Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase

Is it just me or are grain sack stripes everywhere?? Hey – I’m not complaining! I love them! I was beginning to feel left out though. So, I made a grain sack stripe bookcase.

Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase {} #grainsack #stripe #bookcase
I bought this bookcase back in October. It was at on clearance!! The previous one I had in its place was a ladder type one that just didn’t offer much display room. I loved the X detail on this one. I wanted its design to somewhat mimic the Craigslist chairs. Here is the before:
Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase {} #grainsack #stripe #bookcase

Way too black. It needed something else to make it pop. The back of the bookcase was just two pieces of flimsy board that were screwed in. I removed both pieces, then used some hot glue to actually make them more secured to each other. I planned on wrapping the boards in fabric and didn’t want them to fall apart during the process.
Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase {} #grainsack #stripe #bookcase

I had some leftover canvas from the ottoman I made a slipcover for a couple years ago. It wasn’t quite long enough to cover the length of the entire piece, but luckily there is a drawer at the bottom, so it didn’t really matter. 
Then, I used four pieces of tape to make three lines, one wide, two skinny.
Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase {} #grainsack #stripe #bookcase
I grabbed a pot of blue sample paint from the never-ending sample paint box….
Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase {} #grainsack #stripe #bookcase
It was really hard to get the paint to give full coverage, which was fine, because I wanted it to look older. However, as you can see above, I didn’t want huge globs of blue here and there. To combat that, when I pulled off the tape, I sanded the paint where I thought there was too much. Yep, I sanded fabric! That was a first for me – and it worked great!
Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase {} #grainsack #stripe #bookcase
Once it was back up on the bookcase, I wanted to add something a little more unique to it, so I chalked and then painted over our house number.
Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase {} #grainsack #stripe #bookcase
Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase {} #grainsack #stripe #bookcase

I have terrible handwriting / hand painting skills, please excuse them. And here is the finished result:
Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase {} #grainsack #stripe #bookcase
Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase {} #grainsack #stripe #bookcase

Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase {} #grainsack #stripe #bookcase

I think I still need to play with arranging all my pieces – I’ve never been very good at that. But overall, I’m liking how its not a black hole of nothing-ness anymore. But, on the other hand, maybe the whole thing just needs to be painted….Hmmm….all I do is create more projects for myself…..And maybe I just need to go ahead and paint my living room walls….hmmm

Grain Sack Stripe Bookcase {} #grainsack #stripe #bookcase
What do you think?
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  1. says

    I love this. I think it adds such visual interest to the shelf. I loved it the way it was before – I never would have thought it could be so much more!

    Very creative! Love adding the house number on it.

    I think it works still being black – but painting could be cool too! I’ll come offer arranging ideas for all the stuff. 😉

  2. says

    What a great idea! Looks so great! I wish I had seen those shelves on clearance at Target. I’ve been wanting something like that for my bedroom. :)

  3. says

    I absolutely Love how this turned out, Great Job!! Now have you thought about painting the whole shelf a color close to the color of your Canvas?

    Have you ever used drop cloth when you wanted to use canvas? It’s great and very inexpensive~


    • says

      Nancy, thanks! I haven’t used drop cloth before, but I’ve heard lots of great things about it! I just had the canvas lying around and figured I would use it since it was already there & free! I don’t know what paint color I would do the shelf….maybe an antique white??? So glad you dropped by!

  4. says

    This turned out so cute, and it really did brighten the shelf! Who would have thought you could sand fabric? I’d love it if you linked this to my new linky party, “What We’ve Accomplished Wednesdays.” It is live right now.

    Have a great week!

  5. says

    Stopping by from Fluster Buster, and oh my goodness. I absolutely love how you dressed up your book case. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else do this, and it looks fantastic!

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