DIY: Picnic Basket turned Rolling Table

So, I have this old picnic basket that was my grannie’s.
I love it.
Its old and special.
Now, as much as I would like to think that I will load up that picnic basket multiple times and frolic through woods and parks to have a picnic with my man and the Boog Boog,
I won’t.
So, I made the basket more useful. I turned it into a table.
A table with wheels. Its a picnic basket turned rolling table.
Now, it’s a versatile picnic basket.
Picnic Basket turned Table {} #basket #table #picnic
This is how it started out:
Picnic Basket turned Table {} #basket #table #picnic
Your average vintage picnic basket. It has a lid, I had just already taken it off. I wanted to elevate it a bit more and make it easily movable, so I added some wheels I had laying around.
Picnic Basket turned Table {} #basket #table #picnic
The original bottom was not white beadboard. The old one had rotted out. This was its replacement.
And the after:
Picnic Basket turned Table {} #basket #table #picnic
The best thing is I can still use it as a picnic basket when we do take a picnic, the wheels won’t interfere! In fact, I may just tie a string to it and pull the damn thing.
Its also great for storage.
Picnic Basket turned Table {} #basket #table #picnic
It fits snugly between two chairs in the living room.
It is happy. I am happy. Grannie is happy.
All is well in the world.
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  1. says

    What a great idea. I love that it is now a useful piece for you and yet you didn’t destroy the integrity of the original piece. I am a new follower form Grateful Sunday.

  2. says

    What a great reminder that we need to be more inventive with our furniture – if you don’t find something that solves your storage problems, then creat something yourself! =)

    Anja @

  3. srpprcrftr says

    Oh that is such a great idea. It looks so cute acting as a table. I’m surprised you didn’t paint it, it looks great as it is.
    I had an older one that was looking pretty peaked so I painted the bottom part aqua and the top bright apple green with a bird/branch stencil on top. I love it and use it for storing many of my craft supplies in living room so it doesn’t look messy with them all over. Now why didn’t I think to put wheels on it, lots easier to tote around the house or for moving it when I’m cleaning where it sits (at end of sofa close to where I sit). Love the idea of putting wheels on bottom. So glad you shared this idea. Perfect. Such great inspiration. Happy days

  4. Amber says

    What a neat idea! My neighbor just got rid of a picnic basket and I KNEW I should have snagged it but I just couldn’t justify adding it to my already somewhat-hoardlike collection of things. LOL

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