2012 Top Posts

Wow! What an awesome year, y’all!! 
By far, the best part of my year was the arrival of Boog Boog.

Even though she decided to make her appearance well remembered, it was well worth it. 

Now, on to the top posts of 2012…..drum roll, please……..

The #3 Post:

2012 Top Posts {rainonatinroof.com} #topposts

Most of my Christmas decorations are either made by me or purchased from Goodwill, thrift stores, or after Christmas sales. You can read all about my decorations here. You can also go here for all my posts about Christmas!

The #2 Post: 

2012 Top Posts {rainonatinroof.com} #topposts

2012 Top Posts {rainonatinroof.com} #topposts

2012 Top Posts {rainonatinroof.com} #topposts

My husband and I bought a 1960s brick rancher foreclosure in 2011. The kitchen got a total overhaul and was finally complete in 2012! You can read all about the total makeover here.

And the #1 Post:

2012 Top Posts {rainonatinroof.com} #topposts

My bathroom needed some extra storage, so built in shelving was the answer. These were simple and fast to make. Read all about them here.

There is much more to read about each post via the links included! These summaries here are just the tip of the iceberg, y’all! 

What were your best of 2012s??!!
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    You’ve had a great year! I love your light, bright kitchen. Ours is so dark that I can’t even photograph it for the blog. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished in 2012, and especially on your sweet little baby!

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