DIY Decorative Storage Containers {Trash to Treasure}

The Trash to Treasure gals are back today for another fun installment! From now on, we are going to be doing Trash to Treasure on the second Friday of every month, instead of the first.

You may have seen these decorative storage containers peeking around the corner of one of the blue chests in the newly made over guest bedroom and office.

DIY Decorative Storage Containers via #storage #decorativeboxesDIY Decorative Storage Containers

I actually did these a few months back when I first started working on the guest bedroom and office. I knew I would need somewhere to store my files and office supplies in the new office space. Downstairs, I had kinda just thrown them into a big box.

*hangs her head in shame*

I took three sturdy boxes that I had lying around and wrapped them in pretty wrapping paper.

DIY Decorative Storage Containers via #storage #decorativeboxesThe top one is a perfume box and the bottom two were gift boxes I had gotten at Christmas.

DIY Decorative Storage Containers via #storage #decorativeboxesThey are the perfect solution to hiding all the receipts, extra staples, paperclips, and bills stylishly. Of course, they also look great against the leopard print wall.

Got any perfume or gift boxes lying around that you can turn into pretty storage containers?

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You know you don’t wanna miss any of this crazy.

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  1. chris aka monkey says

    loved trash to treasure today,yours is practical made pretty, love love the tray table, and the wicker cube too… thanks for sharing xx


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