Rustic Dresser

This Craigslist find was definitely a diamond in the rough….

Dresser Makeover {} #makeover #dresser
Dresser Makeover {} #makeover #dresser
Dresser Makeover {} #makeover #dresser
Dresser Makeover {} #makeover #dresser

Whoops…I forgot to take a picture of all the drawers actually in the dresser. You get the idea, though. Bright red, in fact, layers and layers of paint. Red, and blue was underneath that. And it was gross. No, it was disgusting. Lots of lovely grime on it. And did you notice, there are three drawers? But, there are four openings, so it was missing a drawer too. Lovely. 

So, it got a thorough scrubbing and then I mixed up some DIY chalk paint. I am a cheapy and refuse to pay nearly $50 a quart for something I can make myself and it is just as good! I wanted to go with two tones on this piece so I picked some colors, mixed a little unsanded white grout with the paint and brushed it on. Whoops…I forgot to take during pictures. Sorry, y’all. Serious slacker here. But after the paint, I used a dark glaze I have and brushed it over the piece and finished with a clear wax. 

End Result:

Dresser Makeover {} #makeover #dresser
Dresser Makeover {} #makeover #dresser

I (ok, really my husband did it) did the whole Pinterest-y thing with the missing drawer and made a shelf with leftover hardwood flooring. 

What do you think? I’m calling it a rustic dresser.  I want to hear from you!

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  1. says

    Looks great!! I love the change! And the cute baskets!
    Thanks for sharing at the favorite furniture makeovers of 2012!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

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