A Vintage Nursery that doesn’t look “old”

Baby girl’s nursery has changed, and had a few little improvements since I last posted about it. So, I thought it might be fun to share some new photos with you! I didn’t want a nursery for her that would be full of brightly color characters. I wanted something more authentic, I guess you could say. So, I created a vintage nursery for her.
A Vintage Nursery {rainonatinroof.com} #vintage #nursery

A Vintage Nursery

A Vintage Nursery {rainonatinroof.com} #vintage #nursery #baby #girl
A Vintage Nursery {rainonatinroof.com} #vintage #nursery #baby #girl

The dresser was a $75 Craigslist find. I sanded and painted it Salmon Pink by Behr. The mirror was another Craigslist find, $30, that was previously gold.

A Vintage Nursery {rainonatinroof.com} #vintage #nursery #baby #girl

I picked up a couple of vintage nursery rhyme books at an antique store and framed my favorites in simple white frames from Michael’s.  Read more about those here.
I wanted the wall color to be something she could grow with. I took a paint swatch of some gray paint I loved to Home Depot and had them custom color match it with Behr paint.

A Vintage Nursery {rainonatinroof.com} #vintage #nursery #baby #girl
The coat rack is really just a piece of old barn wood from the family farm with a piece of molding on top and hardware from Lowe’s.
A Vintage Nursery {rainonatinroof.com} #vintage #nursery #baby #girl
I found the hamper at the Salvation Army for a whopping $2. It did not look anywhere near this cute when I got a hold of it. It had been painted yellow, which was peeling, and had this  horrendous floral pattern underneath that. I sanded it and sprayed it blue. The top wouldn’t take paint well, so I used fabric to cover it. Grunt Labor was way “wowed” by this. He thought it was the cutest thing ever. Score.
A Vintage Nursery {rainonatinroof.com} #vintage #nursery #baby #girl

I picked up an old chandelier at Habitat for Humanity ReStore and spray painted it the same color as the hamper and coat rack.

A Vintage Nursery {rainonatinroof.com} #vintage #nursery #baby #girl
The chair was another Craigslist find. I made something close to a slipcover for it (there’s a reason there is no close-up photo of the chair). I called about having a professional make one, but that was going to be in the ballpark of $300. Um, no, I will not pay $300 for a slipcover for a chair I paid $25 for and will probably get rid of in a few years….So, it got a makeshift slipcover and so far, so good.
A Vintage Nursery {rainonatinroof.com} #vintage #nursery #baby #girl

The bedding was purchased from Etsy. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was what I wanted for the room.

A Vintage Nursery {rainonatinroof.com} #vintage #nursery #baby #girl
I made the tissue paper pom-poms that hang in the corner. The artwork above the bookshelf was actually from the end of my crib when I was a bambino. The bookshelf used to sit in my grandparent’s den. I remember my crayons being stored in a cigar box on the bottom shelf for me to easily access them. Landry’s cigar box is already there, just waiting on crayons. She would totally eat them now. Go ahead and judge the cigar box crayon storage. I don’t really care what you think about it. Its not like there are cigars in the box. Wait – I better go check…..
A Vintage Nursery {rainonatinroof.com} #vintage #nursery #baby #girl
The Bambi wall art was in Grunt Labor’s nursery when he was little. I was over the moon when my mama-in-law broke out those bad boys!
A Vintage Nursery {rainonatinroof.com} #vintage #nursery #baby #girl
What do you think? The perfect amount of vintage nursery without it looking old?
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  1. Heather @ Southern State of Mind says

    precious room! I am obsessed with the salmon dresser! aw… girlie stuff really makes me melt!

  2. says

    It is so cute! Yes, vintagey perfection :) I LOVE your makeovers on the old furniture. Especially the dresser and mirror, so awesome!
    Heidi @ handmadefrenzy.blogspot.com

  3. says

    Awww I love it! I love how you used so many of your own nursery things from when you were little. I had my old mobile on little man’s crib and it made it so special.
    I also have an intense love of cigar boxes. Now I know where to put our crayons!

  4. says

    Love it! My oldest’s nursery had a vintage nursery rhyme theme, so it makes me all nostalgic to look at yours :). That dresser is fabulous!

  5. says

    Ahh this is so beautiful, are you an interior decorator? I so want to be thrifty and diy-ish when we move into our new home…but I’m afraid I don’t have the skills. Good thing I have your blog to keep me inspired!

  6. srpprcrftr says

    Such a lucky little girl with a very talented Mommy. You did a wonderful very special job on her room. I love the colors of all of it. Everything looks so warm and welcoming, serene for a little one. I’ve read that bright happy colors are very good for a baby.

  7. says

    You’ve done such a great job on your nursery. I love the style and the colors you’ve chosen. The chair looks totally comfy! Thanks for sharing and blessings to you and your little family, Patti

  8. says

    So cute! Wanna hear something funny?! My crayons were always stored in a cigar box growing up, and my grandma kept the crayons at her house in a cigar box, too! They are handy little things!

  9. says

    Absolutely adorable, I love the artwork that was from your crib and from your hubbies nursery how unique is that! The colors you used are fantastic, love the whole room you did an incredible job!

  10. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says

    such a fabulous and happy room! and guess what- just bought the same bambi plaques at a yard sale and not sure what i will do with them but i couldn’t leave them!!!!!

  11. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says

    such a fabulous and happy room! and guess what- just bought the same bambi plaques at a yard sale and not sure what i will do with them but i couldn’t leave them!!!!!

  12. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says

    such a fabulous and happy room! and guess what- just bought the same bambi plaques at a yard sale and not sure what i will do with them but i couldn’t leave them!!!!!

  13. says

    You are so very talented Jenna!! It is truly a gift to be able to come up with such neat ideas! Thanks for sharing them at One Sharendipity Place!

    Sue @ thet2women.com

  14. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    Cute, cute, cute. I love the bright cheery colors and you did a great job pulling everything together. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  15. says

    Everything about this is just ADORABLE!! I can’t even pick a favorite part because there are so many. I love the giant pompoms, the dresser and the crib skirt…plus everything else! Nice job!

  16. says

    Lovely! You will be one of the features today at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Pop on in and grab a feature button for your blog. Hope to see your prettiness again at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  17. says

    What a sweet nursery! I popped over here after going through your beautiful home tour. I absolutely LOVE this room. My favorite part is the little vintage Bambi wall hangings. I see these every now and then at thrift stores and always thought they would be sweet in an up-to-date, modern baby’s room!


  18. Alicia says

    Your room is so cute! I was wondering if you could tell me what gray color you used? I am getting ready to build a house and love that gray.
    Thank you!

  19. Denise says

    Was that dresser a dresser or was it a buffet that you turned into a dresser? I’ve seen these before and they were buffets. Just inquisitive.


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