Master Bedroom Makeover Series: Reading Nook

Y’all, my master bedroom needs a facelift. The poor room has been neglected since Grunt Labor and I bought the foreclosed brick rancher back in June 2011. It did get a paint job (which I vividly remember, because I was so sick of renovating that it required me to start drinking before noon. The construction workers had a big laugh over that one). It also got new carpet with the rest of the bedrooms. I wasn’t going to pay Home Depot twice to put in carpet. Anywho, almost everything else has gotten an update in the rancher: the kitchen, the nursery, the man cave, the front porch, my bathroom, even the master bath (which is Grunt Labor’s bathroom, husband and wife should never be made to share bathrooms. ‘Tis the key to a happy marriage). But, the master bedroom stood neglected. Until now.
Enter master bedroom makeover series that you are reading. The bedroom will be completed.
It will be beautiful.
Here’s hoping anyway.
Our master bedroom is not big by any means. I apologize for not having before pictures, but when we bought the house, we were in the full swing mode of “Get this sh*t done. Now.” Even though it is not big enough to have a formal sitting area, which is part of the dream house, it is big enough for a reading nook. Or, at least, I made room for a reading nook.
Master Bedroom Makeover Series: Reading Nook {} #bedroom #makeover #nook #reading
Really, its a little corner, between a window and our dresser.
Master Bedroom Makeover Series: Reading Nook {} #bedroom #makeover #nook #reading
I sit there and put my shoes on in the morning, I read there. Ok, sometimes I read there.
In reality, I haven’t had time for reading in a while.
But, you get the idea.
Isn’t that chair amazing?! It was only $150. New! You know who found that? Nope, not me. Nope, not my amazingly stylish friend, Lindsay. Nope, not the friend with the gay style gene. Wait for it…It was GRUNT LABOR. That’s right, the hubby found it. And, guess what?! It was at Costco! Who knew Costco could have such stylish furniture. I was speeding right by the furniture section headed straight for the meat department, when he pulled me down an aisle, proudly smiling with his chest puffed out as he showed me the prize he had found. I think his training is finally starting to kick in.
And that table, a Craiglist find. $5.
I’ll show you how I made it pretty in another post.
Master Bedroom Makeover Series: Reading Nook {} #bedroom #makeover #nook #reading
Coming Soon (Hopefully) – Bedding
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  1. says

    Chelsea, thanks! We bought it at Costco about 2 weeks ago. I was there on Monday, and still saw it out on display, but none in boxes, they may still have them at some stores! So happy you dropped by!

    • says

      Thanks, Nancy! I’m glad to know others have the same non-existent before pics! You just get so caught up in doing renos that photographs are the last thing on your mind! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. says

    Denyse, Yes, we have amazing husbands if they find us awesome pieces like this!! I am headed your way to link up to both parties! Thanks for hosting! So glad you stopped by!

  3. says

    Now I want one … I love that chair and it would be great in my guest bedroom. Need to get it ready for company this summer.
    New follower.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  4. says

    Awesome Jenna! My room isn’t big enough for a reading nook, although my computer is here in a corner…and I read lots of blogs. So I guess I do have a reading nook, just not nearly as pretty & comfy as yours.

  5. says

    Your bedroom is gorgeous! I love that beautiful chair! The perfect reading nook. I am a Craigslist fanatic!!! LOL Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. I love seeing your awesome projects.


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