rocked my world last Friday with your awesome response to Freak Show Friday. I am so glad you like the series. We are going to have so much fun.  Since last Friday, the following has occurred... The kid pooped in the bathtub. source Or maybe you pooped... Yep. Not even kidding. First time its happened. I thought we were past that threat. I was wrong.  Just note that when your kid says "Mommy, I poot." a few times, those poots may just turn into a poop. Fun times.  On a prettier note, I did a blog consult with … [Read more...]

11 Colorful Furniture Makeovers

Go bold or go home with these colorful makeovers! 11 Colorful Furniture Makeovers

As we all know, I can't get enough color. In my opinion, too much color is always a good thing. I've never met a bold kelly green or a pop of coral I couldn't help but smile at. And if you can't smile at these bright spring colors that are popping up, then honey, you ain't livin' right. Here are some of my own favorite colorful furniture makeovers. 11 Colorful Furniture Makeovers Glamorous Dresser Makeover Yes, my darling, you. are. glamorous. Literally. That's the name of the paint. Orange, Black and White Chair Makeovers I'm … [Read more...]

Spring Home Tour: Design Ideas for Small Budgets + Giveaway

Great and Realistic Design Ideas for Small Budgets: Home Tour

You guys. You guys. No really, you guys. So much has changed since the last time I did a full home tour. Especially my living room. And my kitchen. I'm almost pee-my-pants excited to show you. And now that I think about the things that have changed in the past two months, I realize I have no clue how it all got done and that I must be insane. Oh wait, we already knew that. Even though, I know you've already seen the entryway, let's start there since its still new-ish. Entryway Makeover / DIY Confetti Wall / Painted Plant Basket I … [Read more...]

How to Make Colored Stain

This is so cool and you can really make any color you want! How to Make Colored Stain

After the amazing-out-of-this-world-discovery-that-changes-everything a few weeks ago (when I found out how to make glazes in any color - ok. maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. Just a little bit though.) I wanted to see if it would work as a stain too - on unfinished wood. It did... So now you will not only know how to make glazes in any color, but you'll know how to make colored stain too. I KNOW. AMAZING. How to Make Colored Stain What you need:  Velvet Finishes Enhance Clear Glaze Velvet Finishes Colour of Your … [Read more...]

Freak Show Friday #1

On a Mission To Have a Good Time

Everyday I discover something really awesome. I show it to Grunt Labor and it doesn't interest him at all. Possibly because its something 100% female related, but ya know, he could humor me at least. The last time I showed him something like this, it occurred to me that I should be showing you. A light bulb moment ensued and Freak Show Friday was born. What is Freak Show Friday? I'm so glad you asked. Every Friday, unless the circus has successfully annihilated me, Freak Show Friday will highlight some of my favorite things.  I may … [Read more...]

11 Accent Chairs for $100 or LESS

Great chairs at awesome prices - something here for work for any style! 11 Accent Chairs for $100 or LESS

*Affiliate links may be contained in this post. I love a good accent chair. They look great flanking buffets. They can moonlight as dining chairs. They make pretty vignettes. But most importantly - they can provide that much needed extra seating for larger gatherings. All those reasons are exactly why I'm a chair hoarder...well, and just because they're pretty. Here are my favorite accent chairs for $100 or less...yep, a hundred bucks or less. 11 Accent Chairs for $100 or Less These accent chairs can easily double as dining … [Read more...]

How I Clean My Entire Kitchen With One Single Thing

Almost too good to be true! How I Clean My Kitchen with one single thing...

Let me be the first to say that I am not a great house cleaner. If you've been around here long enough, I'm sure you could have easily guessed that one. Its not that I'm a bad house house cleaner, its just that I don't do it often enough. We don't have week old food laying out on the kitchen counter or anything, but most days its questionable as to what the sticky substance on the countertop might be. I'm just keeping it real, y'all.  However, when I do get around to cleaning - like I did yesterday so that I could take photos for an … [Read more...]

My Decorating Secret, Part 1: Forget the Plan

My Decorating Secret! You won't believe how simple it is!

Today, I'm going to tell you something I've never told you before. Its not mind-blowing. Its not life-altering. Many real interior designers may roll their eyes if they read what I'm about to tell you. That's ok. I ain't skeered. Today, I'm going to tell you my decorating secret. Are you ready? My decorating secret is... Forget the plan.  Do it as you go. Seriously. Don't try to come up with some elaborate bedroom makeover that includes everything from the wall paint to the bed linens to the brass accessories. Forget the … [Read more...]