Master Bedroom Makeover Series: Bedding

I bet you guys thought I had given up on my master bedroom. After the fabric search for curtains this week, I sometimes wanted to. But, dressing the bed is complete. Just don’t expect a window treatments post for a while.
Master Bedroom Makeover: Bedding {} #masterbedroom #bedroom #makeover #bedding

Here is what we started out with:

Master Bedroom Makeover: Bedding {} #masterbedroom #bedroom #makeover #bedding

Grunt Labor and I actually bought the headboard before we moved into the rancher. It stayed in the box though until we got here. The old bedding which is the striped comforter you see above went much better with the old bed than the new one. So a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the comforter you see below at TJMaxx for $60.

Master Bedroom Makeover: Bedding {} #masterbedroom #bedroom #makeover #bedding
The picture doesn’t really do it justice. But, it didn’t matter because Grunt Labor said it wasn’t nice enough for him. He said it felt “cheap.” Good grief. So not your typical husband. So we went to Dillard’s and bought one that was more to his liking. 
Master Bedroom Makeover: Bedding {} #masterbedroom #bedroom #makeover #bedding
And this is when I have to say that Grunt Labor was right. I LOVE this one. Its just a simple white cotton one with a nice cutout eyelet design around the edge. So far, I think he’s been more involved in this makeover than I have. Remember, Grunt Labor found that awesome chair for the reading nook? We bought a king size comforter, even though our bed is a queen. I wanted to have plenty hanging from the edges. 

We picked up the quilt at the end of the bed from Target. Guess what. Grunt Labor spotted it as well. 

Master Bedroom Makeover: Bedding {} #masterbedroom #bedroom #makeover #bedding

It’s a gray herringbone design. Classic.

Now, onto the pillows. I love pillows. Sometimes, I’m just not great with what types I should use where and colors, etc.. These pillows are still a work in progress. 

Master Bedroom Makeover: Bedding {} #masterbedroom #bedroom #makeover #bedding

The gray ones came from Festive Home Decor on Etsy. They are pillow covers over forms I bought at Hobby Lobby. This gal has some awesome pillow covers! Tons of colors, designs, etc. and reasonably priced! (And she didn’t pay me to say that or give me anything free!) 

Master Bedroom Makeover: Bedding {} #masterbedroom #bedroom #makeover #bedding

The silver tree ones came from Target. I found them on clearance for $8 a pop. Score.  

Master Bedroom Makeover: Bedding {} #masterbedroom #bedroom #makeover #bedding

I think they were technically seasonal pillows. I knew I wanted to do lots of silver and gold accents in the master, though, so these worked perfectly. 

And my most favorite pillow EVER, the monogrammed pillow.

Master Bedroom Makeover: Bedding {} #masterbedroom #bedroom #makeover #bedding

As you guys know, I’m a southern gal and us southern gals LOVE our monograms! I bought the pillow cover and insert at Hobby Lobby. The cover was $7 I think and the insert about $7 as well. The cover actually has decorative buttons on the back, but I wanted the monogram to be the focus. I took the cover to a local store to get monogrammed for $10. When I picked it up, they had done it upside down to where the zipper was on top of the pillow. The lady said she would refund my money if I took it as is! Fine with me, can’t even tell its upside down! So, now I have a monogrammed pillow for about $14. 

So, what do you guys think? Suggestions? Critiques? Give it to me real, I can take it!

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  1. says

    Those silver birch pillows are lovely! What a big difference! Thanks for sharing at the Photo Friday Blog hop- we love befores and afters. We hope to see you post again with us next week.


  2. says

    It looks great, Jenna! I love your neutral colors. You make me want to start addressing our master bedroom now..haha!
    And I love the silver tree pillows, that I still can’t believe you purchased for only $8!!!

  3. says

    Love it! The pillow turned out so well! I’m going to have to go try something similar for my sofa before my party next week!

    Looks amazing and Grunt Labor did a great job picking it out. The room has such a sophisticated feel!

  4. says

    It looks amazing, Jenna! I loved the first set but G.L did a great job with the second one! Looks amazing!

    The birch pillows are my favorite… besides the monogrammed pillow! It looks SO good! I am thinking about going to get one before my party next week for the couch in my den!

    Fabulous job dear friend! :)

  5. says

    We have a queen size bed and queen size comforters definitely do NOT fit it! (or at least now there is two of us.) I keep saying we need to buy king size covers, but the nice ones are so dang expensive and I already have several queen size duvets. Alas!

    • says

      Yep, Grunt Labor! He actually likes being called that, he would just never admit it! Haha! So glad you like the new bedding! I love to hear comments like that! It means I haven’t gone crazy yet!

  6. Teri says

    Could you please tell me where you got your headboard and how much you paid? I’ve been looking forever for an affordable headboard like this one. Thank you, and nice make over, BTW!

    • says

      Thanks, Teri! The headboard, shockingly enough, came from Sears! I bought it about 2 years ago though. Sears and Country Living used to partner up and this was one of those items! Hope this helps! So happy you stopped by!

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