Fall Wreath DIY

Before today, I did not have a suitable fall wreath. I had an ugly little straw wreath with a dilapidated scarecrow on it. I can’t even put a photo of it up. It’s THAT embarrassing. But now, I have a FABULOUS fall wreath. Just take a look…..
I know, it’s awesome! Here is what I did:
First, I got a wreath form and some yarn that I wanted to be my dominant color (green) from Hobby Lobby. They didn’t have any styrofoam wreath forms that were big enough, so I got a straw one and just kept the plastic on it.
Then, I started wrapping the yarn around the wreath.
As you might have guessed, this took quite a while, but I was really hoping it would be worth it in the end. (It was!) After I wrapped all my yarn around, I ended up with this:
As you can see, I didn’t really have enough yarn to make it as thick as I wanted around the wreath. And, since I’m always wanting a better deal, I had bought some clearance yarn and it was the last one like it, so there was no running back to the store for more yarn. Whoops! But, I worked with it and made it look pretty good. Next, I made some pom-poms. If you don’t have a pom-pom maker, get one now. You  can get two on Ebay for about $7 or at Michael’s for about the same price. Pom-poms are so simple to do and add some character to just about anything. Pom-pom makers look like this. Mine are Clover brand.
All you do is open those two arms up and wrap yarn around it. You close the arms, then cut the yarn and tie it in the middle with thread. After making the pom-poms, I hot glued leaves on my wreath and then placed the pom-poms on top of the leaves. If you do have some gaps in your thread around the wreath, you can cover it with the leaves, like I did! I had purchased the “L” at Hobby Lobby (only $1!!!!) and spray painted it a cream color. I hot-glued the base to the wreath and drilled a small hole at the top of the “L” to put twine through and tied it to the wreath to keep it standing up. I hid the twine under one of the leaves. I think it adds some great fall-ness to my door!
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