Electric Blue Porch Update! It’s Electric!!! Boogie Woogie Woogie!!!

If you haven’t read about my electric blue porch, go here first. Well, the balusters are still electric blue, but the other trim and floor are looking quite fabulous! I was hoping to get another coat on the balusters today, but decided if I could completely knock-out the other railings, trim and floor, it would be much more productive. So, I did. Here is the before:

Front Porch Makeover {rainonatinroof.com} #porch #makeover #DIY 
Blah, blah, blah, right? Here is the semi-after:
Don’t those two-toned steps look great?! I love it, minus the electric blue! It’s getting there!
Here is a better shot of the porch itself:
Front Porch Makeover {rainonatinroof.com} #porch #makeover #DIY

Super excited to get the rest done! Hopefully, I can get it knocked out this week!


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