DIY Decorative Horse Accessories

DIY Decorative Horse Accessories {} #DIY #horse #accessories #gold

Have you guys noticed all these decorative animal home accessories that are out lately? Like this…


DIY Decorative Horse Accessories {} #DIY #horse #accessories #gold
Or this one from Target that I have been eyeing for the past month…..


DIY Decorative Horse Accessories {} #DIY #horse #accessories #gold

Well, I couldn’t spend $30+ on one of these when I knew I would probably get tired of it soon. So, I decided to make my own decorative horse accessories.

When I bought these little guys at the 127 yard sale months ago, my friend, Lindsay looked at me like I had gone bat-shit crazy.

DIY Decorative Horse Accessories {} #DIY #horse #accessories #gold
I had a plan, though. They would become something magical. That was in August. So, it only took 6 months for them to become something magical. Whoops. 
First, I spray painted them metallic gold. Gold makes everything magical. 
DIY Decorative Horse Accessories {} #DIY #horse #accessories #gold
I cut some old 2x4s we had into small rectangles. Then, I took that fabulous wrapping paper from Target that I put in the back of my liquor cabinet, and wrapped the 2x4s in it. 
DIY Decorative Horse Accessories {} #DIY #horse #accessories #gold
I used hot glue to seal the wrapping paper around the wood. I wanted it to stay put. Then, I just glued the horses on top. Just a dot on each horse’s foot. 
DIY Decorative Horse Accessories {} #DIY #horse #accessories #gold
I thought about using them as bookends, but when I tried that, they were just too small against the books, so they just sit on top of the books now. 
DIY Decorative Horse Accessories {} #DIY #horse #accessories #gold
By the way, these babies cost a quarter each, the wood was just lying around our house, I already had the spray paint, and the wrapping paper was $0.50 a roll and I barely used any of it for this. So less than $1 for both of these studs! 
DIY Decorative Horse Accessories {} #DIY #horse #accessories #gold
Magical, right?

Like what you see?

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    • says

      You are too sweet! Unfortunately, I doubt Target still has the wrapping paper. I bought this right after Christmas. But, keep your eye on the dollar spot there. That’s where I found this and they usually have some every now and then!

  1. Lizbeth McGow says

    Too cute and love the price! thanks for sharing! came hopping over from the Thriftiness Miss weekend party! have a great weekend! Oh btw..I started following your blog on GFC!!! can’t wait to see your next post!

  2. says

    Not batshit crazy! I was just concerned you were relying on too little sleep as a result of booger butt and not sure what you were buying. :)

    I love that picture of us with the sign that says “This isn’t a useum. This is junk!”


    I love this idea. I want that horse from Target but was waiting for clearance. This is much better!

  3. says

    Wow- you fooled me! So well done and convincing…and affordable.

    Thank you for linking up on Photo Friday- we hope you join us again next week and in the meantime, have a great weekend!

  4. says

    Brilliant! My love for certain home decor trends waxes and wanes, so I love projects like this that don’t require a ton of commitment or time. I just discovered your lovely blog…and am glad to now be following along.

  5. says

    My 2 year-old daughter is so into horse right now, so now every time i see something horse-related, I’m interested. I love how some simple gold spray paint turned these once kinda creepy looking toys into chic decor!

  6. says

    Love it! I’ve been panting over some horse figurines (similar to your Target one), and haven’t figured out how to “hack” it. I have to find myself some of those plastic horsies! Thanks for the great idea!

  7. says

    There will never be enough plastic animals in the world that we can give a new life by a spray of paint! I love the gold they really do look fantastic. Sitting them on the blocks is a great idea too. Me likey :)

  8. Krista thehappyhousie says

    They are fabulous Jenna! I think that horses are adorable and add such a fun touch to a room. I took my boys garage saleing on Saturday and my five year old picked out an old ugly 70’s horse head book end… it looks adorable now with a fresh coat of white spray paint!! It will look perfect in his new bedroom (currently under construction…).

  9. Kelly says

    You would NEVER know those started out as toys! They are SO fab! Thanks for linking ’em up to Ditto DIY!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  10. says

    Love these, Jenna! Thanks for linking up to “Get Your DIY On” link up party! I’m featuring your project on Sunday! Bring your chalkboard project if you have any! :) -April

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