Arrow Striped Stool Makeover

Up today is the fabulous Krista from The Happy Housie!

Y’all, I’ve never seen a more bright, happy, and colorful house than Krista’s!

Hello readers of Rain on a Tin Roof!

I’m Krista from The Happy Housie and I am so excited to be here today at this amazing blog of Jenna’s. I have been following Rain on a Tin Roof since I started blogging and just love Jenna’s vintage modern style and quick wit. I’m honoured to be guest posting here!

Today I am sharing a little ol’ DIY Project that I did for our son’s nautical style bathroom: a DIY Arrow Striped & Distressed Stool.DIY Arrow Striped Stool Revamp label at The Happy Housie

As I said, I spend most of my bloggy time over at The Happy Housie . I called my blog this because I think of myself as a “housie”; someone whose hobby is all kinds of house related stuff like decorating, crafting, organizing, and DIY projects like the one I am here to share with you today!

To do this project I used:

  • an old stool that I picked up at a garage sale
  • Navy and White Krylon Spray Paint
  • Frog Tape Painters Tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Minwax Furniture Wax and a soft cloth

I picked up this cute little vintage stool at a garage sale for $2. It was in pretty rough shape…

DIY Nautical Distressed Stool before at The Happy Housie

I gave it a sanding with some medium grit sandpaper…

DIY Nautical Arrow Distressed Stool sanding at The Happy Housie

Once I had wiped it down I gave it a few coats of navy blue spray paint….

DIY Nautical Arrow Striped Distressed Stool blue paint at The Happy Housie

Once I had let the navy blue cure for a few days I taped out an striped arrow design on the top, using the frog tape as a spacer between each “arrow”….

DIY Nautical Arrow Striped Stool taping the pattern at The Happy Housie

I rubbed the edges down carefully to ensure the tape was well adhered and then gave the whole top of the stool an overall coat of white (protecting the legs of the stool with an old towel).

Krylon white spray paint for nautical stool at The Happy Housie

Oops. There were a few tiny spots where the paint had leaked under the tape… I just solved that with a little sandpaper. Nothing a good distressing job can’t hide.

DIY Nautical Arrow Striped Distressed Stool sanding at The Happy Housie

I gave the whole thing an overall sanding once the white spray paint had had the chance to dry… in spots where I sanded over the white the underneath navy blue began to show through. In other spots the original wood tone showed through the distressing.

Once the sanding was done, I wiped the stool down and gave it a coat of furniture wax using a clean soft cloth:

DIY Nautical Arrow Striped Distressed Stool waxing at The Happy Housie


DIY Arrow Striped Rustic Stool Revamp by The Happy Housie

DIY Arrow Striped Stool Revamp with krylon at The Happy Housie

I really like the rustic finish and think it suits the feel of my boys’ vintage nautical style bathroom design…

DIY Arrow Striped Stool Revamp with distressing at The Happy Housie

DIY Arrow Striped stool revamp for nautical bathroom at The Happy Housie

It is the perfect thing for my littlest guy to use at the sink. Now he can easily wash his hands after using the potty… a big necessity.

If you want to learn a little more about how we updated our boys’ bathroom on a budget, head over to The Happy Housie for the details.

How to Update the Bathroom on a Budget by The Happy Housie

And now that their bathroom is finished, we have been working on their bedroom….

Thanks again, Jenna, for having me here today…I hope that you are completely enjoying your well deserved VAY-CAY!

Thanks for reading. And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey.

image with signature by thehappyhousie

The Happy Housie is a home d├ęcor and lifestyle blog that was named this because I must admit to you that I am a bit of a “housie”… (think foodie but for houses). I love all things related to houses: decorating, DIY, organizing, crafting, gardening, and more. I love sharing projects and ideas, and especially love finding old pieces and fixing them up to make them vibrant and beautiful again.


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