Why is that girl painting her porch electric blue???!!!!

There has been an insane amount of traffic on my street today due to an estate sale. Of course, I already hit it up yesterday and bought this great light fixture for my craft room. However, every car that passes slows down at the corner and cocks their head as far as possible to check out this electric blue color that the crazy girl in the overalls, who is jamming to a random selection of songs (Conway, Eric Church, Rolling Stones, Nelly) is painting her porch. It currently looks like this:
Electric Blue. I would give myself a neck ache too. Now, you are thinking. Has she gone mad?! Where did her awesome style go?! Well, I’m already crazy and my style just keeps getting better. Hahaha. No, the color for the balusters is called Galaxy Black.
This is the color, but it is actually more black than this. The problem is that before it gets black, its electric blue. Its going to take a few coats. Now this whole project would have went much faster and been much simpler if I would have just chosen one color to paint all of the railing and baulsters. But, as you know, I am design and style minded. So there are three colors: one for the floor, one for balusters and one for the other railings. I am also going to paint the shutters (hopefully, I will have new ones soon, Galaxy Black.
The floor color is called Spud. Yes, I like the name too.
Nice, huh? The rest of the railings will be Aged Parchment. The name just sounds like it fits perfectly with my style.
A nice, classic beige to tie it all together. Here is a before of the porch.
It desperately needs some love. Now, enough breaks, I have painting to do and football to watch. I’ve got to get busy.
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  1. Son Lakhani says

    The second photo looks a lot better with the color brown, beige and white as its combination. The patio is simple yet elegant, and it goes well with the somewhat rustic and wooden feel of the place.

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