Army Locker turned Toy Box {And there’s a new kid in town}

My in-laws have totally been holding out on me.

A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law and I were wondering through the garage gathering items for a yard sale and what did we stumble across?

My father-in-law’s old army locker.

Just sitting there.

Waiting to be made into something awesome. 

Army Locker turned Toy Box via #makeover #armylocker #toybox #homeright #finishmaxproHere’s how this baby started out.

Army Locker turned Toy Box via #makeover #armylocker #toybox #homeright #finishmaxproWell, maybe I shouldn’t say that’s how it started out. Of course, at one time it was the standard army color for lockers. Then my father-in-law said he plastered paisley fabric on it during his hippie days. And at some point it was yellow? So, the photo above is how it looked when I got it.

I sanded it down and scraped off some remaining glue left behind from the paisley days, then gave it a coat of primer.

What did you use to prime the piece with, you ask?

I used Kilz primer on this one and………

The new kid in town.

Army Locker turned Toy Box via #makeover #armylocker #toybox #homeright #finishmaxproYou guys.

You guys.

I’m seriously having trouble with this.

I thought that nothing could top my HomeRight Finish Max* paint sprayer. As you well know, I had been through other paint sprayers before and they were terrible. I had given up hope on ever finding a good paint sprayer. Then fate stepped in, and I fell in love with my Finish Max the first time I used it on this project.

Yes, I just referred to fate having a hand in my love for my Finish Max.

The Finish Max wasn’t just good, it was great. No runs, no drips, no messes.

And then fate stepped in again.

In the form of the new HomeRight Finish Max Pro*.

Just when I thought that HomeRight products couldn’t get more amazeballs, they proved me wrong.

This new paint sprayer is essentially the same as the regular Finish Max, it just has even more of a fine finish than the regular one.

I know – that’s hard to imagine. 

If you have a HomeRight Finish Max, you know what I’m talking about. The finer finish comes from this hose that continually blows air through the sprayer.

Army Locker turned Toy Box via #makeover #armylocker #toybox #homeright #finishmaxproAll you do is attach the hose to the gun and turn it to lock it in as shown in the photo above. The other end goes into the main housing of the paint sprayer.

Army Locker turned Toy Box via #makeover #armylocker #toybox #homeright #finishmaxproYou still mix your paint as you normally would with the regular Finish Max and you can still adjust the spray pattern and volume of paint coming out.

Army Locker turned Toy Box via #makeover #armylocker #toybox #homeright #finishmaxproAnd it still works by simply plugging it in, flipping the “on” switch and pulling the trigger.

Army Locker turned Toy Box via #makeover #armylocker #toybox #homeright #finishmaxproNo air tank needed.

So, back to the army locker. After priming it, I gave it a coat of mint green and then a polycrylic top coat*.

Army Locker turned Toy Box via #makeover #armylocker #toybox #homeright #finishmaxproI gave the top a few coats of chalkboard paint to grow the budding artist’s talent.

Army Locker turned Toy Box via #makeover #armylocker #toybox #homeright #finishmaxproI added a cute little “L” to the bottom corner of the chest.

Everything needs a monogram or initial on it.

Just sayin’.

Don’t worry about the clean-up of the new kid. The Finish Max Pro* is still just as easy to clean as the regular Finish Max which you can read about here. I know what you’re thinking – paint doesn’t go through that long tube, just air. You don’t have to wash it out every time.

Army Locker turned Toy Box via #makeover #armylocker #toybox #homeright #finishmaxpro

And no, you can’t have my regular Finish Max. Its still amazing.

Because HomeRight is so amazeballs, they are giving one of you guys a HomeRight Finish Max Pro!

Use the Rafflecopter below to enter!

*Open to residents 18 and older of the United States.

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Disclosure: I am a Brand Ambassador for HomeRight. However, all opinions and trouble comprehending how amazing this sprayer is, are 100% mine.

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  1. teresa says

    Thanks for the info on the paint sprayers, I have been wanting to buy one but really didnt know that much about them, AND I was major apprehensive about the cleanup! Im really excited about this one and I really hope I win it!!!!!

  2. Doris Henson says

    I have a home FULL of furniture just waiting for one of HomeRight’s spray painters. I’ve even had dreams of owning one of these. The first piece I would do is an old wardrobe I have.

  3. Susan M. says

    Oh please, pretty p u h l e a s e…. I so want my number to be picked! I’m going to be painting a headboard/footboard, dresser and nightstand this summer for my granddaughter’s new “big girl” room and I so need this!

    Thanks for the opportunity — my fingers are crossed!

  4. Cindy says

    Amazing…I guess I’ve always heard the down side of paint sprayers. Glad to see that there is one out there that actually works. Neato toy chest by-the-way!

  5. says

    OMG I’ve been wanting a paint sprayer for so long!! I haven’t known which one to get until now. Even if I don’t win I’m definitely going to get one. I have so much furniture in my garage that needs beautified, I’d be able to knock it all out in no time with one of these!

  6. lesley says

    i am trying to turn a junk room into a crafting room so this would be awesome! paint walls, bookcases, etc.

  7. Fara says

    What wouldn’t I paint with this!! I have so many projects lined up, I fear I may wear out all my brushes. The first thing would be my daughter’s new toddler bed!

  8. Sheila Moore says

    I would use it to paint the furniture for my DIL and son for their new baby girl. Thanks for the chance!

  9. Cindy Trobaugh says

    Everything! I wanted one for a long time..It would make DIY for Me much easier.
    Thanks for the Chance Jenna ~

  10. chris aka monkey says

    jenna what a find did you get all blubbery over it lol…wow something better than your beloved finish max i am impressed i want to win really,really bad, my social security check won’t stretch to buy one and i have been collect things to paint over this horrible winter we have had,head board, potting bench, (isn’t yet a potting bench is actually a little dressing table) shelves galore and i think i would redo my bed if i didn’t have to brush it lol xx

  11. Erin P says

    I would paint my garage doors again, they are an off white that just looks dingy. Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Jamie Lynn says

    I have two nightstands (both free roadside finds!) that are sitting in my garage waiting to be refinished. I’d definitely tackle those first!!

  13. Andrea D. says

    I have been wanting to paint my old oak dining room set for ages. This would make it so much easier. Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize.

  14. Debi Macrae says

    I just happen to have an old trunk that needs painting! Would love to have the Home Right paint sprayer.

  15. Maureen says

    I’m making new shaker style cabinet doors for my bathroom vanity. When the time comes I want to make sure I have the best paint finish possible on them!

  16. Cindy Dahlgren says

    I have a long list of things I want to paint–bookshelves, an old, scratched up dining room sidetable, dressers, living room, kitchen cupboards, kitchen walls, etc. I would get a ton of use out of this. I really need it, LOL.

  17. KarenT says

    Oh, I have an antique armoire, dining table with 4 chairs and 2 sitting chair projects that I need to paint right now. And a dresser, steel shelves, and one more chair to work on this summer. I really need one of these!! Pretty please??!! ;0)

  18. senna says

    I have so many projects! My next one is an old dresser that needs revamping. I’ve wanted a paint sprayer for so long, but don’t have an air compressor!

  19. Rachel Cartucci says

    My whole house needs painting…inside and out….cabinets too,headboards,the shed behind the house….etc

  20. Joyce T. says

    Thanks for the info about the sprayers. I have an old dresser of my grandmother’s that my aunt painted an awful color. I would love to redo it, but I don’t know anything about painting furniture. Clean up of these sprayers has always been a concern.

  21. Jackie brown says

    If I was lucky enough to be chosen the winner, the first thing I would paint would be the dog house I’m trying to make, I mean making, lol. I think would go on a painting craze and paint my world beautiful!!!

  22. Nancy K says

    many house projects upcoming, the fence, deck and outdoor garden shed are calling for a fresh coat of paint this spring!

  23. April Decker says

    I would LOVE to win this paint sprayer!!!! I paint a lot and a sprayer that didn’t give me fits would be such a blessing!

  24. April Decker says

    Oh, and I have two kitchen tables that I’d like paint, as well as a kitchen full of cabinet doors!

  25. says

    I would use this paint sprayer to save my marriage. In other words to finish one of the many, many projects that are currently filling my garage including but not limited to a desk, 2 dressers, a nightstand and a large cabinet. My husband would be so very grateful to get a car in the garage again. :) Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  26. Jo says

    I have heard so many good things about this paint sprayer. Would love to win one so I could paint the desk in our office a beautiful white! Thank you!

  27. Shelley Otto says

    What a great idea! Totally agree on the monogram. I try to have a monogram somewhere in very room.

  28. Laura says

    I too have an old army locker that I use in my house along with a lot of other old army stuff. My husband and dad are both military retirees so we have accumulated a lot of it!! We just moved into a new home in fall and now with spring here I am seeing A LOT that needs to be repainted. The trim on the house, the chicken coop, porch….that’s for starts. Not to mention all the stuff I am going to accumulate during yard sale season!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts! Good luck to everyone

  29. says

    The trunk turned out great! I have the Finish Max and I love it, I can’t imagine it being any better with the Pro version. I guess I’ll just have to win this one so that I can find out for my self. I have a toy chest and a child’s rocking chair that are on my list of painting projects this summer, they would be perfect to test the Pro version on.

  30. Beka says

    I would use the Home Right Finish Max Pro for numerous DIY projects I want to do. I have an old desk I would start with and would love to find an army locker to paint for my son. He would love the chalkboard top. Yours turned out great.

  31. says

    I have a front porch that needs finishing and a fence in the back yard that needs finishing, oh and an entire house to finish remodeling inside as well!!! I think I have a few tasks for the Home Right Finish Max Pro!

  32. says

    Loved how this box turned out! That sprayer looks awesome–hoping I win because I could do some awesome projects with it! Thanks so much for sharing this at Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

  33. kate says

    I have a dresser I’m planning to make-over. This sprayer would make the project a million times easier!
    Thanks for the review too, now I have a better idea of which sprayers to put on my wish list!

  34. Katherine Donovan says

    I would love to use this paint sprayer to paint my kitchen cupboards. My cupboards look worn out but I know a fresh coat of paint would bring them back to life!

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