DIY Corbel Shelving

I love corbels. I love old corbels, new corbels, white corbels, red corbels, big corbels, small corbels. Get the point? I really love old corbels with some history, but they have been super expensive when I have found them anywhere. So, alas, I must settle for Home Depot corbels. For our master bedroom makeover, I really wanted a corbel shelf. So, I got one. Grunt Labor and I just had to make it. We all know I’m too cheap to buy a pre-made $50 one.
DIY Corbel Shelving:
DIY Corbel Shelving {} #DIY #Corbel #Shelving #Shelf
This was so simple y’all. We started out with an old floating shelf we had laying around like the one below, except ours was black.

We bought two corbels at Home Depot like this.


We added trim, like the kind we used on our built in bathroom shelving, to the edges of the floating shelf and attached the corbels to the bottom. I spray painted the whole thing with basic white spray paint. I WAS NOT going to try and coat every nook and cranny of those corbels with a paint brush. Here’s a closeup of the underside of the shelf so you can see how it all went together.

DIY Corbel Shelving {} #DIY #Corbel #Shelving #Shelf

Please accept my apologies for no pictures of us actually making this thing. There was a baby to contend with and we just wanted to get it done. But, this is so simple y’all, you really don’t need step by step photos.

Grunt Labor finally hung it on the wall:

DIY Corbel Shelving {} #DIY #Corbel #Shelving #Shelf

Whadda ya think? By the way, that julep cup and lamp are both Goodwill finds! Score!

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  1. says

    Stopping by from the link party at ishouldbemoppingthefloor. Looks good! And so easy too! I’ve been wanting to build some shelves around my T.V. You gave me a great idea! Thanks!

    • says

      Selene, thanks for stopping by! These shelves are soo easy to make! I just went to your blog and I loved your concealer tips! Totally going to try and apply mine how you did, maybe then I can get rid of these dark circles!!

  2. says

    That looks fantastic! I’m looking for something similar for the bathroom I’m renovating… I think I need to head to home depot! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Mulla says

    Great blog!
    Few questions if you don’t mind answering.
    Where did you buy your molding?
    and a follow up question where could i purchase the same?

    Thank you

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