Kitchen Island Inspiration

Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks, the hubby and I are going to build a kitchen island. Well, let’s be honest, I’ll be supervising. I can use all the power tools, but I tend to get measurements wrong. This is our kitchen. 
Ignore the cabinet that is missing a door, we are working on that one. We did a major renovation on our house this summer and opened up the kitchen, living room and dining room all into one large room. That cabinet used to be covered by the refrigerator, thus why it is lacking a door. We want to place the island in front of the sink. We are thinking a rectangle size and something with open shelving on the bottom to keep the room looking larger. Here are some photos I have found for inspiration….
This one is from Pinterest. I really like the bookshelf that is connected to this one and the legs. 
I also love the legs on this one, but the top is so rustic feeling. I love that. Also from Pinterest
I really like the color of this one. I know I want ours to be either black or a blue / green color similar to this one. From Southern Living
I also wouldn’t be opposed to finding something like this and making it an island. I like the aged wood on this one. From Country Living.
I like the idea of having two shelves like the one on the right, but I’m worried I would put too much crap on on it and it would look too cluttered. Atlanta Home and Lifestyles

What do you guys think? I’m open to suggestions!!!

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  1. Paula says

    Mine is very similar to the rustic wood table (country living image). I found mine for $5 at a garage sale. I added new legs to raise it to counter height, added a brace at the bottom and placed barn board on the brace for shelves. We love ours. Good luck! If you want a picture of our island, let me know.

  2. Anonymous says

    Whatever gives you more storage space and if you get a place to sit as a bonus, then go for it. I think you ought to match your cabinets. Just my opinion though for what it’s worth.

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