DIY Barn Wood Initial

I love projects with barn wood. Its perfectly dented up, dinged up and dirtied up. And even though you may not know it, that barn wood has some sort of story behind it. 

DIY Barn Wood Monogram {} #DIY #Monogram #Initial #barn #wood

I’m lucky enough to know this barn wood’s story. It came from my great grandfather’s barn. Its part of the same barn wood that I used on my kitchen island. This was really simple to make, y’all. I took four pieces of it and wood glued ’em together. I used a clamp to hold it together while drying. EASY! This wood is tounge and groove, so those small horizontal pieces basically fit behind the groove of the vertical pieces. After it was dried, I did take hot glue and run along the seams just to give it a less splintery edge. I added a piece of twine with staples for hanging and put hot glue over the staples so they wouldn’t scratch anything it was against. 

DIY Barn Wood Monogram {} #DIY #Monogram #Initial #barn #wood
The L came from Hobby Lobby. All I did was give it a coat of spray paint. I didn’t touch the barn wood with any paint. The way it looks is the way it came off the barn and that’s how I wanted it.
DIY Barn Wood Monogram {} #DIY #Monogram #Initial #barn #wood

It makes me smile knowing a little piece of my Hey Bud’s (I know, weird name for a grandfather, y’all know I’m a fruitcake though) farm is with me. A material piece anyway, I don’t think my whole heart ever left.

DIY Barn Wood Monogram {} #DIY #Monogram #Initial #barn #wood
Have you made any barn wood projects lately? I’d love to see them! I still have some of this wood and my head has been spinning with what all I can make!
By the way, these are also for sale on my Etsy shop. Choose your own letter and paint color!
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    Love it, Jenna. I’m gonna check out your etsy shop…you are so creative. I love what you call your grandfather. When my husband’s grandfather was alive all his grandchildren called him Man…just Man.

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