Kitchen Sink Organizer for $3! And it’s cute!

I love Pinterest soooo much! If you follow me, you may have seen this photo that I re-pinned. 
Isn’t that such a clever idea to organize around your kitchen sink??? Well, I went thrifting today and found some items to make my own. I bought a wooden candlestick that I spray painted yellow (to match my curtains) and a round cake pan. Together they were both $3. 
To connect the two pieces, all I did was hot glue the candlestick to the pan! Easy, breezy!
I love it!! I bought another round pan and two brass candlesticks to make a two-tiered one as a serving piece sometime! 
DIY Kitchen Sink Organizer {} #kitchen #organizer #DIY
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  1. srpprcrftr says

    So glad to hear I’m not only one that’s goofy over wire baskets. I was at Goodwill other day and saw one of gals that works there walking with a black basket, I asked her if she was putting it out as I sure wanted to buy it. She was buying it, darn it anyway. Really enjoy your blog so I’m subscribing. I’ll try not to make a pest of myself.
    Love the kitchen organizer. Great idea. Now if I could only find some wood or ceramic candle sticks.

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