Craigslist Cane Chairs Makeover

I. Love. Craigslist. I spread the word often about the power of Craigslist. You can buy or sell ANYTHING on Craigslist. About three months ago, I found these jewels there.
Craigslist Cane Chairs Makeover {} #cane #chair #makeover

There were six of ’em. Two with arms, four without. For $25. Yep, only $25 for all six. The mini-me and I immediatelyloaded up and drove 45 minutes to get them. I was a little scared at first, as the fella did not want to meet me and I had to drive to his house out in the boondocks. But, it was all good. Definitely not one of my crazier Craigslist experiences.

All except one were the color above. Tragically, the previous owner decided to try and re-stain one a cherry color. And it was, well, tragic. But, really, the original finish was in poor shape anyway, so they all needed to be painted.

Craigslist Cane Chairs Makeover {} #cane #chair #makeover

So, I picked up some off white spray paint at Lowe’s and a clear spray finish and went to work. First, I scrubbed them down really well, they were gross. It took four cans of paint. I had originally bought two. Seriously?! Needless to say, another trip to Lowe’s was made since I hadn’t accounted for all the little nooks and crannies the lattice pattern made.

Craigslist Cane Chairs Makeover {} #cane #chair #makeover
The hottie hubby made me some chair bottoms and even cut the foam and covered it with batting for me while I cooked dinner. Then, I re-covered them. They are now gorgeous, extra seating in the living room! I just don’t know if I should leave them with or without pillows though! Thoughts?
These chairs have since gotten another makeover! See their colorful updated look here!
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